Gu Master
7 Bombyx Caterpillar!
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Gu Master
Author :MurderKing
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7 Bombyx Caterpillar!

Leaving the Tavern he goes to Market Square to sell his all of his Gu Worms. They are of no use for hi, His body is evolving itself. Making it useless to him, since they were all Strength Path Gu Worms.


Checking the surroundings, to find the a person with the most Strength Path Gu. He went to a very muscular big guy with a beard. The Range of Analysis Gu is huge, at maximum power, it can scan up to a Million Kilometers!

"Hey, Merchant. How much for these?" He said as he pulls out the Three Strength Path Gu Worms out of his body. They were all rank 3! Jade Strength Gu! Achilles Tendons Gu! Beast Strength Gu! They were all Gu Worms! 

The Merchant was shocked! How can a kid like him possess three Rank 3 Gu Worms!  Not to mention a Jade Skin Gu! It was worth twice that of an ordinary Rank 3 Gu Worm. 

"6,000! 6,000 Primeval Stones!" He immediately shouts out a price. A Jade Strength Gu is worth 5670 primeval stones. A Speed Path Gu is worth 3000~ Primeval Stones, and the Beast Strength Gu is worth 1880 Primeval Stones. 

It was an Enormous Price! 

"Eh? Only 6,000? Gu Worms worth combined together should be worth arround 10000 Primeval Stones. Are you trying to scam me old fool!" He shouted at the Merchant. Using Analysis Gu it should be worth 12,000 Primeval Stones, being generous to not say anything about it.

The Merchant's Cultivation is Rank 3! He should be able to afford the price, since the average rank 3 only makes 5000 Primeval Stones a year. A Rank 3 Merchant Like him should be able to afford six Rank Three Gu! 20,000 Primeval Stones! 

"I... Er... I was not thinking straight. Hehe, if I calculate properly. It should be worth around 11,000 Primeval Stones. Since I need to make a profit, Let's say 8000 primeval stones? How does that sound?"

"9000. You tricked me, so you need to pay me an extra thousand." 

"8500. How about that? It was my mistake. A mistake." He was not lying. He was so shocked that he shouted out a price immediately, He should have said 7000 but now but is too late. The Accident have costed him over 2000 primeval stones.

"9500. No matter what it will raise, if you do not accept this price I can go to the Others if you want." He said coldly. That Guy is wasting his time. 

"Tsk." He snickered at the counterattack. The boy seemed like a person that might just keep raising the price. Since he is a capable person, casually selling Gu Worms to Merchant Vendors. He would definitely be the one who decides the price, not the merchants themselves. He thought about it more untill he was ready to speak again.

"I Accept." 

Handing 9550 Primeval Stones the Merchant receives the three Rank 3 Gu Worms. He still made a profit. A small Profit of 2000 Primeval Stones. A weeks worth of salary. 

Besides that, he could try his luck at the Auction House. He might make a thousand more primeval stones if he is lucky.

After selling the three Gu Worms. He wanders around the market some more, the reason why he sold those Gu Worms was because he needed more power. He need to gurantee his sucess, he does not know what others are capable of, Chi Yao had ever fought a Rank 3 Master Before.

What is a Gu Master without a Gu? A Regular Mortal. Even if he has a strong body, there are many Long Ranged Gu that can easily best him. His bloodline was mixed in already, so it would take time to gather a ball of blood. After all, in his form even right now, is still blood. 

By the time he formed into a Gas Ball of Blood, they would have shot him down. For all they know, it might be a Revival Type Gu Worm. One that Revive their user, bringing them back from the dead. They can not snatch the Gu Either for it will have already revived him. 

He would die before he can even form. His Body is at the Peak Level of the Mortal Realm. Even stronger than Most Rank 5 Peak Stage Masters. He does not plan on dying for another thousand years. So he needs a Gu Worm to help him out, even if it is just a little. 

Scanning the Area, he found some Food Path Gu Worms he could use. 

Bombyx Caterpillar, It had the ability to allow the user to Convert the Food they eat into Energy. Although it might sound powerful, it is not, It just helps you workout. In order for it to be useful, you need to consume refinement materials. The Effects of Refinement Materials only lasts for a minute so it is worthless. It is used to build your body shape and eat faster. It is a very Popular Gu For "Young Masters" and Old Aged Men. 

Even though it is a useless Gu Worm, with little power. It is a Good Recipe to refine the Silk Gu! A Gu worm that can instantly produce silk. A Silk that is Tough as Steel! It could be used as both an Attack Type Gu and a Defensive Type Gu! 

It is sure to bring Great Fortunes. Once he becomes an Immortal, he can raise millions of Silk Worm Gu! A Clan were both Gu Masters will always have a strong Defensive Clothing, That will sure raise the foundation for them become a Super Grade Clan! 

"Heheheh! What Great Luck! There are a very few amount of Gu Worms that can be used as a Food Path Gu. This Gu can help me Become the World's Richest Man!"

Food Path is a VERY mysterious path. There are few amounts of Mortal Gu that can actually be used as a Food Path Gu. So Far, there has been only one Food Path Gu in the Entire Series! 

Eat Strength Gu! An Immortal Gu! There is actually more Immortal Gu of the Food Path than there are of Mortal Gu! Can you imagine such a thing?

"I have Fortune Rivalling the Heavens! A Truly Lucky Person! Maybe I still have the essence of a Luck Path Immortal Gu with me. Which Means I was already lucky even before this My Fortune. Hehe. Thinking about it, I am Lucky for even being born. 

His Confidence increased a lot because of  this. Now no one can stand against me! is what he thought. He thought! Afterall, A Rank 2 Silk Worm Gu can produce Silk of the Rank 2. Generally Speaking The Nine Leaves Vitality Grass is a Rank 2 Gu, producing only Rank 1 Vitality Grasses. So He really did hit a Gold Mine.

The Price of His Silk should be worth at very least 50 Primeval Stones. It is even more important than the Vitality Grasses. Not only that but he would be the sole producer of the Silk! That means that No one other than him can produce silk.

It is A Material Afterall, not a Gu Worm. They cannot reverse engineer Materials like Reverse Engineering Gu Recipes. Also, it is of the Food Path, not many have even heard of it. A Simple Legend. Not Many Gu Immortals have an Attainment in the Food Path. So it is safe to say he is the sole producer of this Gu.

Even though, the Silk Worm Gu needs to an abundant ammount Primeval Essence to activate. As an Immortal Gu, he would naturally have an infinite amount of Primeval Essence. So If he can find a Healing Path Gu to heal the Silk Gu whenever he stressed it out too much. He can potentially double his earnings. 

Of course he would only do it in times of need though. It would make him feel bad. He was formerly a Gu Remember? Although Regular Immortal Gu would not care so much about it, he does. 

It was like watching an Ant suffer the same fate as him. So when the Ant dies, only a slight bit of feel sadness invade his hurt. That is what he feels. rather than be a Kid Pissing on an Anthill. He would feed them, and then watch him. If they could talk then he would feed them and rule over them. A God amongst all living things.

Spending over a thousand primeval stones on three tries worth of materials for the refinement. He goes back to the tavern. It is time to refine the Gu Worm.
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    《Gu Master》