Bandit System
5 Woman
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Bandit System
Author :MangekyouSharingan
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5 Woman

Li Bai was lying on the floor, a look of terror on his face, as if he really was afraid that Lin Qing would kill him.

Lin Qing was in front of Li Bai, and she wasted no time. When she realized that her first blow had failed, she struck again without hesitation.

Lin Qing threw his dagger at Li Bai. The distance between the two was practically nonexistent, greatly diminishing the chances of Li Bai to deviate.

When Li Bai saw the dagger coming toward him, the look of fear on his face grew even worse. Li Bai acted as any normal person would act according to human nature.

He used his arms to defend his head, though he knew the dagger was close to hitting his chest.

For Lin Qing, what Li Bai did was stupidity, but it was not incomprehensible. She knew it was human nature to want to protect her face more than any other part of her body, stupid as it was, there was no way she could change that from night to day.

In fact, although it seemed that Li Bai was trying to defend his face from the dagger, he was preparing his counter attack.

Li Bai had hidden daggers in his sleeves, and he took this opportunity to remove them, at which point Lin Qing would not expect Li Bai to attack while he was about to die.

Lin Qing unconsciously lowered his guard the moment he saw Li Bai defend his face, instead of calculating the path of the dagger and then defending himself.

In addition, she already saw Li Bai as a corpse, from the moment she began to attack, she did not at any time consider the chance of Li Bai survive, even more think he would dare attack him.

Li Bai had obtained these daggers from the bodies that were together with him when he woke up in this forest. He had a total of 2 daggers, he had hidden one in each sleeve.

Li Bai had also found many other weapons together with the bodies, but they were mostly damaged, and beyond the agades almost no other weapon was intact.

Of the usable weapons Li Bai chose to take only a pair of daggers, since they were easy to hide, in addition Li Bai already had mastery with this weapon.

Li Bai removed one of the grooves and threw it towards the right leg of Lin Qing. He threw the dagger with natural movements, trying not to draw Lin Qing's attention to that dagger. As he tossed one of the daggers with gentle movements, he took the other dagger and used it to block the dagger Lin Qing had thrown at him.

And although it was time-consuming to describe, everything was in less than 5 seconds.

Lin Qing was taken by surprise, and could not react until the dagger that Li Bai had thrown hit his right leg.

As Lin Qing did not expect Li Bai to attack him, then when she received a coup she was not prepared Lin Qing fell to the floor while Li Bai stood up.

"Looks like the game's over." Li Bai spoke with a cynical smile on his face, stopping to feign fear.

"Y-you! Damn it! Fight like a man! Are not you ashamed to resort to such dirty methods?" Lin Qing shouted angrily.

The dagger had pierced her knee, so she could not even get up. She could only curse Li Bai.

"Fight like a man? Why would I do that? Shame about resorting to dirty methods? No, not at all. And you, are not you ashamed?" Li Bai asked ironically.

Li Bai walked up to Lin Qing and placed his dagger in front of Lin Qing's neck. Lin Qing's face went pale, and tears began to form in his eyes.

"N-no, do not kill me please." He begged Lin Qing.

Li Bai's face was still indifferent, but his mind was totally different.

"Damn, I really hate killing women, but she really deserves it ... I think my death will be done by a woman ..." Li Bai thought.

"You have two options, or you give me everything you have and tell me the direction to get out of this forest and it's still alive or you lie to me and I'll kill you and get everything you have." Li Bai spoke with a cold face.

Lin Qing's fluffy face showed a little hope.

"If I were a man, everything would be simpler, I would just torture him until he told me to get out of this damned forest." Li Bai thought.

If at that moment Li Bai discovered that Lin Qing was a man, Lin Qing would go through hellish times.

"Y-you are serious? Ughh!" Asked Lin Qing, before screaming in pain when Li Bai stirred the dagger that was on his leg.

"Are you saying I'm a liar?" Li Bai asked coolly.

"Even if I do not kill you, I have to make you pay for what you did." Li Bai thought.

If Lin Qing had injured Li Bai, even if it was just a scratch, she would already be dead, she was lucky he was in a good mood. After all after stealing Lin Qing, he could use the System for the first time.

Lin Qing moved his hand and pointed to the opposite direction from where Li Bai came.

"The exit of the forest is in that direction." Lin Qing spoke.

"I hope you're not lying, because if you are, even though I am a gentleman who does not like to hurt women, I will make you experience worse than death itself." Li Bai spoke coldly.

"Gentleman who does not like to hurt women? Did not he know I was a man?" Lin Qing asked, confused, and cheerful.

"Well, if he does not know, then my revenge can still go on! But the next time we meet, I'll kill you, you bastard!" Lin Qing thought.

"Now, do not move." Li Bai as he moved his free hand to the waist of Lin Qing.

Li Bai took the bag from Lin Qing, and took out a rope from there. The rope was a low-level Spiritual Tool, which would only be useful against low-level cultivators, but it is enough for Li Bai to tie Lin Qing.

Li Bai tied Lin Qing, and removed his dagger that was still attached to Lin Qing's knee.

Lin Qing shouted when Li Bai took the dagger, but Li Bai did not care, he already did more than enough allowing her to stay alive.

Li Bai planned to search Lin Qing's body to see if she had any hidden treasure, but before he could do that, he heard a voice.

"Hey, are you okay? We hear your screams." The voice sounded like a man, and it was not far from where Li Bai was.

"Damn, you got lucky this time, girl." Li Bai spoke to Lin Qing and quickly ran towards where Lin Qing said it was the exit.



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