LOOSED - Sex with a Ghost
31 Trapped in a dying body
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LOOSED - Sex with a Ghost
Author :Alexander_white
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31 Trapped in a dying body

Getting to her working place and on time was all that mattered. Today of all days, she can't afford to appear late at the bank. The state general manager is visiting her branch. She had overslept probably because of the alcohol and the fun of yesternight.

But it was really worth it. Peter was a perfect gentleman, treating her just like Tony used to. He lit back the fire of passion in her she thought had gone cold.

The way he looked at her, with his eyes boring into her soul, filled with desire and lust. The way his rough and hard palm wandered around her body, from her shoulders to her laps and into her pussy.

With just his fingers he gave her orgasm. Judith smiled at the thought of what the tip of his tongue would do to her. Where his big dick in-between her legs will take her?

A sexual relationship with him certainly won't be a bad idea. But one filled with adventures, pure pleasure, an exciting brush with danger and this trills her. For an exciting affair with Peter, she would risk everything including that stupid tradition of her people.

"You have already broken the custom of your people by having sex with Peter!" her inner voice said.

"No, I did not. He just fingered me and that was it. I had to even resist myself from giving him a blowjob and taking it further" she reminded herself.

"But you got an orgasm?"

"That doesn't mean anything. Mom said sex and sex is putting a dick into a vagina; which we did not do"

Her inner voice laughed at her before asking "Is that what you think?"

"Yes and it is the truth" she responded.

"You shouldn't have allowed him even touch your waist but he went on to stimulate your clit and you enjoyed it. Start praying or you might not get to that office"

Shaking her head, Judith refused accepting she was going to die. That stupid tradition has no tie over her. She was not even baptized in the Otammiri River. She pushed it off her mind and stepped on the gas as little rain began pouring.

She reduced the driver's window to let in fresh air but instead the aromas of baked goods and coffee emanating from shops rolled in and filled her nostrils. She turned on the car radio and "G-Eazy - No limit" filled the car.

Nodding her head to the beat of the song, she raced across the newly constructed bridge forgetting the promise she made to Peter. Her eyes stayed glued to the GPS display, tracking her position while the world passed in a blur of red and white lights. The hiss of the tires over the smooth tarmac was lost under the pounding bass of the music.

Soon she began hearing tiny sounds of her ringtone amidst the loud music; it must be work she concluded. It stopped and began again; she leaned over to search for her phone in her purse. In that instant, she lost the opportunity to evade a newly broken-down car. Even if she had been paying attention, it would have been a hard pass to make that manoeuvre.

As it was, she barely had time to scream before the car began tumbling over and over till it went off the bridge into the river with her screaming for her life.

Now trapped in a submerging car, Judith was stunned. Her seat belt became her enemy, pinning her down to her seat. She couldn't move. She began fumbling with her seatbelt; too panicked to push a simple button.

It all seemed to happen in slow motion. No sound. Only the smell of the muddy river water filling the floorboard. The cold, blood-freezing water, rushed in through the open window and in seconds the car was buried in water, slowly heading down to the base.

The dark indigo water swirled around her, keeping her from the oxygen she needed most. Her entire body throbbed, lungs felt as though they have been set on fire and heart beating rapidly in panic. The urgency for air was more apparent than ever.

Slowly, the black began to seep in at the edge of her vision. She tried to breathe through her mouth but only got muddy water. Then, ever so slowly, everything faded away. Painfully and quietly; she gave up fighting, allowing the darkness to take over.

Judith felt herself coming right out of her body like someone slowly pulling a handkerchief from a breast pocket till she was out of her body; emanating from the submerged car through the roof as though no frame of metal walls were there.

In a thin fraction of time, another entered her trapped and dying body. In seconds, she was back alive, her eyes opened with a clear vision, heart beating vibrantly in her chest, pouring fresh blood and energy all over her body. Filled with amazing strength; she pressed the red button beside her seat, releasing the seatbelt. Once freed, she swam from the open window and headed for the surface.

On the surface, she was greeted by a little crowd who applauded her for her bravery. One of them quickly pointed out that she has a head injury and it was bleeding. She advised her to visit a hospital for a checkup. She even offered to carry her to the hospital. She saw no need for a checkup, she felt great and really happy to be alive once more; but she followed the Good Samaritan.


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