Four Worlds: Four Symbols
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Four Worlds: Four Symbols
Author :DushlynMae
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1 Mini Library

"Sakura" the girl yelled, then she rushed over her and was out of breathe.

"Yuriko! Why in a rush?" Sakura asked wondering why Yuriko is such in a hurry. Then, she was pulled outside the office where no one can notice them. "Yuriko! What's going on?" Sakura was still confuse by her actions.

"Sakura" with a serious tone, suddenly jump over to Sakura saying with excitement "I got a boyfriend, He is so handsome and he told me that he can introduce some friend of his for you so you can get a boyfriend as well" she empathize the word GET A BOYFRIEND to tease Sakura for having no boyfriend, then she continue "his name is Yuri". Sakura jaws dropped, "WHAT? YOU GOT A BOYFRIEND?"

"ssshhhhhhh, someone might hear you" while covering Sakura's mouth. "What now, are you going to meet this friend of his, I have his number here, don't worry, you will not be disappointed, he is with a good family background and a very educated per....." suddenly Sakura stop her and said coldy "I am not interested"


"No! I am not interested! and Where did you find this boyfriend of yours, When did you met and How come you never told me about this before? Who is Yuri, I never heard of him?" Sakura asked with a cold face and there was like an icy aura covering her body, Yuriko feel like she was freezing. She asked this questions out of concern for her.

"That, I will never gonna tell you!" Yuriko love teasing Sakura so much.

"..." Sakura were silent for a moment while remembering the most tragic moment in her life.

She was traumatized before when they were just a Senior High School Students because she trusted someone and fell inlove with him, that guy took advantage of her, he locked her in a room when he invited her to his house for 2 days without eating nor drinking then one day he drug her and was planning to raped her. Luckily, her only trusted friend which is a he came to help her and that was Hitsugaya together with the police officers. Sakura felt relieved and cried like a child, she hugged him that she can't help herself with the emotions overflowing inside her. She was finally saved. She owe him so much for saving her.

"cough! cough!" Yuriko answered "You..WAAHHH! You know what! I suddenly remember, it's almost time for the national library to closed, let's talk about this later, We have to go there, I need to look for the book titled A tale of the two cities." Yuriko said this with a shaking tone.

"...." Sakura was silent but insisted for an answer "You still did not answer my quest...." Yuriko pulled her and said "I told you we can talk about that later, let's go now, before it closed" They run as fast as they can and when they reached the National Library, with disappointment written all over their face saw that it was already closed. "aarrrrrrrrrrr" Yuriko yelled "It's closed", while Yuriko is so busy fixing her emotions, Sakura on the other hand is staring at a mini library beside the National Library. Sakura decided to go inside and pull Yuriko.

Yuriko still exploring her thoughts suddenly opened her eyes and was confuse "Sakura, What's wrong?"

"Let's go to that Library" Sakura answered.

"What Library, I haven't seen any library here except the National Library" Yuriko was still confuse about the situation. Then Sakura replied hurriedly "That Library"

"..." Yuriko was silent, pondering, How come she did not see that library before, then she told Sakura "Sakura! I think we should just come back here tomorrow" but when she just finished with her words, it's too late now, they went inside and saw a lot of ancient books. " I hate history, we can go back tomorrow" while Yuriko was leaving, she saw Sakura looking at the books with a shining eyes that looks like she was looking at a diamadnds, then she realize. Oh! Sakura love ancient books.

Sakura saw a book alone in a bookshelf. She pick up that book and saw the title Four World: Four Symbols. One cannot deny her eagerness to read that book. Finally, She and Yuriko went home together with that book that they borrowed.


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