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16 The auction
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Author :ItzShinred
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16 The auction

While the world of magic was in turmoil, the magic council didn't have a good time either. They were discussing what to do with the item in the record. Many of them were in accord to confiscate directly the weapon and use it to protect Ishgar. They were about to reach a consensus but...

Ultear : Have you think a little about the owner of the weapon ?

Michello : Who care about this nobody, he should be grateful that he had helped to protect Ishgar.

Siegrain : No, Ultear is right we can't go and confiscate something to use it for our own benefit. It's like the Magic council is stealing so it is better to maybe exchange the weapon with something like money for example.

Yajima : Siegrain here as a point, if words go out that the magic council conduct such act the respect the people has towards us will decrease greatly.

Org : Stop the pointless talk what do you think about it then.

Ultear : I think we should try to win the item fairly. But i don't know if we have the fund necessary to buy it after all i heard that all the famous guild have received their own invitation and they will definitely come and try their luck to buy such item.

Belno : That's even more complicated if the guild enter this war since we don't have that much power to try to supress all the guild at the same time. I'm also concerned about Phantom Lord, i think they are doing something fishy there.

Michello : You are just a group of coward, they will not complain at all when we tell them that it is for the well-being of the population. They will stop their complains and easily hand off the weapon.

Crawnford Seam : Silence, now let take part for the vote which one of you want to use our power as the Magic council to confiscate the weapon ?

As the question resonated, a sole hand was slowly moving upward. Seeing this Michello who seems to understand the fact that he was alone began to growl.


Crawnford Seam : SILENCE, Michello you already see that you are alone in this matters. So i proposed that we will deal with this matter fairly. We will try to take for ourselves the weapon by using legal mean that mean trying to buy it during the auction. If we aren't able to procure it then we will just monitor the guild or person who buy the weapon are we all alright with that ?

They all nodded beside a grumpy Michello who seemed now very angry.

Crawnford Seam : Fine, now this meeting is dismissed.

Then they all began to exit the chamber and go towards their own business.

Meanwhile, in a laboratory, our Mc was leisury searching about new magic circle and a spell to transform back Ur sibce he didn't have much to do during this week. The employee were all his clone since he didn't hire good staff now. He decided to use transformation magic on his clone to make sure that the customer aren't suspicious, and with all the Marco stationed at the auction house now he know that nobody can sneak inside the house before the time of the auction. Now with Libra beside him, he enjoyed the intrigued look she gave, towards the work of her Summoner. Understanding that she wanted to know what i was doing i decided to explain to her.

Marco : I'm deciphering the magic circle of a powerful spell able to transform the user into an unmeltable Ice to seal someone. I want to create the counter of this spell since i want to transform back a person who used this powerful spell.

She stared at me with big eyes visibly surprised. After all it is not Everyday you see someone trying to create a spell. She also seemed to be intrigued by this person and who she sealed to even sacrifice her life. Smiling i responded to her.

Marco : Her name was Ur. A powerful Ice Mage, she sealed a demon named Deliora, one of Zeref's Demon. But Don't worry about him he is Under control and very well sealed.

Shocked she quickly turned toward me wanted like she wanted to confirm what i have said while i slowly nodded to her. Disbelief was written all over her face thinking one of the most powerful demon sealed like that. I found it funny and started to laugh a little. Libra became beet red and used her Gravity Magic to make me kneel. The ground started to sink but i didn't bulge at all. Surprised she started to increase the strengh of her magic but i didn't even move at all like it was Nothing for me, i even started to walk around while smiling at the more and more surprised face of Libra. Even if she had a cloth that mask her mouth i could discern the expression she was wearing. After the shock she gave multiple questionning look.

Marco : I know you want to know why i need summoning you considering my strengh and i will say it to you that greatly dislike Celestial Mage that are weak without their summon so i also train my body and try to design new magic to Always improve.

A look of amazement was plastered in her face and she started to see me in a new light. After all, it was just a Week ago that i made a contract with her. Seeing that she released she casted, i continued what i was doing while Libra was deeply watching me.

