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Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World
Author :Lu Fei
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339 The Godly Beast. 11

A jet of flames burst out from the front, and immediately burned the surrounding woods, making the floating lights scattering and fleeing.

Huang Beiyue escaped from a flame and hid behind a strong tree. She looked forward and, suddenly, was shocked by the sight .

A huge golden tiger was lying on a pile of blue-green vines. On her back there were four pairs of golden wings with beautiful and dazzling coat color!

The pressure of the mythological beast formed a light gold barrier around her. With such strong evil spiritual power in the barrier, absolutely no spiritual beast dared to approach!

The Golden Tiger looked a little weak, with half-squinting golden eyes particularly full of sadness and pain. She looked at her stomach from time to time and then made a pitiful whimper.

The blue-green vines wrapped half of her body. Out of the pile of bright green leaves, there emitted the earth-attribute vitality, which was constantly absorbed into the body by Golden Tiger.

With the nourishment of those vitality, she roared again, struggling painfully and rolling among the vines.

Feng Lianyi followed up and stood behind Huang Beiyue, whispering, "What happened to her? Is she Wounded?"

"No, she is giving birth." Huang Beiyue said calmly. Males just had no concept about this kind of thing.

On hearing 'giving birth', Feng Lianyi coughed unnaturally. He secretly admired the little girl. At such a young age, she knew everything.

Huang Beiyue said slowly, "She is having a dystocia. I never thought that mythological beasts would have dystocia as well. It seems that she is exhausted. If she can't give birth, she will die with the baby."

"What should we do?"

Huang Beiyue glanced at him, "You want to help?"

Feng Lianyi smiled with purple eyes glittering, "Although mythological beasts are fierce and noble, they are smarter than ordinary spiritual beasts, and they are also grateful. If you help him, he will help you naturally."

"I think so too." Huang Beiyue said directly. She wanted to help that Golden Tiger, and also hoped to get help from the mythological beast.

At least, help her find the other two medicinal ingredients to refine the Cleansing Bone Marrow Pill!

Feng Lianyi smiled and said, "Despite the thought, can you really help? She is very irritable now, and you can't break that barrier."

"Just try it," Huang Beiyue said. On second thought, she asked, "The sound of your Guqin. It has a pacifying effect on spiritual beasts, doesn't it? Shouldn't it work for mythological beasts, either?"

"I've never tried before."

"Then let's try it now." After that, she walked out from behind the big tree. Feng Lianyi immediately took out the Guqin, put it on his lap and played it slowly.

Hearing the sound, the Golden Tiger immediately raised her head and widened her half-squinting eyes. The strong anger in her golden pupils seemed to be substantive!

She angrily roared at the intruder and fiercely showed her teeth.
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Huang Beiyue walked to the barrier without panic. Her black eyes encountered with the pair of golden eyes. But she didn't shrink back at all facing the powerful golden eyes!

Golden Tiger was stunned and suddenly said, "Little girl, are you here to die?"


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