Mage Apocalypse
13 Arrogant Brat 2
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Mage Apocalypse
Author :JiangChen699669
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13 Arrogant Brat 2

What he said we're just normal words but the way he said them all made it clear. It was as if he was looking down upon the class, like he was a supreme being and the the others were ants.

" this boy!!" Lusifer said in an annoyed tone.

"ahem... okay Pram, go and sit there." the teacher calmed things and instructed Pram to sit at the second last seat near the window. As things calmed down she started she lecture which went for about 1.5 hours.

As soon as the lecture ended everyone put their heads down and slept. That lecture was sure a punishment for them.

"it's finally over. Her lectures are damn boring and have no valuable information as well." someone said to lusifer.

" well I gotta agree to that." he said calmly. Then he went out of the class straight towards her sister's room.

" sis Mandy!"

"whose there? oh it's you Brat. come on in." she said.

"sis do you have any novels or comics in which my is an secret agent or has many clones?" he asked.

"why? are you up to something wrong?" she said in a confused tone.

"don't think too much, it's just that I suddenly was interested in these novels so I came to you." he said.

"yes I do have something like this. just a sec...yep here, take it." she said to lusifer.

" thanks."

As he took the books from his sis, he went to his room for keeping them then went to the sports section of the school.

"let's take a break a play for sometime." he thought to himself.

" hey hey, look the basketball champ and that new arrogant student are playing 1v1." someone screamed in the room.

"what's he up to now." Lusifer said. Actually he and the champ were best friends since childhood and he clearly knew how mischievous his friend was, provoking anyone he wanted for no reason at all.But since he was his friend, Lusifer had to care about him now.

" huff...huff... finally arrived. huh...what?!!!!!! he.....he lost and that too with a difference of more that 40 points.!!" lusifer was in complete shock after seeing the score. He soon regained his senses and came to help his friend.

"hey Matt! bro get up!" he said.

"luf, hey luf, tell me this is fake right.....this.....this is ... fake!" he said to lusifer as he as about to go crazy.

Luf was actually lusifer's pet name.

"it's over dude, come on, get up." everyone near the court was feeling his emotions.

"he will never be able to play basketball if he doesn't get over this thing." lusifer thought.

" fuck dude, hey arrogant brat, come on I'll take on you." lusifer said in an angry tone.

"will you even be able to score a single basket against me." Pram said in his usual arrogant tone.

"huh, come at me then."

Though his friend was basketball champ, but he still wasn't the best player. Lusifer never lost a game against him and not only that he never conceded a single basket.

" hey look lusifer actually plays better than champ." everyone in the court exclaimed.

The game was tied between them until the last minute. Lusifer's step backs and Pram's dunks had no end.

" huff...huff you were actually holding back against him weren't you?" lusifer asked him.

"yes, cause I don't wanna waste my energy over some insignificant ant." he said.

" you.....!!!!"


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