After this little event, i decided to check all the item i was going to sell during the auction, here the list :

[ Dragon Slayer Blade ]

[ Dragon Shield ]

[ Improvement Magic Potion ]

[ Formation Gathering Ethernano ]

[ Barrier Formation Lacrima ]

[ Youth pill ]

[ Mini communication Lacrima ]

There weren't many item to sell but these item were top notch. With that it will be very easy to attract a lot of rich customer. I also have other miscellaneous thing but it was not as important as these item.

Satisfied i decided to continue my research and training waiting for the day of the auction to come out.

3rd Person POV.

After a Week the final day finally arrived, they were already many rumors about the event that will be unfolding in this day. The information was easily leaked and all the people were talking about the news that the most famous Guild Master will be reunited in a single place to buy powerful item. Many were curious and were already waiting in front of the massive house who seems very imposing from the outside. There were already a huge crowd and nobody could wait to see the beginning of the auction.

Then at precisely 16 o'clock, we could see in the horizon of the main Street the shadow of a group approaching. Slowly but surely we could already recognize the people approaching. Some random people all recognized them and started shouting.

Stranger 1 : OMG Look here they are the Guild Master, THE GUILD MASTER ARRIVED.

Stranger 2 : They are not alone, they are also accompagnied with their best wizard look, it's Makarov, one of the ten wizards Saint and Master of Fairy Tail with Titania, The Fairy Queen.

Stranger 3 : Beside them are Ooba babasaama Guild Master of Lamia Scale acompagnied by Jura Neekis another one of the Wizard Saint.

Stranger 2 : They are awesome but it is not finished, Jose Guild Master of Phantom Lord, and another Wizard Saint with Gajeel Redfox the Iron Dragon Slayer.

Stranger 4 : Wow 3 Wizards Saints out of 10 in the same place isn't it amazing ?

Stranger 1 : Yeah it is very cool to see such powerful mage coming here just for simple item.

Stranger 5 : Don't forget about Master Bob and Master Goldmine from Blue Pegasus and Quatro Cerberus. They are also famous since their guild are also top notch. ( Quatro Cerberus is still a strong guild since they were able to qualify as the top 8 guild in Fiore during the Grand Magic games ).

Stranger 6 : I'm glad that i come here just seeing these people and you know that it is a very important event.

All : Yeah i'm glad too.

After all that chattering could still be heard everywhere. Then when the guild Master was about to come in front of the crowd, mysteriously all the people started to make a path to them. People began to become shocked when they see that they were beeing pushed aside leaving a huge path devoid of people to the Master towards the door. The Master simply raised their eyebrow seeing that it was the work of a spell but didn't say anything and simply stayed silent. They then began to calmly walk toward the entrance. The sigh was very impressing. You could see the most powerful mage walked towards a single building, it was very awespiring when you saw that. Arriving at the front of the door, they didn't wait long before an handsome man opened the door to them.

??? : Welcome to our humble auction house. We are very happy that you have make the road to buy our product. My name is Myke and i will be your guide during this auction. Feel free to pose me whatever question that bother you i will do my best do respond it.

Myke explain with a very kind smile while leading the Master inside the building leaving the crowd behind. Then another person stepped outside from the door and use sound magic to increase his voice.

??? : Listen to me, this an auction house, a business house if you like it. It is a place were item will be sold so understand that client are always priorited and that the place inside is still limited. So unwanted people are requested to leave this place. For the potential buyer, i will explain the rule of this place. There are currently 3 floor, the lower floor which will be accesible for all. If you want to go into the upper floor you will need to have a VIP pass which will allow you to take private booth during the auction in the second floor. Thank you for listening to my explanation. You are now allowed to enter this place.

The spell that maintained them in place was then released and many people began to rush inside the auction house to take the best seat.

Kagura POV.

