Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness
62 I“m just reminding you
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Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness
Author :zsaivryL
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62 I“m just reminding you

Watching the little girl sweetly sleeping on his arms, Jiang Min's gentle eyes did not leave Arwen's beautiful face. His gaze was fixed on her as he gently strokes her pink cheeks.

His actions made the little girl like a kitten cuddling to her parent but this wonderful view was carefully watched by a pair of fierce eyes few steps away from the sofa.

With Jiang Min's actions, anyone might wonder whether he likes children or there's something else behind those caring deeds and sweet gaze towards Arwen, yet no one would ever guess what is running in his mind.

These things were interrupted when Jiang Min felt a sudden chill on his body that made him shudder and he finally turned his attention back to Lee Shira who was still standing next to the entrance; his expression is still dark while watching the whole time.

Jiang Min: "…" What's wrong for him to have this expression?

"What? How long are you going to stand there?" Jiang Min asked sarcastically. But his gaze fell at the envelope on Lee Shira's hand that almost crumpled due to his tightening fist.

Jiang Min chuckled then jokingly said with a smirk. "What's wrong with you? Don't tell me that you're jealous because I know how to take care of a child than you?"

However, Jiang Min's handsome and gentle face suddenly turned serious as he glanced at Arwen on his arms before he asked. "Is she the child you're asking to have a DNA test with your wife?"

Jiang Min's voice was cold and sounded indifferent while his gaze is not far from Lee Shira's fierce eyes. He fixed his attention at his best friend's expression, not to miss any changes.

Without waiting for Lee Shira's answer, Jiang Min sarcastically added. "Don't fool yourself. This child is not hers besides you said that you were her first. It's impossible for her to have a child."

"Why do you look nervous? Is there something that I need to know? Or should I say why you are acting like the child's father few minutes ago." Lee Shira uttered with a sharp tone in his voice.

"Really? Me, acting like her father? Why would you think so? You should know more than me." Jiang Min uttered with an unknown meaning on his voice.

"Oh, by the way, I remember that you only want to use that woman to fulfill your grandfather's wish, but it seemed you are enjoying her." Jiang Min jokingly added without waiting for Lee Shira's answer.

Watching Lee Shira's face turning darker, Jiang Min smirked as he added. "You just met her for a couple of days but you like her that fast? This is not you. Or is she that good in bed?"

"Shut up!" Lee Shira finally responded, but his voice sounded cold and murderous and added. "I don't need to explain anything. Just do what you need."

A chuckle came from Jiang Min before he speaks with a warning in his voice. "Shira, I'm just reminding you. You marry someone you haven't investigated yet. This might ruin your plans."

"Just be careful. The things we found about her are suspicious, besides, she seemed to be hiding something. She might not be the best option for this plan." Jiang Min carefully reminded.

"Don't forget the reason why I am helping you. I won't waste any of my precious time to that woman." Jiang Min added with a warning on his voice, but Lee Shira did not respond.

Without hearing anything from Lee Shira, Jiang Min raised his other hand to rub his forehead like having a headache. "What happened to you? Why are you like this?"

"I promised you that I will protect her at any cost, but if she ends up in danger because of that woman, I won't hesitate to kill your temporary wife." Jiang Min uttered with a murderous voice.


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