Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens
335 Rescuing Mei Liling Part Two
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Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens
Author :invayne
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335 Rescuing Mei Liling Part Two

Mei Liling looked up at the blurry figure in front of her. She felt like she was seeing things. There was no way that this could be the same girl. There was no way that the little girl she loved and cared for so much was standing in front of her. The time when she was on the other world and she was captured, she had blown herself up to make sure they could not do a soul search on her when they asked about her daughter. Little did she know that her soul would be tossed into this world a little over two hundred years ago in the body of the her, of this world. Not only was it her body but she was also captured by a major sect that wanted her to make immortal pills for them. 

Each day Mei Liling longed to meet with her daughter that she had not seen in thousands of years. The little girl that fell into that cavern who she had first taken as her disciple and not long after became her mother. She loved and cared for the little girl as if she was her blood daughter. Mei Liling could not help but shake her head. Why was she seeing this little girl as her daughter? There could be no way that her Chun'er had come to this world.

But the more she looked at the girl and as her eyes began to clear up the familiar face and facial expression of when her daughter got angry and was out for blood were all the same. It was definitely her daughter. Mei Liling couldn't contain herself as she called out: "Chun'er!" 

Ah Chun who was about to flip out in rage heard Mei Liling call her name as she always had and froze. She couldn't understand why the Mei Liling of this world was calling out to her unless... "Mother!?"

"Chun'er it's really you!" Mei Liling began to cry, she couldn't stop her tears. 

But this served to anger Ah Chun even more. Her mother was not someone people could harm! "Heh, I have changed my mind. Your whole sect will now perish as reimbursement for the things you have done to my mother!" 

"Wait Little Senior! It's not what you think! We..." The sect master of the Thunder Tree Sect called out in a panic but it was too late, Ah Chun waved her hand and Xu Wei and Xiao Jiyi went right to work destroying everything in sight. Ah Chun's body flashed and raised her sword before quickly slicing the two old men holding Mei Liling heads right off.

Mei Liling's weak body fell into Ah Chun's arms as she held on to Mei Liling as if she was a rare gem. Ah Chun smiled warmly and hugged Mei Liling tightly. "Mother… I'm sorry for being late." 

The two, mother and daughter, cried in each other's arms as mass destruction was taking place around them. Screams of fear and those in pain who were at death's door could be heard all around them. But Ah Chun and Mei Liling were in their own little world not caring about what was going on around them. They had finally reunited after so many thousands of years. 

"Mother… What happened to you that brought you here?" After hugging in silence for a while Ah Chun finally spoke up.

"Chun'er it's a long story. Mother will explain later, for now, let's deal with the matters at hand. I want that old man in the red robe brought before me." Mei Liling's voice was hoarse from crying so much but the anger was very apparent. 

"Mmm… Chun'er will bring him to you now." Ah Chun finished her words then disappeared not even a second had gone by and she returned with a black and blue old man in a red robe. "Is he the one?" 

Mei Liling let out a laugh and nodded her head. Her daughter was still as mischievous as she was before. She smiled while looking at Ah Chun but when she turned to look at the old man in red robes her gaze turned cold, killing intent poured out of her body as if a dam had broken. "Look at you now. You thought you were all high and mighty when you had me chained to the wall. Even grouping my chest when no one was around. You never thought a day like this would come did you?" 

"Listen Liling it not what you think! I truly cared for you! I did those things in order to keep everyone else away from you! I never meant to harm you! It was all for show. I swear! For old times sake, please tell them to stop!" The old man in the red robe did his best to defend his actions as he pleaded innocence. 

"Old times sake? Sect Master Zhong's words are funny. Who was it that said that I would never see the light of day again unless I married him? Who was it that chained me to the wall and whipped me trying to make me bend to your will? After thousands of years, you finally started putting your hands on me since you couldn't hold it in any longer. But now look at you. At the mercy of my daughter. You do not know how high the heavens truly are. You see my daughter has made a long journey just to be here to rescue me and today is the day I will repay back everything that you have done to me!"


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