I just wanted to acquired a good weapon, my swordmanship wasn't that good but I trained very hard to one days maybe find my brother who was kidnapped when i was young. I have heared that a powerful sword was sold in something they called an auction. I was interested by this weapon since I didn't have a suitable weapon for myself for now, so I tried to test my luck and take a look at this weird shop. When arriving outside the building, I was stunned to see the number of people gathered here. It was such a huge crowd and there were also of so much different social classes, at a corner you could that there were many beautiful women with rich clothes and extravagent accessorries while on the other hand you could see a mass of commoners mostly curious onlookers.

Trying to make my way to the entrance, I heard a loud shout coming from behind the crowd.


When turning around i was shocked to see all the famous Guild Master, if i wanted to compete with them it will be very difficult. Even tought i had quite a wealth around 2 millions jewels on me, it is still impossible for me to compete against the financial support of an entire guild. Thinking about it i started to hope that the weapon i was targetting wasn't the same item that the Master wanted. Seeing the Master approaching I also began thinking on how they would be able to enter the place. But I was greatly surprised to see that i was starting to get enveloped by something, I tried to resist but I could not even move, it seems that all my movement were restricted. I started floating wearing a shocked expression on my face and I moved to make a path to the master. Even when I had returned on the ground, I was still shocked. When you trained hard for all your life but see that someone can immobilized you so easily, your pride can be easily shattered. I began to rethink of my position in the world. I always thought that i was trong but seeing that there were so much powerful mage quickly make me see that I wasn't yet the strongest and need to train harder to be strong.

I was so dazed that I missed the introduction speech and finally woke up when the people started entering. I steeled myself and also began heading toward the massive entrance.

Arriving inside, i was amazed by the beautiful design of the building. The entrance was already fascinating, the wall were coated in black metal that shine with the little light in the room. There were red carpet all over the floor. ( It would seems something common in earth but in the Fairy Tail's World), It is something completely new for her and gave off a very good feeling. In front you could see the outline of two massive white pillar with beautiful pattern on it. There were also in a right corner stairs who seemed leading to the second floor but there was a person who blocked the place. Since I didn't listen to the introduction speech, I didn't know that the second floor was reserved for VIP but I didn't dwell on it too much and just followed the crowd. When I passed the two massive pillar, I entered a gigantic amphitheater. It was amazing for me since there wasn't such building in Fiore and became quickly intrigued by the owner of this place. While the place were quickly filled you could see at the highest floor 10 booth were currently 7 out of 10 were filled. She began counting, there was Lamia Scale, Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Quatro Cerberus, Phantom Lord. But who was the other two ? I didn't know and began to let the matter behind. I quickly scanned the area hopping I could find a good place to stay. I quickly spotted an area devoid of people which surprised me greatly, since there were sp much people here. In this place there were a fairly handsome man who was looking around the place seemingly satisfied. I decided to go here since I didn't want to squeeze myself with all the sweat of the people here. After several minute i was finally able to extract myself from the people and quickly approach the man but arriving at the zone devoid of people I suddendly feel a huge pressure crashing on me. Understanding the fact that it was that person emmiting it I was amazed at how he controlled it at such level. Trying to staying up i started slowly walk toward the man who give me a very surprised look. After walking 3 steps my leg started shaking and when i was about to fall, the pressure stopped and a hand could be seen on my shoulder supporting me. I looked up seeing the man smiling towards me.

??? : It is not everyday that i see someone who is strong enough to take more than one step when i emit my pressure. You are a very strong woman.

Kagura : I'm nothing in front of you.

??? : Thank you for your praise, so what are you doing here ? Oh i see, you are here for the sword ? Is that right ?

He eyed at my waist and quickly understood my goal visiting.

Kagura : Yeah but i think they are off limit since the Master are here.

??? : You souldn't be discouraged there are also other good item you will see it later. Maybe some could pick up your interest.

Kagura : Yeah, maybe. Oh I'm sorry i did not presented myself. I'm Kagura Mikazuchi.

??? : Hello Kagura, Me it's Marco, Don't have a surname.

Kagura : Can i ask you a question ?

Marco : Yeah, what is it ?

