Dark Lord of Tartarus
43 For the Future Part 5.5
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Dark Lord of Tartarus
Author :Bojayjay
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43 For the Future Part 5.5

Vincent began to panic. His heart was pounding heavily every second which passes. The crack on the barrier began to get wider and wider, if it breaks – it's all over.

He was profusely sweating as he changed his glances from the artifact on his hand then to the barrier then back again.

Will they make it? Will they triumph? Or will they fail and perish? Those kinds of thoughts came within his mind.

Then after a few moments, the sphere on Vincent's hand began to glow and the leaves revolving around it came to a halt. Then in an instant, the leaves closed and locked unto the sphere.

In that very moment, he could feel great pressure of magical energy from the sphere as though it could choke him. Then an invisible energy surged towards the barrier.

Vincent smiled in genuine joy.


Justice had finally been served. Now the souls of his fallen comrades can lay to rest.

Vincent had finally obtained the vengeance he sought. Now with that vengeance, the world was saved.

Once the final phase of the artifact had commenced, the outcome was assured. None will be able to escape, none will be safe. Well, that's what he heard from his father, for Vincent himself never used the artifact. In fact, even his father only heard those from his father. Even though that was the case, they never doubted the ones which told them that fact.

A long moment had past and Vincent felt like the spreading of the crack halted. Then, it might have worked.

Feeling safe, Vincent approached closer to the barrier. He went closer to where he could see blazing black flames.

Then shortly after, azure flames which seemed to serve as eyes gazed at Vincent. Then they glared at each other.

"How does it feel to be the victim now?"

Vincent said to the person on the other side of the barrier. He knew his voice wouldn't reach the other side, even so, he only wanted to say what he wanted to say.

"You look pathetic. Now, begone and never return."

At that instant, the person on the other side looked like he just got pulled away.

After several seconds the barrier vanished and the scene before Vincent was quite something like chaotic. The mansion was nowhere to be seen, there was not even a trace of it which can be seen, not a single brick nor any material.

There was now but a giant crater on the ground. It may be a bit of a chaotic sight, Vincent still took a deep breath and sighed in relief.

The entities which threatened the world had finally been dealt with.

Vincent looked at the edge of the crater before him right on his ground level. There he saw pieces of metal from the gates which was taken down by the barrier and he could also see pieces of bricks from the walls.

"Remnants and proofs of what has occurred. I guess what happened here should be recorded and remembered."

"It's finally over, huh?"

Noah said while smiling and in relief.

"Woo, that scared the hell out of me!"

Frederick said.

"I bet you pissed on your pants."

Benjamin said.

"Yeah a bit."

"Wait what, really?" Benjamin was surprised on what supposed to be a tease actually happened.

"Then I suppose now I can see my family tomorrow." Matthew said.

"We only have like, I don't know, I couple of hours before Christmas day, so I guess we can hang out with our family earlier than I expected." Mars said.

Out of the blue, a loud roar rang out from the forest, then followed by another, there were like three or more roars came from different part of the forest. It was roar which gave a chill down one's spine.

"What was that?" Frederick said.

At the very moment Vincent heard those roars, he already had an idea what it was.

"Perhaps those were the roars by beasts."

"Beasts?" Matthew asked.

"With the summoner which who the beasts or monster was bounded to now banished. The summoned monsters are now free with no masters to command them."

"Seriously?" Frederick asked grasping an idea in the situation, then he continued. "Then those monsters will…"

"Yes, they will likely run rampant on this land."

"Then it's not over yet, huh." Noah said.

"Let's go to the nearest roar we heard."

Everyone replied in affirmative and the rushed to where the nearest roar was.

Shortly after, they have found the source of the roar.

"What the hell is that?" Matthew asked.

It was a horrifying creature made of bones. It was tall and big. It has sharp scythe-like arms and made of bones. It has a pair of dreadful azure glowing eyes within the empty sockets of its eyes. It has sharp feet similar to claws of birds.

"That's one of the strangest things I've ever seen." Frederick said.

"Why haven't we seen this monster while going to the mansion?" Benjamin asked.

"This one is stationed quite a distance from the mansion, so maybe we were lucky enough to not confront one of these monsters." Mars said.

"Luck, huh. I guess you're right." Frederick said.

The monster was walking around and was slightly violently moving around like a wild beast. Then shortly, the monster seemed to have noticed Vincent and company, the beast faced them and roared.

"Oh, looks like it wants to fight us." Mars said.

"So we still have to fight." Benjamin said.

"Then let's give this monster and the others some good beating!" Frederick said.

Vincent cast away his rifle and unsheathed his sword.

"Then, let us finish all of these monsters as soon as possible."

Then the company defeated the first monster then move to the other and gradually, they defeated each monster. They successfully and easily defeated all the skeleton warriors and managed to destroy all of those giants made of bones.

