Bandit System
1 Bandit System
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Bandit System
Author :MangekyouSharingan
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1 Bandit System

In a shadowy forest, several bodies were scattered on the ground. The stinging scent of blood hung in the air, ruining the beautiful day it was.

Suddenly, in the silent forest, one of the bodies began to move.

Li Bai slowly lifted off the floor and looked around with an indifferent face.

"Where I am?" Li Bai wondered, not caring about the bodies lying on the floor.

Suddenly strange memories began to appear in Li Bai's mind.

"That ... these memories ..." Li Bai thought.

The person in his memoirs was also called Li Bai.

Apparently, he was an orphan who was a sect servant, but he was killed by a 5 Grade Spirit Beast while harvesting Spiritual Herbs.

"This is not my world ..." Li Bai muttered.

"System!" Li Bai shouted.

[Ding! Bandit System enabled.]

Li Bai heard a cold voice, directly in his mind.

"That ... fuck! I really have a System! I'm fucking!" Li Bai shouted in a lively voice.


It's been 2 weeks since Li Bai arrived in this world, but even after walking for 2 weeks Li Bai still had not been able to get out of the forest.

While Li Bai was thinking about how the fruits he ate were tasteless, he suddenly heard screams from the front.

Li Bai quickly ran towards the screams, with an evil smile on his face.

"My first victims ... No! I meant, my first friends." Li Bai muttered as he moved quickly.

"My chance to get out of this damned forest has finally come!" Li Bai muttered.


"Brother Ye, we're not going to be able to defeat this Terrestrial Wolf. He's a 3 Grade Spirit Beast!" Shouted a thin young man who had a pale face.

"I know! We are only 2 Grade Battle Master, but we can not leave Junior sister Lin and run away!" Ye Chen shouted.

As soon as Ye Chen finished his words, the Terrestrial Wolf jumped in his direction, his claws longing to break him in half.

When Ye Chen finally managed to react, the Terrestrial Wolf was already in front of him. Ye Chen knew he had no chance to survive this attack, so he accepted that he would die and closed his eyes.

Ye Chen's eyes were closed, but the pain he expected never came. Still with his eyes closed, he heard a howl of pain and then a thump.

Ye Chen then opened his eyes and was shocked.

The Terrestrial wolf that was in front of Ye Chen at a moment, was sent flying.

Now in front of Ye Chen was a young man with long hair who was in blood-soaked clothes.

The young man looked frail and thin, as if any breeze could knock him down. But even looking fragile, he still managed to send a Terrestrial Wolf flying.

This young man was obviously Li Bai.

In those 2 weeks, Li Bai discovered how his System works. The Bandit System was really interesting.

System had a store, which basically sold everything but to buy something from the Store, Li Bai needed to steal.

The System store used the world's money as money, but the money needed to be stolen for System to accept.

Li Bai's cultivation level would also increase if he stole crop resources and traded them with System.

System would turn the Cultivation Resources directly into True Energy, directly increasing the level of cultivation of Li Bai without the need to cultivate.

The previous body owner had a 1 Degree Battle Warrior cultivation, so Li Bai started with this level of cultivation.

Li Bai already had a lot of combat experience, so he was able to defeat a common Grade 2 Battle Master, and hardly fight on an equal footing with a Grade 3 Battle Maniac.

Li Bai was able to send the Terrestrial Wolf flying, because the Wolf was already injured and it was a surprise attack.

Li Bai had hit the wolf where the wolf was already wounded, along with the fact that the wolf was distracted while attacking Ye Chen and was in mid-air, the wolf was easily cast away.

Before attacking the wolf, Li Bai carefully considered whether or not to interfere, since he did not really care about their lives, but he did not want to stay in that forest forever, so when he noticed that the wolf was injured, he decided attack.

The wolf when it was thrown went towards a great tree, and the Wolf only stopped when it hit the tree.

Even after landing, the wolf did not rise. The wolf had broken one of his right legs when he struck the tree, in addition to his internal wound that worsened after being hit by Li Bai.

The wolf could not move enough to escape, so he decided he would not try to run away and lead these humans to discover the location of his cave. So at least her cubs would survive.

The wolf did not have enough culture to have intelligence, but his maternal instincts told him to protect his young.

The wolf unconsciously turned in the direction of his cave, which was opposite the direction where Li Bai came.

Li Bai followed Wolf's gaze and from afar he spotted a great mountain. Li Bai thought there should be a reason for the wolf to look that way, but he decided to put it aside for the time being.

"Thank you for saving me." Ye Chen spoke as he bent slightly toward Li Bai.

"It was nothing, but could the Brother help me out of this forest? I'm lost here." Li Bai said as he scratched behind his head, as if embarrassed.

"Of course, but the Brother will have to wait a little. My Junior Sister Lin is wounded, so the Brother will have to wait until his wounds are healed, before we continue our journey." Ye Chen spoke with a friendly smile.

"Oh? And where is your Junior Sister Lin?" Li Bai asked.

"She's hiding nearby, since she's hurt. Could his brother wait until we get back? It's just that Junior Sister Lin is very shy, and she does not like being close to strangers." The thin, pale-faced young man spoke, seeming not to trust Li Bai.

"Sure, I do not mind waiting." Li Bai spoke with a gentle smile on his face, but his eyes shone with coldness.



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