Marvels Greatest Father
25 Power of Pym
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Marvels Greatest Father
Author :Flat_Moon
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25 Power of Pym

Time skip 2 days

Theodore Pov

Saturday morning at 07:00 am.

In the last two days, I've gained some new customers and all of them have become regular. Two of the regulars were Frank Castle and Stan Lee. Frank would come in during lunch and Stan came in just before lunch. Frank doesn't say much but he's very sincere when he says "Thank You" after every meal. I did try to befriend him as I thought he could do with a friend but he shrugged off all my attempts in making small talk.

Stan Lee, on the other hand, is a none stop talking machine. He's just like how he is in T.V, a light-hearted old man with a lot of energy. He told me so many stories from his youth, the one that stood out to me was the time he met Captain America during one of the parades.

Before I get to the other customers I should tell you my unexpected discovery. I had discovered that the timeline is in complete shambles. At the moment Iron Man Two is playing out but Peter Parker is already 16 years old with his powers this led me to believe that a lot of the other characters that are supposed to be kids have already become young adults.

How did I find out simple he turned up on the news oh and he's also one of the new regulars with his best friend Ned Leeds. My three other new customers are British elderly couple called Gloria and Thomas Smith. The last one is a middle age businessman named Kevin. The old couple have a very welcoming and peaceful vibe while Kevin looks stressed and frustrated.

I had also shown Charlotte and Chloe the new living space. I've already accepted Charlotte and Chloe as basically family then again I don't have many friends in this world. I got rid of Rose private seating area and turned it into a regular table. I now play calming instrumentals (Lofi) within the shop.

Back to the present day, I had just finished creating a few little gadgets. For the thing that supposed to protect Rose, my initial idea was to create a portable Baymax but I thought it might cause some unwanted attention so I made some small changes.

For starters, I made Baymax into the loveable, fluffy huggable character that the movie Big Hero 6 portrayed him to be. Then I gave him a combat mode that slims his body down to be more agile and flexible with his armor appearing just like the black panther suit but Baymax style.

Then I paid Hank Pym's secret room a visit and had Sonya scan the Pym particles and Pym suit. I could have done my own research to create Pym particles but that would require a lot of trial and area that could span over weeks.

After having it scanned I created my own Pym particles and had Baymax shrink into a small doll that would link its hand together to hang on a bracelet. I then added a third mode that shrinks down to the size of an ant that deals with trouble secretly.

The bracelet that Baymax hangs on to is not a regular bracelet as it holds it covers Rose in a small barrier similar to the one keeps Wakanda hidden and protected with the added effect of filtering smoke. When the barrier goes up she will be teleported back home.

The bracelet also holds an A.I assistant called Daisy. Daisy has no personality. Daisy's job is to constantly asses the situation, surroundings and people that Rose is met with. She is also tasked to protect people that Rose is close to aka friends. This so Rose doesn't have to lose her friends when she's saved.

That's about all the things I've made to protect Rose I think I did pretty wellp. I do plan to give her a tiny bit of super strength but not now as she is too young. Now onto the weapons rack that's now filled with just outright crazy ideas.

First of Sonya made a small vibranium robot of her self with a body like Shego. I've really begun to question if she somehow got into my brain to see my memories.

Why did she make it small you ask simply because with the use of Pym particle we could save on materials and make ourselves a Megazord or a Transformer? How did we create such an intricate item? It's very easy actually, Sonya creates the body while I shrink my self to be even smaller and put it together.

Now onto the list of things we've made power gloves, contact lenses with HUD, invisibility cloak, coil gun, base gun, laser gun, light saber and EMP gun.

Then with the use of Pym particles, a working miniature motorbike, a miniature car, a miniature private plane, a miniature house.

Sonya and I have become artists of the miniature world. Sonya then took a liking to create casual clothes that are borderline super clothes.

I also made some special gloves that are heat resistant, cut-proof and smash proof. These are specially made for Rose as I thought it would be nice to teach her cooking without all the dangers of cooking.

After all that it had turned 07:00 am meaning It was time to do my training even though I haven't slept yet. It took me five minutes before I went into the dojo and began training my martial arts then I took a shower got changed into some casual wear.

At 08:30 am Rose woke up and joined me for breakfast, which Is Greek Scrambled Eggs with toast and honey tea. We sat down facing each other smiling and enjoying our breakfast.

"Today is Saturday Rose do you know what that means?" I said while cutting into my toast.

Rose nodded happily while showing a bright smile said "Mrs. Jones said that there's no school. Now I can be with daddy for the whole day"

"That's right, today we're gonna go shopping for some pretty clothes for you, then I'm gonna teach you to cook," I said in an eccentric tone.

"Yay! shopping and cooking then daddy can teach me to fight" Said, Rose excitedly.

"Umm Rose," I said

"Yes, Daddy?" Said Rose with her head tilted

"Why do you want to learn to fight," I said curiously

"To fight the big bully" Said Rose with a determined pout

I froze listening to her words bounce around and echo inside my head.

"Rose, tell daddy who the big bully (Little Shit) is," I said with a scary smile.

"Hehehe daddy your smile looks funny," Said Rose as she continues to chow down on her breakfast.


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