Doctor CEO
12 Chapter 12
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Doctor CEO
Author :jyunii_jyubii
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12 Chapter 12

The store was designed extravagant. The walls were painted of gold and a huge chandelier hanging above the center of the ceiling which was decorated with pretty diamonds and glass

Athanasia felt so out of place yet she stepped in to the expensive room. She felt even more confident when Noah held her hand. Both of them doesn't know why but somehow holding hands like this made their hearts warm.

Noah asked the female clerk to show them the most extravagant nightgowns available and told her that she need not to worry about the price.

All the dresses were designed magnificently and uniquely. Each gown had their own characteristics. The gold one was so shiny but you could tell that it was hard to make since every detail was impeccable. It was sleeveless and had an asymmetrical skirt. The gown showed a lot of skin.

The violet gown looked as if it was made for someone from the royal family. It was letting out a feeling of elegance and wealth.

There were still so many dresses yet Athanasia was only interested in the aqua green dress. It's skirt was mermaid styled. Since Athanasia really liked the story of the little mermaid she liked things with a mermaid along with the sea.

Noah noticed where she was looking so he told her to try it. Athanasia was escorted by the female clerk towards the dressing room to try on the dress.
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After she changed her clothes, Athanasia was so happy she felt like a mermaid princess that descended on the land.

The gown was simple but anyone can still find her from a crowd with people wearing aqua green clothes. It's not the clothes but the person wearing it.

After a little while, Athy felt uncomfortable being stared at by Noah so she asked:

Athanasia: Is it good?

Noah: It's beautiful. You're beautiful. *Noah smiled at her*

Athanasia: Thank You. 'Did he just smile? Like a true from the heart smile?'

Noah: Well then shall we proceed to the venue?

Athanasia: Ok!

Her previous clothes were sent home as they left towards the party's venue.

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    《Doctor CEO》