Beginnings End
44 Reunion in the battlefield part 3
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Beginnings End
Author :lynerparel
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44 Reunion in the battlefield part 3

Leo's POV:

They were coming to me from all directions.

Lauria, Turn back into a girl and hand me spears while evading. Yes my master, Lauria did as she was told and started producing numerous spears.

First I threw it at the girl with floating blue orbs. I do have memories of her but her name was not included in those memories. So for now I'll call her ice princess. I threw my spear at the ice princess. One of the blue orbs touched it. The spear was turned into ice and was stopped by one of the blue orbs.

I threw another spear this time at Eva, before it even reach a wall of stone, fire, wind, and ice blocked the path of the spear and was stopped. So that doesn't work on her either.

I threw another one on a similar silver haired girl. One of the muscular puppets surrounding her took my thrown spear head on. With only its body it withstood the spear throw, I used to kill thousands of the enemy soldiers. I threw another spear at Tenri, it was then diverted by another spear. I threw another at the guy who runs around fast as lightning. Yet before it reached him the spear was sliced in half. Then finally I threw another one on the guy wearing full body armor. He caught it with his bare hands but he was pushed back.

I see aside from the guy in full body armour all of them can perfectly block my spear throw.U Interesting! While I was thinking so the ice princess was already near me. She started screaming at me. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! YOU IDIOT?" The blue orbs floating around her were coming toward me. There not even touching me but I felt them freezing my body. Lauria turn into twin blades again. As you wish my master.

Upon transforming Lauria into twin blade, I started dodging the blue orbs while also distancing myself from them. The ice princess continued shouting. "First you leave me behind! Then you return without even looking for me! Now you're attacking me out of nowhere! It seems like I need to punish you Leo!" She told it to me like a queen about to punish a disloyal subject. That was when I remembered her name.

"Oh! You're Eli right?!"

Hearing me call her name as if I didn't know it. The air around Eli was now truly freezing. "I see so you forgot about me. I see, I see, I really do need to punish you harshly." Now even her voice was ice cold.

The blue orbs were coming. I used [heavenly rain] hundreds of mana blades clashed with the blue orbs. Yet even those were frozen over. I see not even mana attacks can get pass those. While I was thinking, Eli was already behind me about to attack, but she was blocked by a pillar of fire. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? EVANGELINE!?"

This was a chance to distance myself for a while.

Elizabeth's POV:

Leo escaped my grasp. I then glared at Evangeline, "so Evangeline why did you do that?" Evangeline giggled in front of me. "Well I can't have you beat Leo before me." "Hoh! Why is that?"

"I have no obligation to say it to you."

"I see, well then I think I'll just force you to say it to me." I reaped a dimensional tear in front of me. A dozen of tears surrounded Evangeline, my blue orbs also surrounded her. "I doubt that you can do that Elizabeth." Evangeline started leaking out her massive amount of mana. She was intimidating me, God I really hate this woman.

Leo's POV:

What the hell is that?! Eli and Eva started fighting each other aren't I the opponent? While I was jumping in the battlefield irritated at their reaction. A bunch of arrows were heading my way. Oh right we were in the middle of the enemy army. I showered the enemy archers with [heavenly rain].

The archers were killed in a flash. That was when I sensed danger, I was barely able to dodge, and a silver arrow came passing by. I couldn't sense where the arrow came from.

"Hi Leo!" A hammer was above me. I blocked it, and I landed on the ground, a huge dust cloud was formed.

That was a strong attack! "Hey it's been a while Leo!" Tenri descended from above her war hammer was about to be smashed in my face. I jumped backward, the war hammer hit the ground instead, forming a large crater. While she was distracted from her fall I charged forward about to strike her. Yet my strike never reached it was blocked by one of the floating spears.

"Hehe Leo!"

After my sword slash was blocked by the spear, Tenri was ready to swing her hammer at me. I then release Lauria and did a round house kick. The spear that wasn't blocking anything didn't block my kick. I hit Tenri at the side of her neck. She flew quite a distance bouncing off the ground. She finally stopped after colliding with a hundred enemy soldiers.

That was when the lightning fast boy and the girl with the same silver hair as Eva came from both my sides. While the front and back were being blocked by the muscular puppets of the silver hair girl.

I then used [aura blades], my two swords were imbued with my mana. The two short swords now look like they had a blade which was 5 meters long. I swung them around, as if I was a tornado; I blew away all who surrounded me. The boy and girl along with the puppets were blown away from me. That was when another arrow came to hit me. I was nicked at my waist. This time it was a gold arrow. Nice this archer is good, very good!

As I was looking around the battlefield I saw Eli and Eva's fight wasn't about to reach a conclusion. Hmm I'll deal with the winner later. First I jumped backward, the ground from where I was standing burst into flames.

I then heard Tenri's voice "Hahaha! As expected of Leo, I can't even get a surprise attack to land." While I was in mid-air I tilted my head slightly. I evaded a punch that came from behind. I grabbed the arm I evaded and threw the owner onto the ground. Upon hitting the ground, boom was the sound he made. The one I threw was the boy wearing the full bodied armor. He started screaming at me.


"Why am I doing this? Well because you guys butted in my fun!"



Lauria create a dozen of spears. As you wish my master.

Lauria created a dozen spears floating beside me. I threw and kicked all together toward the boy. He evaded some of it, but the two he couldn't evade he caught it, and same as before he was blown away.


"Then how about me Leo!" The silver haired girl was beside me when I landed. She attacked with her left sword, and I blocked with my right sword. She countered with her right and I blocked with my left. We both jumped backwards, and after that I moved forward [fangs of the wolf]. I passed by her using my fastest technique she countered with something similar. Actually too similar it wasn't my technique [falling leaves] it was a recreated [fangs of the wolf].

That was when I remembered who this was. I see Adela is it; she really has grown up, but... "Hey Adela! What the hell was that poor excuse of a technique! [Fangs of the wolf] is a pure offensive technique, how can you use it for defense!"

"I am sorry Leo, I still couldn't replicate the move with my abilities. So I made it into my own technique."

"I have no problem making the technique your own. I have stolen countless techniques myself. What I couldn't accept was that my very first student's created a technique for defense. If you really are under my tutelage you should have created a offensive technique first!"

"I shall do so after I beat you Leo!" Adela answered.

"Hahaha nice answer!" We were charging at each other. We weren't the only ones in the field. So as we charged we killed the surrounding soldiers blocking our paths to each other.

A commander of the enemy armies POV:

What the hell are those monsters!? They weren't even treating us as an enemy anymore! They were treating us as some random people blocking their paths!

They all started fighting that one boy who was annihilating my entire force before they came, but it was clear as day that they weren't our allies. "Tsk ENOUGH OF THIS FARCE! RELEASE HIM! LET'S SHOW THESE MONSTERS WHAT WE CAN DO!"


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