Bandit System
2 You can keep your clothes
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Bandit System
Author :MangekyouSharingan
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2 You can keep your clothes

"Brother Ye, I do not think we should trust that guy.You saw your clothes?" "They were totally stained with blood! Who knows how many people that guy killed?" The pale young man spoke.

The name of the pale young man was Han Tian, ​​and as soon as they were a good distance from Li Bai he began to speak his mind to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had also noticed Li Bai's bloody clothes, but he decided to simply ignore it before, but now that Han Tian had brought the subject to light, Ye Chen came back to think about it.

"That blood is probably from some Spirit Beast, and even though he's stronger than most, he's still a 1 Grade Battle Warrior, what's there to be afraid of?" He only managed to defeat the Terrestrial Wolf because it was a surprise attack , and the Wolf was already wounded. " Ye Chen spoke quietly after a bit of thought.

"But, even though we are weaker than ourselves, it does not change the fact that he saved us." So I will keep my promise and I will guide him out of the forest, but first of all we have to find Sister Junior Lin. " Ye Chen continued.

"..." Han Tian did not answer, but the look on his face was still suspicious.


As they talked, neither of them noticed that Li Bai was following them. In fact, even if they knew they were being followed they still would not be able to find Li Bai, since he hid his presence perfectly.

Hearing the words of Ye Chen, Li Bai acted as if he was thrilled.

"What a good person! There are not so many more people in the world, so as a reward I will not take your clothes." Li Bai thought, telling himself how generous he was.

In fact, Li Bai would not steal Ye Chem's outfit simply because it would look too big on him, since Ye Chen's physique was huge. Han Tian's clothes on the other hand ...

Since Li Bai had spotted them both he had already considered them as if they were both nothing more than two idiots, who were practically asking him to take their possessions.

Li Bai considered himself a good person, so he obviously would not disappoint those two.

"They've been walking for quite some time, but even so far they have not come to their Sister Junior Lin ... did they lie to me?" Li Bai wondered.

As soon as Li Bai thought about it, he saw Ye Chen approaching a cave. Ye Chen checked his surroundings cautiously, to see if anyone had followed him.

After checking and finding no one, Ye Chen entered the cave and moved a large rock that was near the entrance of the cave.

As soon as Ye Chen removed the great rock, a tunnel was visible to Li Bai. After removing the rock, Te Chen stood at the entrance of the guard cave, while Han Tian entered the tunnel.

"Is that where Sister Junior Lin is? Is she beautiful? No, more important than that ... does she have treasures with her?" Li Bai thought, as an evil smile formed on his face.

Li Bai quickly formed a plan in his mind, and was about to put his plan into practice when he heard a cry coming from inside the tunnel.

As soon as Ye Chen heard the cry, his face darkened. He quickly entered the tunnel, which was where the scream was coming from.

Listening to the cry, even Li Bai was a bit curious. The scream was female, so obviously it was not Han Tian who screamed.

"That cry must have been from Sister Junior Lin, but why did she scream? What's going on?" Li Bai wondered as he formed another plan in his mind, since under the circumstances his first plan would not work.


As Li Bai formed his plan, inside the Ye Chen cave he saw something that shocked him.

Inside the cave, Han Tian was without his pants, and was covering a girl's mouth.

The girl had long black hair, her skin was extremely pale, and she was trembling as tears streamed down her face.

She was wearing part of her torn clothes, and she was looking at Ye Chen with fearful eyes.

"Han Tian! What's the meaning of this !?" Ye Chen shouted as he drew his sword from its scabbard and assumed a fighting position.

"T-This ... Brother Ye, you got it wrong! Sister Junior Lin said she fell in love with me and wanted me to turn her into a real woman, so she started tearing up her clothes and lowering my pants. I went to kiss her, she suddenly screamed and started trying to bite me, that's why I've covered her mouth. " Han Tian spoke as he released Sister Junior Lin.

"Who would believe such a bad lie !? Besides, everyone knows I only love Brother Ye!" Shouted Sister Junior Lin, while hiding behind Ye Chen.

"W-what! Your bitch!" Han Tian shouted with anger. He was about to attack Sister Junior Lin, but Ye Chen blocked his way.

"Han Tian ... I never thought you were that kind of person." Ye Chen spoke coldly.

"W-wait, Brother Ye! This bitch is trying to fool you! She wants to make us fight against each other!" Han Tian shouted.

"What! How can you say something like that after what you tried to do to me !?" Sister Junior Lin shrieked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Han Tian, ​​as your friend, I am disappointed.You are part of the Seita Ray of Light, how can you do something like that?" As a member of the Seita Ray of Light, I must make you pay for your mistakes! " He spoke to Ye Chen, and quickly attacked Han Tian.

"Damn it!" Han Tian shouted as he defended himself.



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