Bandit System
4 Luck?
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Bandit System
Author :MangekyouSharingan
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4 Luck?

"You want to kill? No problem, you want to steal?" "But ... how dare you pretend to be a woman? Li Bai shouted.

"What would you do if I did not find out you're a man and fall in love with you? How would you pay for it?" Li Bai continued.

"... What do you mean by that? I'm obviously a woman!" Lin Qing spoke with a cold face.

"You're a woman? Bullshit! Since when do women have a dick? Besides, you're straight as a board! You may have fooled others, but I know a woman!" Li Bai spoke coldly.

"I'm a woman!" Lin Qing replied angrily.

"Really? Prove it!" Li Bai spoke with an indifferent face.

"Y-you! Why do I have to taste something for some crap that will soon die !?" Lin Qing shouted with a flushed face, and ran toward Li Bai.

As he ran, Lin Qing pulled out a dagger that was hidden in the sleeve of his shirt.

Li Bai acted as if he were afraid, and retreated a few steps before stumbling on a rock that was on the ground.

Once Lin Qing was close enough to hit Li Bai, Li Bai fell when he stumbled onto a rock.

Lin Qing's dagger, which was about to rip his neck, hit only the air, milling across Li Bai's neck.

Lin Qing was shocked by Li Bai's luck. How can anyone have such luck? But even when she was shocked she was not worried or anxious, since luck is not absolute, and Li Bai probably used all her luck to deflect that blow.

What Lin Qing did not know, was that everything was going according to Li Bai's plan.

Li Bai knew that Lin Qing obviously was not a man, and only used it to insult her and make her lose her temper.

Lin Qing was a killer, and Li Bai knew that although she had the same cultivation as her two seniors, she should have some hidden trump.

For this reason, Li Bai decided to make a plan, which was divided into 3 parts.

The first part was acting innocently. He would approach Lin Qing as if he were wounded, lost and confused.

That would make Lin Qing lower his guard. But Lin Qing was surprisingly more professional than Li Bai expected, forcing him to use the second part of the plan.

The second part was anger. Li Bai had to pretend that he was extremely angry at Lin Qing, but he would not only act as if he was angry, he had to make his target feel angry and lose his temper.

For a girl like Lin Qing, her appearance was important, but Li Bai would not simply say that Lin Qing was ugly or fat.

Li Bai was sure that such a forced insult would not work. Lin Qing knew she was beautiful, and she also knew she was not fat, so those insults would be ineffective.

Li Bai had a unique mindset.

"If such a forced insult does not work, then I will force it further."

That is why Li Bai accused Lin Qing of being a man. He thought that even Lin Qing being pretty, she had practically no bow, so she should feel offended if it's called a board.

Being called the Board would probably be enough to instigate her anger, but not enough to make her lose her temper.

Of course, to say that Lin Qing was a man was an exaggeration, but Li Bai did not mind exaggerating, because even if it is an exaggeration it worked.

The third part was the most important, which by itself is already a good method that Li Bai usually uses a lot. That was to feign fear.

Any normal person would realize that it was strange the sudden change of Li Bai. From someone who pretended to be injured, and then became angry that his enemy was a man who dressed as a woman, but when the fight really begins he becomes so afraid that he stumbled on a simple rock.

These really were absurd changes, but Lin Qing did not think about it. In fact it is not that she did not notice, but she just thought it natural, just as many people act arrogantly but their phase changes totally in front of the danger of death.

Li Bai did not think all this was necessary, but it was less preventable. He was not sure of Lin Qing's ability, so he had to play dirty.


Actually, what Li Bai did not know was that he had hit the fly. Lin Qing really was a man.

He was not angry because Li Bai called him a man, but he had to kill Li Bai, since no one could know that.

It was for this reason that Lin Qing attacked Li Bai without much thought, he really was desperate to kill Li Bai.

He could not let this secret leak, at least not until he was strong enough. So Lin Qing decided that Li Bai absolutely could not survive today.


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