Then the date of December 24, 2021, was recorded in the order as a day of successful banishment. The banishment of several powerful entities which eradicated an entire town and killed hundreds of people.


In a very luxurious and large mansion, a party was being held. There were some people wearing pretty impressive and expensive clothing, and some were wearing simple yet impressive clothing.

The place where the party was being held can be described as lavish. Well, the owner of the mansion was wealthy. It was a good time to celebrate. It was a party for the victory of the New Dawn Order.

For it was a party for that, there was no need for etiquette. So it was not required to wear formal clothing or to act formally. It was like a free to do party. But of course, naturally, all must look proper, and wear proper clothes.

There were several tables around the large room where the party was happening. Atop those tables were cuisines which looked so delicious even looking from a distance. Dishes, desserts and alike looked like they were shining on the tables. There were too many cuisines that one would not bother to count but eat until they can no longer.

For the party just begun, there were still only a few people at the party, but they were already enjoying themselves.

The ones who first arrived were Noah Rakesol, Mars Eralias, and Matthew Penson. Of course, with their family in tow. In addition, some people who helped in the search for the beings they banished were also there.

Distant from them, Vincent observed. He wore a black leather jacket, white shirt, black jeans, and white shoes. It may be simple, but it looked so good on him. With his fixed golden hair and handsome features, and also good body build, the ladies would call him perfect and they would quickly fall in love.

He smiled at the joyful smiles on his colleague's faces, as well as on the smiles of their families.

…The future, is indeed, saved…

Vincent felt a good warmth in his heart, and also a relief. The people of the world were finally safe, once again.

Shortly after, Vincent decided to approach and greet them.

"Hi, everyone. I see you're enjoying."

Matthew responded first to him.

"Of course, especially my family right here! They've never been in this kind of parties, especially my grandkids."

Matthew lived quite a simple life so they can't really go or facilitate a party like this. The young kids with him seemed to be really having fun, and they seemed to be already making friends with other kids, due to that Vincent was glad himself.

"The foods are delicious, that alone can make us happy!"

Noah said while patting his grandchildren on the head.

"Well, this kind of things happen rarely, it won't hurt to have fun."

Mars said while placing his hand over his wife's shoulder.

"With you all here, it makes me happy. Still, the group which took out the enemies are not all here yet, huh."

Vincent said.

"Well, Frederick… It's not surprising for him to be late."

Noah said.

"I suppose you're right."

"Hm, as for Ben… it's quite a surprise."

Matthew said.

"Well, I heard he'll be bringing all of his family, like all of them!"

Mars said.

Vincent chuckled.

"If that's the case then it's understandable that he would be late."

Vincent peered around, paying attention to every detail. He looked at all direction but it seemed he couldn't find what he was looking for. His colleagues were quite puzzled by this, so they decided to ask him, but before they could, someone already asked him.

"You seemed to be looking for someone, sir."

Startled, Vincent shrugged and immediately faced that familiar voice.

"Ah, April, you're finally here."

The one who called was one his maids, April Aster.

"Yes, thank you for having us here, sir."

"So, who did you bring with you?"

"I brought my mother, father, and younger sister."

Vincent looked at behind April and there he saw a middle-aged man and woman, and a young girl who was at the age of ten.

The man and woman approached Vincent.

"Good evening, sir Vincent. We are sincerely thankful for inviting us here."

April's father said.

"It's nothing Mr. Aster, it's natural for me to invite April's family in this kind of celebration."

"Thank you for taking care of our daughter, we're lucky to have you as her master."

"Of course, it's natural for me to take care of my subordinates. Now then, we're here to celebrate and have fun. You're free to get any food you want or do anything you enjoy, so please do."

The two expressed their sincere gratitude and went to go ahead to grab some food.

"It appeared you are looking for Hazel."

Vincent was surprised at what April said. Not because she mentioned Hazel's name, but on the fact that April knew exactly who he was looking for. Vincent wondered what gave her an idea like that. Or perhaps because she noticed.

Then April continued.

"Worry not sir, we just texted earlier, she said she's on her way."

"R-Right, thank you, April."

April smiled in amusement.

"Now please excuse me, sir."

Then April went to her family.

"Hazel? Who's that?"

Noah asked behind him.

"Isn't it the other maid?"

Matthew said.

"Hoh? Vincent, you didn't tell us you were having a love life."

Mars said, and they chuckled.

"A-Ah, hmm, I wouldn't say it's on the point of love."

"What are you saying Vincent? Everyone started that way, right guys?"

Matthew and Mars agreed on what Noah said.

"A-ah, hm."


All of them immediately looked at the entrance. In that tone alone, they knew who that was.

"Fred is here." Noah said.

Frederick approached Vincent, with his kids and grandkids in tow, also there was a woman beside him.

"Oh, hi Uncle."

Vincent shifted his sight on the woman beside Frederick.

"Good evening Auntie."

"Good evening Vincent, it's nice to see you again."

