My Real Empire
4 Ch 04 Meeting ends
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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4 Ch 04 Meeting ends

MRE Ch 04

Situation had turned against them and the result might also not favor them . Dukes brows furrowed, his hand tightened, Conley glared at the nobles on the opposite side , as if he was going to eat them alive. 

Duke Wilkinson was truly happy seeing that old bastard at his wits end, but he could not let his guard down against someone like Conley. 

Seeing Conley's wrinkled face contorted , both sides got quiet , looking at the ugliest expression of decade. Conley controlled himself and made a straight face.

Conley devoid of any emotion said " Please! Duke Wilkinson we acknowledge the burden carried by Royal guards but this is not the point of discussion of this meeting. Here we are gathered to find a peaceful solution to settle the issue of public outrage at the gates of the palace. For Royal guards we are thankful to them from our hearts."

Hearing this coming out from his mouth Jason felt like vomiting' what a sly old man'.

"What's the need to talk about just provide them compensation they have been asking for and release nobles that sir Charles have detained. I think there should be enough money in the Treasury for compensation. " Said one of the rebel nobles count of Lanlow.

" Meeting their demands is difficult to implement both politically and economically. if we fulfill their demands as they protest a few days then we will see protests happening everyday and people demanding all kinds of things, then what should we do? Open the Treasury for them, and if their demands get bigger send them to you." said Charles. count of Lanlow shut his mouth and started staring toward Conley

" we are not compensating for some false pretense but for the dead in the battle __" before Conley could complete his sentence count Helmsford cut in "We also have to pay the family members of Guards that died in the battle and amount we got from captives is not enough and as a losing party they must pay for the battle cost." Said count Helmsford captain of royal guards.

"How can it be not enough, are we not compensating the guards family member as we used to compensate them previously." Said count of Newshawk. As for asking how he knew it ? Jason is not so dumb. He could clearly see that they are partners with captured nobles. 

"Of course we are following kingdom rules that's why I was saying that we don't have enough as all the spoils of battle goes to the Royal Treasury than 10% of it given out for those participating in battle. But compensation for dead and injured must come from losing party and if they are unable to do so, only then it is charged on Treasury , I am not asking your people to compensate my Guards or you are related to captives and doing their chores" said count Helmsford with a grin , Count of Newshawk fell silent without saying any further.

" Ridiculous ! How can they compensate if they are held by your men. It should be charged on the royal Treasury" said count of Alvaton with a grim face he could feel that his faction was falling in a well dug pit .

" Why it should be charged on Treasury it must be recovered by seizing their and their relatives' properties if they can't pay even after that then only we can look towards Treasury . Oh I see Count Alvaton one of them is your brother in law. Could it be that you are also involved in this." Count Greenfield's reply made count of Alvatons face ashen.

Duke Conley's expression does not need to be guessed it was red from shame and anger. They have come here to ask for compensation for the damages they incurred but here they are discussing how to compensate the other party. Thinking this he got even more angry as if he were to explode. But what can Conley do alone? He has been led into this pit by Jason and the loyalist faction.

"Then I think the matter of compensation is done and as it is now being done by rules, it's even better  . '' Said Jason as he ordered his aide Robert,a rank 5 knight ( under his Gramps) now working for him " Get your men and from reserve troops tomorrow and confiscate everything belonging to offenders in the capital city".

 " Your will be carried out, Milord" Robert accepted the order with a bow.

"What are you doing,Milord ? It will make the situation even worse than it currently is. Milord please rectify your order. What will people at gates do if they get to know that their lords are further going to be looted. This can't happen no this can't... '' Count of Alvaton was now sweating profusely thinking about Chief Charles coming to his county for recovering money. He pleadingly looked towards Duke Conley who is like a volcano that is going to blast.

Conley closed his eyes to calm himself and then he signaled the count of Maplewoods to sidetrack current issues and bring out their problem.

" Milord , we have talked about compensating Royal guards. Now we need to address the problem of people outside." Said count of Maplewoods politely.

"Can anyone provide any good suggestions?" asked Jason .

"Milord , why don't we do the same as we have done for Royal Guards?" said Helmsford with a bright smile.

"What do you mean by that?" asked the Count of Newshawk angrily.

"We can seize more of their family property and compensate the people outside the palace," suggested Helmsford innocently.

Duke Wilkinson chimed in " Hmm you are right this can be done that way, without any extra burden falling on Treasury"

Duke Conley said " how can you treat a noble like that, aren't you also a noble. How can you seize their family land? It's their identity. This is getting over the threshold . I cannot bear to see such things happening in our kingdom . What are you waiting for? These people have no respect for nobles like us. We will not sit here a second now". Saying this he stormed out of the room and his supporters followed him.

Throughout the entire meeting none of the barons or titled nobles said anything . They would just nod when their faction said something . Jason found it to be quite funny. 

Now the room was left with Jason and loyalist nobles. Duke was watching Jason like he is some kind of peculiar species. 'Why do I feel that something changed about him? No it seems like he is a completely different person . Maybe I haven't seen him for a long time. I need to meet Kathy to ask about this.' 

" Hey what are you going to do about this . Conley surely is not someone irrational; he must be up to something ." said Count of Greenfield.

" What are you worrying about? Our faction is surely not inferior to them by any standard. We are even Superior to them . "  consoled count Helmsford.

" We can't give them any chance . Everyone gathers your troops, we will just crush them before they plan to do something." said Charles.

Everyone had already agreed to gather their nearby forces and send someone to alert their Dominion in the morning meeting.

Everyone had gone their ways . Jason asked Robert to send someone trusted to tail rebel counts and Duke.

When the meeting was over Jason went to his mother's room . He heard Duke's voice coming from the room as he got near the door. As he turned back to Sprint out of there. He heard a sharp cry and paused where he was.

" Ehhhhh!! " shrieked Mary .

The Duke who was inside the room came out running  with a sword in hand barking "what happened , Who dared to cause trouble in the royal palace" . Jason was now truly shocked.

When Duke reached the corridor he saw Jason standing still in fright and Mary sitting on ground . After inquiry Mary told him that she saw a person  sneakily standing on the door of milady and was hesitating to go inside, so she came to check on him . As she got near him he suddenly turned and she was shocked and thus gave a cry .

While Mary was being questioned Jason has also come to realisation and was blaming his past self for being frightened by Duke. Duke was pleased to see Jason, who was behaving as a king in the meeting, now scared silly by him. His lips curved upward as he left the corridor as if he won some great battle . Seeing Duke's proud smile Jason got red from shame.

Mother Kathy was amused to see the exchange between Grandpa and grandson. She asked Jason what he wanted to eat then left for the kitchen . 

Jason left from there to the library and brought some books of basic knowledge , previous Jason doesn't have basic knowledge of any field. God knows how that fella survived for so long. He just knows what he saw or was told by others by chance. Not a single bit of energy was wasted on learning anything at all .

Mother Kathy tried to teach him but would leave seeing his crybaby face. His father would appoint tutors but he would run away to his mother.

' You are truly lucky Jason (previous Jason) that you were not born on my planet or you would surely have died of knowledge overdose' Well we need not know whether he is praising him or lamenting on his fate of coming here and all this happening.

'Good night'  Jason went to sleep 

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