Bandit System
3 You are a great actor!
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Bandit System
Author :MangekyouSharingan
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3 You are a great actor!

Li Bai was already bored of waiting, but he had to wait for them to leave the cave so he could put his plan into practice.

Li Bai suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from the cave, Li Bai was about to show himself, but stopped their movements.

"That ... Because I just feel the presence of a person?" "I do not have three people in the cave, what happened?" It may be that ... "Li Bai's lips curved into a smile.

"Now that I think about it, I heard the sound of weapons colliding before, but the noise has stopped for a long time ... so that's what happened ..." Li Bai murmured.

Li Bai continued to hide his presence, and watched the entrance of the cave, waiting for someone to leave.

A few seconds later, Li Bai spotted a girl in torn clothes coming out of the cave. As soon as he noticed the girl, Li Bai's face froze.

"That ... That ... It was not quite what I planned ..." Li Bai murmured.

Li Bai thought the only one out of the cave would be Han Tian. He thought that Han Tian had killed Ye Chen, and after that he had rap*d and killed Sister Junior Lin, but it seems that something was not right.

"Sister Junior Lin shouted when Han Tian had entered, then Ye Chen entered, and the sounds of fighting began, the sounds stopped for some time, but still no one had left the cave.And after a long time alone she left, that means ... "Li Bai quickly gathered all the information available, and created a hypothesis.

"This woman ... She's more dangerous than she looks, but she's just the kind of woman I like." Li Bai murmured and decided to use a simple plan, which any child knew. Pretend innocence.

Li Bai was at a safe distance, not too far and not too close. For his plan in practice, Li Bai had to move away and approach the other side.

In fact, that was not necessary. But it was something that Li Bai liked to do, since he always thought it best to prevent it.


Lin Qing was currently very satisfied with herself. She had managed to kill 2 Senior easily, practically without moving. And they really were fooled so easily.

She smiled as she thought about how she really made good things this time.

As she thought about it, she noticed something moving between the trees. She quickly took up her combat stance, and was ready to strike.

After a few seconds she could see what was coming into the trees. She let out a sigh of relief when she realized it was only a young 1 Grade Battle Master.

She noticed that the young man was bloody, and his face was filled with fear. The young man moved slowly, even trying to run. It looked like he had a broken leg.

As soon as the young man noticed Lin Qing, his eyes brightened, and his expression changed from fear to joy.

The young man moved toward Lin Qing, as if he were moving toward his last source of light.

Lin Qing noticed how the young man was injured, and approached him as if to help him.

But as soon as the young man noticed Lin Qing heading toward him, his movements suddenly stopped. The eyes that contained joy and hope became cold and indifferent.

His face also showed a cold expression, and he began to face Lin Qing.

Lin Qing noticed the change of Li Bai and also stopped his movements.

"Did he notice? Did I let killer intent leak?" Lin Qing asked quietly. She was not worried that Li Bai would attack her, since he was only a 1 Grade Battle Warrior while she was already a 2 Grade Battle Master.

In fact, she was surprised that Li Bai managed to fool her. He really was a good actor.

"You ... You fooled me!" Li Bai spoke coldly as he pointed to Lin Qing.

"I've never met you before, so how could I deceive you?" "Besides, I never cheated anyone!" Lin Qing spoke as if he were being wronged.

"So he really noticed?" Thought Lin Qing.

"You're a great actor. You could probably fool almost everyone, but you do not fool me!" Li Bai said as he faced Lin Qing.

"Hmph, you found out, but that's where I am, I'm much stronger than you." Lin Qing spoke, completely abandoning her innocent facade.

"You, how can you fool people like that? Do not you know that's wrong?" Li Bai asked irritably.

"Wrong? And do something right, would you give me money?" He mocked Lin Qing.

"Eh? You do this for money?" Li Bai asked, feeling a little strange and guilty about this statement.

"Of course, why else would I kill anyone?" Lin Qing asked, staring at Li Bai as if he were looking at an idiot.

"Who told you about killing?" Li Bai asked feeling confused.

"Eh? What do you mean, if it's not about that ... then what are you talking about?" Lin Qing asked, feeling as confused as Li Bai.

"I'm obviously talking about you dressing up with a woman, behaving like a woman, even you clearly being a man!" Li Bai shouted.




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