Ascending System
1 Destiny
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Ascending System
Author :ChallengeGod
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1 Destiny

Inside an apartment building in Yanjing,

there lived Qin Yan a soon to be University student along with sister Qin Yu, and his mother and father, Qin Guan and Lan Jing.

They lived a normal but happy life.

His father, Qin Guan, was a factory worker and his mother Lan Jing was a housewife.

He too liked his life even though they weren't rich. He had a girlfriend he met at his Highschool 3 years ago, named Yang Rao.

However they broke up last month because she ended up replacing him with a rich young master here in Yanjing.

That Young Master was no other than Shen Kun from the Shen Clan here in Yanjing

He was known as a arrogant person who likes forcing girls onto himself, Even though the Shen Clan wasn't that rich and powerful, they were still not what norml people could mess with. He was also someone who kept bullying Qin Yan when they were still Highschool Students. However, he couldn't do anything about it since the Shen Clan was powerful here Shanghai and he was just a normal person, if he offended them then his family would surely be in trouble, and he didn't want that. However Shen Kun has crossed the line. He made his men cripple his father's legs. Now he couldn't work to help his own family.

Qin Yan wanted revenge.

He wanted power.

But he can't do anything about the fact that he doesn't have anything to use against the Shen Clan.

However it was different this time.

He dreamt about an Entity that gave him something called 'System', it was like those in novels that he usually read during his free time.

Now that he had the System, he could finally achieve his goal. Humiliating his Ex Girlfriend and Shen Kun like what they did to him.

'Open my Stats, System.', Qin Yan said in his mind.



[Power Level] 6

[Intelligence] 8

[Wisdom] 8

[Charm] 18

[Attribute Points] 2

[System Points] 10

[Skill Points] 0


◾[Cooking] 4

(Note:Power Level is a 4 in 1 thing. It measures Strength, Agility, Defense, and Dexterity. Intelligence helps you understand things easier, it's like having eidetic and photographic memory at the same time.

Wisdom helps you in thinking and something that cannot be measured with age, for example a child being wiser than an adult.

Charm here has helps improve your physical appearance and Charm also helps at making people trust you.

The stats are like these because it is different from a Cultivation World. It is a Modern World and I would like to make it for people to understand much easier. At the beginning Qin Yan was already the most handsome person in the world since he used some points in it.)

(Note: The stats of average people are 5 or less, except for the skills since they could only be earned with hardwork.)


Qin Yan then heard another sound from his mind.

[Quest Given!]



[Have 12 points in Intelligence and Wisdom before University starts in 2 Weeks!]


[Prove to eveyone that you are the best!]


[10 Skill Points]

[10 Attribute Points]



[Time Limit]

[2 Weeks]


He then decided to head to the City Library to study.

While heading to the City Library, he met Shen Kun and his ex girlfriend Yang Rao, while riding his 200 Thousand Dollar BMW M4 Car.

[Shen Kun] Well, well! Look who it is! Hey babe! It's your Ex! Hahaha!

[Yang Rao] Che! Let's just go! He's just handsome but poor! Let's not waste our time with a loser.

[Shen Kun] Haha! Let's go have 'fun' then!

[Yang Rao] Sure, let's just go babe.

Ling Tian gritted his teeth looking at the far away BMW M4 and said to himself, "Someday, I'll ride a car worth millions and let's see if you can still say arrogant!, he then went back on his way to the City Library for his Quest.


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