Kagura : How could you be this strong.

I said it with a determined look. Seeing this i see Marco smiling towards me and responded.

Marco : Because since i am an orphan here, i needed to have the strengh to protect myself. Living in this cruel world you need to quickly adapt yourself and me i adapted myself by becoming strong and training hard all the time.

Kagura : Can you train me ?

He was surprised by my question, he scanned me from head to toes and was pondering deeply. Then a surprised look could be seen on his face. I Don't know what could surprised him but he then quickly smiled at me and started speaking.

Marco : I could train you but it would be a very harsh training, Don't even expect me to show you negligence.

With a determined expression i nodded at him, showing a satisfied smile, we continued chatting until the announcers stated the beginning of the auction, the hall quickly became silent and all the looks were directed on the stage.

Makarov POV.

I was already quite surprised that all the guild Master arrived at the same time. When seeing Jose, i fiercely glared at him and he didn't back down the challenge. An intense battle of look ensued until Master Bob stopped us with a cough.

Bob : We should probably go, it is already 4 pm.

I growled a little and we all began to head towards the location of the Auction House. Seeing a massive crowd infront of the building, we were thinking how enter without problem until we saw the people letting a path to us. I was visibly a little shocked because it was the work of a spell and a powerful one, to control the people to make a path without hurting them need a very good control over his/her magic. I quickly understood that the owner of this place should not be taken easily, the spell casted already prove it. I didn't know if they do it purposely to show off that we should not mess with them but thinking too much won't lead to anything. We then calmly walked towards the building nearing it, the door opened from inside and we could see a man coming out of it.

Myke : Welcome to our humble auction house. We are very happy that you have make the road to buy our product. My name is Myke and i will be your guide during this auction. Feel free to pose me whatever question that bother you i will do my best do respond it. This way please.

We followed him and he lead us to a stair going to the upper floor. While in the stair he started explaining us the structure of the building.

Myke : The building have 3 floors designing, the first floor which is the lower floor. Is for the common people, it is a free access and do not have any restiction. The second floor is for the VIP, you need to buy a pass to access at this floor. It is different from the lower floor because now you have access to private booth and also the services following it, there are currently 50 privates booths here. And at last the third floor, which i lead you to,it is the floor for distinguished guest like you. This floor is special since it contain only 10 booths and will represent the powerhouse of the kingdom. If you see someone here it is definitely a influencial person.

There will be a person explaining you the rule of the auction inside your booth so don't worry you wouldn't be too much confused to what to do.

We all nodded and we were all directed towards our booth. Entering Erza and I were shocked seeing the person inside.


Marco grinned widely seeing their expression and began to explain.

Marco : I was demanded to help this business from a friend of mine so of course i accepted, i didn't come back to the guild because i wanted to make a little surprise for the two of you.

Makarov : Then that surprised me greatly. I suppose your friend is from your organization.

I see him nodded at me while Erza was having a confused expression.

Erza : What's happening ? What organization ?

Makarov : Erza promise me that you will never tell what you hear here because it is classified information of the guild.

Seeing her nod, i let Marco explaining what he was doing.

Marco : Sigh fine fine, So first let me tell you that i'm still a member of Fairy Tail. But you already see that i wasn't too much present in the guild during these past month, that because i also run a powerful information center inside the kingdom. I have spies everywhere and i need to run out all these thing that why i take so much time to make a single A-class quest. I finished it in one day and go to my bussiness for a month that my routine. But i keep my identity secret since it can cause Fairy Tail some trouble if they ever retrace me to the guild.

Finally understanding the whole thing, she showed an enlighted expression which was clearly very funny.

Erza : But aren't you afraid that people could hear our conversation ???

Marco then smiled and pointed in a direction of many weird magic circle surrounding the room.

Marco : Soundproof room. These magic circle were created by a powerful sound mage in our organization and you cannot hear a thing from the outside. Now since all that explained let me tell you the rule of this auction.

Then we chatted about some important information and we asked Marco some question until the beginning of the auction.


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