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3 First Monster Encounter
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Game Master
Author :H3art4Sal3
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3 First Monster Encounter

Although he don't want to admit it, he was pretty overpowered in the early game. With the skill <Elemental Alteration>, he was sure to surpass most of the mages with just using the fire elements.

Roune was shocked to see his appearance in the game. It was so unrealistic that he can't even believe that it was him. He had a pale white and perfectly shaped face, his eyebrows were like a sword and his eyes were shining blue.

If this was his appearance back on his previous world, then he will probably become a lady killer.

"System are you there?" Roune tried asking in his mind.

[Yes host.]

He was relieved to find out that the system was still there. Roune was afraid that the system was not with him and he will have no way out of this game.

"System. Why did I appear in the game directly, and why do I look different?" The first thing he noticed was that he was already in the game.

Roune was confused as to why was he in the game directly and not in the real world first. Although he really loves to play games, but he also wants to live normally, if ever he will be stuck inside the game then that would be a disaster.

[Host does not have to worry. Eventually, host will leave this game, everything in the real world are being prepared for the host's arrival.]

"So I just have to do what I want and later on when I leave the game everything will be ready?" It was hard to believe when he heard the system told him this.

He feels like a young master that was given everything he wants.

[But before host can leave. Host has to complete one quest.]

"What quest?"


Task: Level up to Level 5

Reward: A Body in Reality

Time Limit: 1 Day

Punishment: Forever stuck in the game


When Roune saw this notification appeared on his mind, he almost spit out blood.

"System what do you mean by "A Body in Reality", don't I have one?" He was confused by this as he thought that he was transported in this world not in the game.

[Host does not have to worry. If host finishes the quest then host will definitely get a real body.]

"Okay system. I'll take that as a challenge I guess..."

Being too optimistic is not too bad sometimes after all, as Roune found a way to cheer himself up again. So without any delay, he jolted towards the a certain direction, and he didn't even have any knowledge to where he was going.

He was already running for about half an hour but he was still not encountered any monsters which was making it frustrating.

Suddenly, he saw a 2-men-tall and 6-men-long giant black panther lying next to something that was glimmering with bright silver glow.

When he neared that black panther, information about it appeared in front of him, or rather, on top of it's head.

[Black Panther King] (Black-Steel Boss)

Level: 15

HP: 45000

Finally, a monster appeared and it was even a boss type.

Without wasting any time, he used the skill <Elemental Alteration> to himself by using the fire elements to strengthen his attacks.





After three consecutive strikes, he triggered the first ability and made a critical strike. He continued to attack the black panther like there is no tomorrow. And after the cooldown of the skill <Elemental Alteration> he will use it automatically until he was out of mana.

He continued to this and at the same time, skillfully evading every attack of the black panther easily. And after half hour of fighting.

"Ding! You have killed the Black Panther King. Gained 90,000 Experience Points (Double Reward for Exceed Level Kill)!"

"Ding! Congratulations! You are the first player to kill a Black-Steel boss. Your glorious achievement will be recorded in history! Do you wish to announce your name so that the world can praise your might?"

[Host please answer yes.]

Roune was confused as to why the system wants him to answer "yes", when he really doesn't want to attrack any attention to himself. It was basically too early for him to defeat a monster boss and he was sure that the highest player at this time will only be level 2-3.

[It is part of the Main-Quest.]

[Main Quest:

Task: Spread your influence to the whole world. Make everyone know about your name.

Reward: Level up 2

Time Limit: 2 years

Punishment: System sealed for 2 years



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