My Real Empire
7 Ch 07.1 These kids
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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7 Ch 07.1 These kids

MRE Ch 07.1

Robert and Evans were leading a group of youngsters to the Duke's bunglow. They stopped on the street, at some distance from the bunglow where Evans patrolled earlier . 

Robert went ahead to the gate of the bunglow . He waved his hand towards the young guard at the front gate . Young man came forward without hesitation . Robert asked " hey pal ! Can you tell me where Count Alvaton's residence is? I am new in the capital."

" Oh Count Alvaton ! Yes I know, but you don't seem to be from his county." asked the guard while furrowing his brow.

" I am surely not from the plains , Count Newshawk had recommended me to join Count Alvaton's forces" said Robert plainly with a smile and showed him a forged recommendation letter he got from the palace.

Young Guard took a glance at the letter, then at the well built body of Robert and said " You surely are fit for service in the military, even without a recommendation letter you would have been recruited. Anyways come with me, " he took Robert to an old guard.

" Chief, this person came here with this letter to join Count Alvaton's forces and wants to go to Count's residence. I took him here to you" informing the old man he passed the letter. Old man saw letter and nodded his head. he looked at Robert and asked with blank face in harsh tone " what's your rank boy?"

" Sir I have reached peak rank 3." replied Robert , maintaining his village bumpkin smile, looked at bunglow in awe.

" Hmm! Not bad ! You are barely 20 and are about to reach rank 4. You have a good future ahead. Why don't you join our mercenary group." asked oldman , he didn't concealed his admiration for Robert's talent.

" But Sir , what will I say to Count if he ever meets me." Asked Robert .

" Hey young man don't worry we are working for Duke who is superior to the count . You will have a bright future with us." said the old man . He wanted to expand his group . he never got any opportunity in declining Arcania Kingdom so he took Duke's commission. Robert had talent which he needed for expansion of his group.

Robert was here to get some information from them but they are only bullshiting about recruitment. He felt a little nervous.

Seeing Robert's nervous expression the young man said anxiously " Let me tell you ! There is battle going to happen , if you join Count's forces you can be deployed in front lines. But if join us you will be fine and will get much more benefits"

" How can I get more benefits" asked Robert with shiny eyes.

Young man took it for he piqued Roberts interest in joining , he gleefully answered " We will be with elite troops and a rank 8 knight in vanguard in support role He he he ."

Robert got what he was looking for but still feigned innocence and further inquired with a look of adoration " Oh! Sir!, Military Chief Charles will be joining this battle and we can be with him . " Then he pleaded to the old man " Please recommend me to him. If I train under him I will surely advance faster "

Seeing his bumpkin like behaviour all of them present in post laughed " what a fool, he even doesn't know condition of kingdom and came here to join military , truly a village bumpkin"

 Robert's face turned slightly red . Young man said " He he ! You don't know anything. They are fro…"

Old man barked with displeasure at " what you are doing." to shut the young man then he looked at Robert and said " we can't reveal things to others , if you join us we can make profit together."

Young Man said " Captain he is joining one of Duke's forces whether he joins us or count Alvaton's , he will get to know it sooner or later"

Old man hurlumped looked towards Robert and asked skeptically " what's your plan"

Robert became alert but on sensing others relaxed attitude he collected himself. He replied " Oh! I need to think about it. I don't know you, so I can't decide anything, I need some time."

Robert lifted his left and fanned himself. Seeing the distress signal given by Robert , Evans hurriedly got to the gate. Without giving anyone a chance he angrily rebuked Robert " you moron didn't I mentioned you to wait on the city entrance in the letter I sent you. Do you know how difficult it was to get a recommendation." Evans slapped Roberts head heavily, Robert stumbled. 

Guards have seen Evans taking rounds a while ago, they were initially suspicious of him for being a spy. But now everything made sense. He was searching for his village buddy.

Old man was dejected that he couldn't get Robert to join him. He tried again but was decisively rejected by Evans who gripped Robert's ear and pulled him out of their sight.

Two men who came with them for backup were laughing heartily. Robert shook Evans hand and angrly started chasing him .


Four of them entered the palace and went towards Charles' office.

Charles looked at them then his eyes stopped at Evans, looking at his sorry look, he asked with serious face " do you got into conflict with them"

Evans glared at Robert and said " No sir , Everything's fine, mission is successful. It's just when we were returning a mad dog chased me"

Duke asked with concern " did it bite you".

Evans replied gleefully " Ha! How can a bitch like it bite this master". Roberts expression was getting dark ' just meet me after meeting, I will tell you who's the bitch'

Duke sighed noticing their glaring contest mumbling ' these kids, really kids'

He asked about their task. Robert vividly described his conversation with Duke's guards leaving the portion after Evans arrival.

Duke Wilkinson and Charles started pondering about the situation. They have to make decisions and the situation has now become more tense.

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