"It's nice to see you too Auntie, it has been a long time."

"You've grown into such a handsome man."

"Thank you Auntie, I'm quite flattered."

"So? You seemed to be happy about something, what were you talking about?"

"Oh! Vincent is having a love life!"

"Mister Mars! No need to say it that way, it's embarrassing."

"What?! Why didn't you tell me!? I'm happy for you kid, hahaha!"

"Uncle… it's… it can't even be called love yet."

"Well, you like her, don't you?! Also, I'm sure she'll come to like you too." Frederick said.

"He's right. Besides, everything starts with something like that, so it's a love life." Vincent's Auntie said.

"Yeah, that's what I said, but he still doubts it." Noah said.

Frederick looked behind him and saw that his family members are still there.

"What are you guys still doing here? Go and have fun or something. No need to be embarrassed."

"I'll come with them, you hang out with your friends here. I'll tend to our kids and grandchildren."

"Alright honey! I'll leave them to you."

Then they left and Frederick stayed with Vincent and the others.

"So all that's left is Benjamin huh." Matthew said.

"What? That guy's late?! That's a surprise!" Frederick said.

Then Noah noticed someone on the entrance and he said.

"Well, speak of the devil."

Everyone took a look and saw Benjamin, with a lot of his family members.

"Woah, it really is a lot." Mars quietly said.

Benjamin and his family approached Vincent.

"Hey Vincent! Sorry If I brought a lot of my family."

Vincent smiled and chuckled.

"Think nothing of it, I did tell you guys to bring all of your family if you can. Besides, there's plenty of food for everybody, so no need to hold back. So, please, do enjoy."

Benjamin signaled his family that they can go. With it, bright smiles from the people and children made Vincent happy. This was one of the things he wanted to protect.

Frederick patted Benjamin's back with force and laughed.

"Haha, that's what I like about you, you don't hold back."

Then amidst all that, someone called to Vincent.

It was April.



"I've come to let you know that she has arrived."


Vincent immediately turned to face the entrance and filled with anticipation, excitement, and he was a bit nervous.

Then shortly after, he unconsciously lost his breath. His eyes widened in astonishment.

A lone girl gently walked and Vincent felt like she was heading towards him. His heart began to pound greatly. She was so beautiful.

She had a fixed long golden hair which seemed to glitter and shine under the illuminating lights, and her deep green eyes seemed to trap Vincent. She wore a beautiful yellow dress with the mix of the color white, it was simple, yet, for Vincent, it was breathtaking. She was beautiful, so beautiful, as she has always been, but currently it was more than before, he could call her perfect.

"Wait, isn't that her?" Mars asked.

"Yeah, that's her."

Frederick placed his hand over Vincent and pulled him.


"This is your chance kid. Don't waste it!"

Frederick pushed Vincent all of the sudden, due to that Vincent lost his balanced but immediately he regained it.

Then, Vincent slowly approached Hazel.

On the other, Hazel saw Vincent approaching her, due to that, a feeling of nervousness instantly struck her and she was like frozen stiff. She didn't know what to do. Thus, all she did that time was stand, and gaze at Vincent and wait for him to reach her.

"It's nice to finally have you here, Hazel."

"Ah, thank you for inviting me, monsieur. I'm sorry I'm late."

Hazel was late because she was fixing herself to the max, trying to look good as possible and made sure there was nothing improper. Due to that, she never noticed what time it was.

"It's fine, think nothing of it. What's important is that you're here."

"I-Is that s-so."

Hazel couldn't keep eye contact because she was so embarrassed, and also shy.

"I don't see your father."

"Ah, actually, he wanted me to deliver his apologies to you."

"Hm. What do you mean?"

"Well, he has an appointment to go, for his business just started to grow, he can't miss that deal."

"I-I see."

Having an appointment in early evening surprised Vincent quite a bit. Perhaps the reason her father still has an appointment was because the company where he was going was still not closed.

Vincent felt quite relieved, after all, meeting the parents of the one you love is scarier than facing against a group of undead. Yes, even with Vincent's kind of life, he still felt like that.

Hazel looked around and she began to look upset.

"Everyone brought their family, huh."

She quietly said, of course Vincent heard her words.

"Don't be upset."

Vincent grabbed her smooth hand then he continued.

"You won't be alone. I'll be by your side."

Hazel was speechless for a few seconds, then shortly she forced herself to speak.

"R-Right. T-Thank you, monsieur."

They gazed passionately at each other for a few moments until Vincent spoke.

"You look more beautiful than ever, Hazel."


"Really… Also, I hope you'll call me by my name tonight, Hazel. You're not on duty anyway. So please, call me by my name."

Hazel was reluctant. Of course, she would be, she never called Vincent by his name alone. So, it was like a big change, and also embarrassing. However, Vincent asked for it, so she must at least do it, at least for the night.

"V-Very well, Vincent."


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