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My Kitsune Waifu Green Hat Version
Author :DemonicPathFounder
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1 Wang Yuzheng I

Inside one of the hotel room, a young woman in delicate appearance currently is in her glory, no single shed of clothes hung on her fair skin and slim body. She glistened in sweat with a mix of red smeared her complexity tone. Her chest heaved along with the rhythm of her hot and rough breath.

Her eyes blurrily stared at the room's ceiling, a hint of sadness and guilt poured into the flavor of pleasure that expressed through her black iris.

Why it has become like this?

How can she arrive into this situation?

"Nnn..." she inevitably let out a moan, a calloused hand massaged her leg while a pearl-like teeth sank their edge on the skin, creating a lovable bite mark along the surface. A fierce phallus that rested inside her moist cavern started their thrusting motion once again.

"Ah... Nnh... s-stop... don't bump me anymore..." she said.

"Tsk, tsk, Yuzheng that's not a right respond. How can we just stop in the middle of act? Isn't that going to be painful for both you and I?" the young man didn't bother with her protest, he licked the white skinned leg on his arm and increased his male instrument stabbing pace.

"No... no... we shouldn't continue on doing this, Liu Yi is your best friend while also my boyfriend, we can't betray him like this..." Wang Yuzheng waved her head around, trying to deny the surging arousal and refuse to submit under the pleasure.

"Hmph, boyfriend..." the young man let go her leg, he leaned forward and placed his both hands on both sides of her body, his motion also raised her hips along and he repeatedly plunged deep inside her.

"Yah!" She yelped, pushed out her small tongue out of their cage as the result of the young man's action that struck her in a right spot.

"Boyfriend wouldn't take other woman on date..." he smacked hard his pelvis.

"Boyfriend wouldn't kiss a woman that's not his girlfriend..." her delicate body bounced onto the soft mattress underneath her.

Wang Yuzheng widened her eyes at his words that sneaked past her blurry mind. Her heart immediately created a pang inside and she closed her eyes in a bitter feeling.

"It's painful doesn't it?" the young man slowed down his motion and brought down his face until it only a few inches distance from her, "imagining perhaps right now your so called boyfriend banging a woman far prettier than you, far hotter..."

His hot breath and male aura invaded her nose, making her cheek grew red then she threw her face to the side, "Liu Yi... didn't do that... they only... kiss..."

Then she moaned again at his phallus movement.

"Only kiss, eh? You know... I had seen them engaged in lovemaking before, he told me to keep it secret from you..." the young man rotated his ass, making his dominant male tool also went in circular motion and carried along her bottom part.

"Nnnh... you are lying..." she put her slender finger between her white teeth to prevent another moan from breaking through.

"Do you know why he constantly disappear without any news? And sometimes give you a vague answer or explanation about it?" he licked her side of the neck and gave it a strong sucking.

"Because... he is busy... he had... a lot of things... to do..." she said in a muffled tone. It's hard for her to resist against his gentle but deep thrust, also that thick lips which constantly adored her skin and cheek.

"Busy? Hehe, he is indeed busy, busy on screwing his other girls..." he raised his body slightly and bent down his neck, his mouth aimed at the pair of twin peak on her chest as he sucked on the pair passionately.

"G-girls?" her brain as if electrocuted by numerous lighting sparks, she even didn't bother to react against her firm and stiff little jewels that being played inside the man's mouth.

"Oh, you didn't know... ooh what poor little lamb..." he let go her nipple and smirked hideously as he satisfied with her reaction.

"You see... Liu Yi had a lot of woman in his disposal, ready to eat and taste whenever he ever felt bored with you..." one of his hand left the mattress surface and groped her jade breast, "That Murong Die... the big breasted Wang Lele... oh also Ma Yixuan little sister... a policewoman if I am not wrongly guess... hehe, here is the jackpot..."

"Do you know that Japanese transferred girl?" his finger and mouth never once stopped pleasuring her while he spoke.

"I... I heard about her..." Wang Yuzheng eyes became blurry with his treatment, the heat inside her loin is blazing fiercely, her skin akin to lit with flames and her brain almost went insane.

"We are in the same major, several days ago, I and Liu Yi went into a karaoke with her and several girls..." he straightened his back, caressing her fair skin that went red like a ripe tomato, he grabbed her slender waist and started thrusting.

"We played the 'King' game, and some girl hit the gold then she requested Liu Yi to kiss that japanese girl..." her breath quickly became rapid as she moaned and winced at his rough manner, "he didn't even hesitate and give it a single thought, just went along and they kissed passionately..."

Their sweats had been long moistened their body, making them slippery and sparked a comfortable feeling as they grazed. The fruit of their first orgasm had functioned as a lubricant for their erotic clash, extra his current pre-cum and her gushed out liquid, making his penetration became extremely smooth.

"Soon after that, she got aroused and went to excuse herself to the bathroom, Liu Yi also followed few minutes later..." in her amazement, despite the strong and fierce move he made in this intercourse, he still could talk calmly.

"Hehe, you sure got the idea of what happen next, right?"

The young man grabbed Wang Yuezhen's hands, crossing them over her body and between her raised tights, her breast jiggled inside the entrapment of her own arms.

Wang Yuezhen already had been long sank in the deep ocean of pleasure, her ears might hear his words but her brain no longer can provide any clear thought.

The erotic sounds of their repeatedly joined private parts and pink atmosphere that had been infected by their intercourse, both factors along with the others quickly rushed her wave into the peak. Her eyes turned half-lidded and her mouth never once shut their hole.

In the nick of time before he shot out his essence inside the young woman, he turned her hands and grasped her palms, he brought them up and placed it before her head. He leaned down and kissed her lips. Quick he tangled her tongue and pressed her body. The tanned skin and fair one joined together as his firm ass went blur, his raging tool fiercely trashed her moist cavern down there.

Soon, after he met a few more thrust, his canon finally shot out its artillery for a second time inside of her. Wang Yuezhen's eyeball almost turned into the back of her head as her orgasm also exploded, far stronger than her first one, this time even almost fainted her. They stayed in that position for quite sometime, while the young man still immersed in the pleasure of filling her womb into a brim, she still trapped by the joyous peak that twitched her body and banished her consciousness.

After a while, the man let go her lips and he raised his body from her, he looked at the dazed young woman in a bliss state and he smirked in satisfaction. Inside his heart he sneered coldly toward the once he called 'best friend'.

This is merely a beginning, soon I take more from you.

Even women who only had a slight crush with you.

I take them too.

For I, Chen Cai, is the NTR King!


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