Kiss Me, Now
5 Chapter five
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Kiss Me, Now
Author :chantalangel
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5 Chapter five

Laurel ran home. Her heart beating out of her chest. She shut the door and slid down. "What thefuck out of all the people in my high school it had to be him, " Laurel wined. As Laurel was getting up from the floor she heard someone knock. Afraid to open it, she hesitated. What the fuck why am I scared? She mentally rolled her eyes. She unlocked the door and swung it open to reveal a tall broad man with dark hair and the completion of an angel.

"You forgot your...pen, " Laurel looked at him up and down confused. That wasn't Laurel's pen.

"Antonio, what are your actually doing at my house?" He liked how his name rolled off her tongue.

"May I come in?" Hesitant Laurel opened the door and directed him towards the couch where she sat on one side and he sat on the other side.

"I like your apartment. Do you live alone?"

"Yeah, basically my roommate Kevin is usually at the club and his side chicks homes." A smirk came across his face.

"Why did you run away? Did you not miss me after not seeing each other for so long?" Laurels heart skipped a beat. Remembering what happened in high school. Her face turned noticeable red.

"Wh..y Wwwould I miss you?" Laurel said stuttering. Antonio walked to the other coach she was sitting on and sat next to her facing her. Though Laurels eyes stayed staring at the other couch.

"It was you that chose Alex over me, " Laurel's voice cracked.

"Look at me." When Laurel kept her gaze steady. Antonio than cupped her cheek and turned her to face him.

"Antonio you were a man who didn't know what he wanted, and you probably still don't know what you want," Tears started to fall.

"I'm sorry that I hurt you with my indecisiveness, but you're wrong. I do know what I want now. I want you," Antonio said as he wiped Laurel's tears away. He pressed his forehead against hers and whispered. "I still love you. I regret not choosing you." Antonio gave her a kiss beside her lips, almost touching.

"I hate you. Even after all these years you still know how to hurt me. Don't you think coming back hurts me?" Laurels eyes started to water again.

Though Laurel hesitated she still wrapped her arms around Antonio's neck, and together they fell and landed on the couch arm. Their lips pressed together feeling the heat of each others body. Antonio slightly bit Laurel's lip asking for entrance. Together their tongues moved.

Breaking it off Antonio says "let's take this to the bedroom." Antonio grabs Laurel and presses her against him. Her legs hugging his hips. Together like that they walked onto Laurel's bed. He gently places her down. They continued to kiss even while Laurel started unzipping his pants.

Gasping for breath Antonio says "I don't want to rush into anything if you not ready." Laurel nodded her head meaning she was ready. Even if she said she hated him she still held a place for him in her heart.

Antonio steps off the bed and takes off his clothes himself. Laurel does the same. When she finished taking it off she covered her body. Her face turning bright red.

"It's been a long time and I don't know If you will like what you see." Antonio kissed her on the forehead.

"Let me be the judge of that." He grabs her arms and lifts them up in the air. A smirk appears on his face. Making Laurel blush harder. He picks her up bridal style and lays her flat on the bed. Laurel grabs his cheeks and pulls him close eating up his lips.


"Is that really how you ask?" Antonio says as he puts two fingers in knowing that having her wait was worth the end result. With the other free hand, he plays with her breast. Laurel let's out a moan.

"Please...put it in"

"Why should I? I still want to explore. Say you want it then I might put it in"

"No, I'm not going to sa-" Antonio put in three fingers making her move her hips. He went after and faster knowing it would drive her crazy when he would stop. He leans over her ear.

"I can't let you arrive before me." Laurel grabs Antonio and rolls over having her be on top. "It's my turn now." Deviousness was written all over her face. She inserted herself and went down inch by inch. When Antonio would try to put it all in she would push him down.

"My turn now." Nobody can control me, I always get what I want. He pulls her down causing the loudest moan to escape her lips.


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