My First and Last Man
333 Vol 5 : Ch 333 - Someone inflate the tire
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My First and Last Man
Author :Jtw10
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333 Vol 5 : Ch 333 - Someone inflate the tire

Tae and Rei eat there dinner in the same restaurant which is very accessible to them and close to the venue because it's only opposite to the said venue. Compared yesterday than this time Tae didn't order his wife favorite foods since his wife said so. After eating they go to the Theater Hall right away and then again they wait for everyone to arrive.

Since Rei is pregnant, he didn't allow his wife to carry things even though it's only a light one. He even instruct his wife to stay close with him or if he will go performing she must also stay where can he take a look of her while performing and Rei just agree without complaining because she love Tae being like this.

While waiting for the Musical Teams to arrive, Tae seat beside his wife and caressing her hair that everyone who arrives one by one witnessed how sweet they are and conclude that this two must be in a relationships and dating but not flirting because they know how this two interact with each other since yesterday, everyone believe that they are dating but then one of them didn't believe of what she witness and it triggered her emotions because of there sweetness.

After the briefing of Musical Director, the musical starts and ends very well. On the next day, which is on the third day, one of the musical team arrive first before the couple and hiding somewhere to observe them. After hiding, the couple arrive and Tae got down first from the driver seat then assist his wife, that it can't be help that someone who's hiding somewhere witness it all.

'Eh, since when did my Woo know how to drive? And what's with this? Is she the Artist Manager? If she is then why she allow her artist to drive and now flirting with her own artist?' thinking then followed them sneakingly when they enter the restaurant.

After the couple sit at the same seat for the third time including now, Tae ordered right away and the two eat while that someone also sit not so close to them in order not to be found out and she also ordered the same thing. She didn't happened to hear there conversation because the couple only eating without conversation but it's enough for her to witness how sweet they are since Tae just happened to wipe his wife mouth. She ask the staffs from the restaurant about them but then she didn't receive any reply from them and got anything about them since they only say we respect our customer privacy and all of them replied with the same reply when she ask about them. She eat the food but suddenly got shocked because it's too plain for her taste.

'What the? This is her favorite, yuck' think then order again and this time it's a spicy food because she's a Senian.

After the couple left, she also left but got stop by the staff since she didn't pay her orders yet. After paying she leave right away and following them sneakingly, she did witness that Tae hold Rei hand and then find them at the place where she hide and witnessing the scene that she didn't want to witness.

"What's wrong?"

"Someone following us Tae and I don't know who it is"

"Then let's hide" hold her hand and find where to hide.

"Why are we hiding here, Tae?"

"Don't know Hon but is it exciting?"

"Exciting about...." got stop because Tae kissed her on the lips passionately

After the kiss he said "exciting just like this" and then got slap from his chest but not hard because it's only a tap.

"It's your fault if someone saw us and become headlines tomorrow in Entertainment News. Alright let's go"

"Hai, hai" follow his wife and caress his wife hair "don't be mad at me, okay?"

"I'm not mad, it just that I'm worried about you"

"No worries Hon because I'm your husband after all"


The couple entered the Theater Hall and that someone just only witness how sweet they are and didn't heard there conversation, if she heard then for sure she must explode after hearing that word from Tae's own mouth when she always dreaming to hear that one from him to her.

'That Manager, for sure she's not a Manager and based from her looks she's not a Manager or maybe a newbie actress and she just try to climb My Woo bed's to achieve her goals. Using her beauty to seduce My Woo, what a sly move.' Then looking to where the couple park the car 'this is not My Woo car, so it's her' and searching to her phone of how to inflate the tire.

On this day nothing happened but on the fourth day something big happened.

The couple arrived at the same manner which is also the same time and eat their dinner at the same restaurant and same seat, this time that someone didn't follow them but instead greeted them at the venue when the couple arrive.

"Oh, are you always this early Tae?"

Tae didn't answered her and just asking in whisper to his wife "who?"

"......." Rei's speechless of her husband actions but then greet to that someone "you're also early Ms. Xie"

"I'm not talking to you and you if you really want to achieve your goals, I think it's best for you to go to the board of directors than to be around with Tae"

"What....." Tae going to react but got stop by his wife.

Understand what she meant already but she still asking "I'm quite confused of what you mean Ms. Xie but care to explain to me of what is it about?"

"You're still young Miss but I think as your Senior, I guess I need to advice you that I've been with this industries for 15 years so if you really need to achieve your goal as an artist or celebrity earlier after your debut then I think you need to climb your board of directors bed rather than to Tae, you're beautiful so for sure you will succeed it without problem"

"Oh but I think you've misunderstood something Ms. Xie since I'm not a celebrity nor an artist because I'm the Artist Manager of CA Entertainment if you won't believe then it's up to you. As for your suggestion, I think it's your doing and not mine, so take that one and I'm not that low in order to achieve what goals I dream. So then how's the bed of your board of directors, huh? Think carefully you said you've been with this industries for 15 years but you're not famous enough, try search your own name and you will know if you really that famous who even sacrifice your body just to get what you are right now and see if that sacrifice of yours is worth of what you have now."

"What?" Then trying to slap her but got stop when she heard Tae warnings.

"Try hitting her and even if you're not a man I won't hesitate to kick you right here and then"

MD : (Musical Director who just happened to arrive and heard Tae's warning to her) what's going on in here?

"Nothing Director"

"I'm not talking to you Ms. Xie, so Manager Rei what's wrong?"

"Ms. Xie misunderstood me but I will give her a chance and I will pretend nothing happened just now but then if she cross my line, then I will be sorry in advance"

"Yes noted Manager Rei"


"Shut up Ms. Xie"

Then Ms Xie ask to her Manager in whisper "why they respect her that much?"

"I don't know if you're an idiot or not but search the name Secretary Rei or Manager Rei then you will know why"

"What?" Then search Secretary Rei and Manager Rei name, only to find out that the name have achieved many things and a reputable one as a Secretary and Manager but she didn't believe that this is her because she think that she's just a newbie.

MD : Alright let's start.

The Musical team start as if nothing happened but then during break someone from the Security Teams informing Rei.

"Manager Rei, Manager Rei"


"Are you the owner of the car with the plate number JLR1110?"

"Yes, why?"

"Come with us Manager Rei and you will find it out what happened"

"Okay" Rei look first to Ms. Xie direction before following the security personnels.

'Did she know it's me?'

As a concerned husband, he ask the team when he notice that his wife follow the Security Teams

Tae : What happened?

MD : Ah, Tae it's just that someone inflate the tire of Manager Rei car.

Tae : Inflate? Who?

Staff 1 : The Security Teams are still investigating now Mr. Jun but then that someone is quite daring. Did that someone know and aware that Manager Rei is from C Country which is the same country where R came from? Geez, I don't know what happened to that someone when R fellowmen got bullied here in S Country and Manager Rei will ask help from R as a fellow countrymen to R.

Staff 2 : Right, right and look what happened to former actress Xia first she only got block listed but then got in prison since she did something wrong but well it's our fellow countrymen but how much more if it's R fellow countrymen?

Everyone except Tae shaking there heads and already imagining what will happened to that someone since Rei is from the C Country without knowing that R and Rei is same person.

'S---she came from C Country? N-----no one saw it was me so I'm safe, yeah I'm safe. Then I need to be sure to have My Woo before getting caught and will escape from here.'

MD : (Notice that Tae leaves and going to the same direction where Manager Rei leaves) Tae, where are you going?

Tae : I need to check her first Director and will back after knowing that she's alright (then leave right away after he said that one)


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