My Real Empire
8 Ch 07.2 These kids
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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8 Ch 07.2 These kids

MRE Ch 07.2

Meeting room of Duke Conley,

Duke from his seat announced the plan they are going to follow and assigned their respective jobs to them. Duke is trying to get up from the chair. Other nobles' expressions loosened .

Count Alvaton asked " Milord , Why is that dumb prince is healthy and kicking , didn't you said that he is at deathbed." Others were also guessing the same thing in the afternoon meeting.

Duke replied with a little regret " that damned Charles must have taken him to some good healer in time."

" Sir when the prince is still alive can we carry out our plan. Other Nobles will label us as traitors and no one takes in traitors ." Said Count Newshawk. This is the major concern for other nobles , they don't have connections like Duke to higher-ups of other kingdoms and if word gets out that they are traitors, no one will take them in.

" Don't overthink, we will release our brothers then we head to Dakota , it's as simple as that, preparation on their side is complete." assured Duke thinking ' ha !  I need these fools' riches , who cares about them.'

Kipler nodded his head in affirmative looking at them with pity.' fools'

Everyone left the room, they got to the city gates. Guards there tried to stop them, but after Conley showed his title, they stepped back.

Conley and his supporters moved out of city, being in city meant to be under Charles' vigilance, which would affect their plan negatively . But one person slipped away from their group.

 He returned to Duke's house, it was empty everyone had left. He reached the wine case, opened it, and fragrance filled his nostrils. 

He was befuddled by exotic smell, he took the special bottle of wine which was half filled. He took a mouthful, he wanted to savor it slowly, but could not resist the temptation and emptied the bottle.

In his drunk state he collapsed to the ground, he tried to lift his hands but his body wasn't under his control.


 Palace, Arcania

Sun had set, protestors had gone home after a day of hectic work , to take some rest and prepare for the next day .A guard came running towards the palace gate. Palace guard intercepted him. He said something in his ear. Palace guard was shocked,  he ordered to open gate. Both of them dashed taking long strides to their Chief's room.

Charles' room is occupied by four people. Few guards are standing outside the room. They saw two people running towards them wearing insignia of palace guards. All of them became vigilant, raised their pikes. But soon relaxed seeing one of them was the main gate keeper.

Both guards were allowed to enter the room , breathing heavily one of them announced " Chief , Duke and his men moved out of the city ."

Charles and Duke Wilkinson's brows were furrowed. Room became deathly silent. Guards bowed and left, their work was done.

Charles muttered blaming himself " I should have stopped them , if I knew they were going to move out so soon …."

Duke being more experienced consoled Charles " it's not your fault. They will take a few weeks to organize themselves so we can use this time to enact countermeasures".

Charles slammed his hand on the table with bloodpower and the table turned to ashes instantly. His eyes became fiery red as if they are burning. 

Duke used his bloodpower to react fast, he grabbed a shield to prevent it's impact from harming others. He said " it has been so many years Charles since I last saw you using bloodpower." 

Charles came back to his senses, " sorry , I was very frustrated and…." then he turned to stunned young men behind Duke and apologized.

Bloodpower is a special type of ability that gives yielder the ability to use the elements of nature . What's the cost of using it ? Blood which everyone has in limited supply . Everyone beyond rank 3 knight can have it checked ....

" What to do now? " asked Charles. Duke had made his move, he made his stance clear.

" Why don't we take a look at Duke's house , maybe we can find something useful there?" Robert blurted his intention. 

" Have you been enchanted kiddo , you always say you want to go to Duke's bunglow" Duke Wilkinson asked playfully.

" It's not that, just I feel that we may get something useful in his lair."

 Charles lastly seeing Roberts behaviour agreed to it " you can go but be on guard"

Again Robert and Evans with their companions headed towards Duke's house . This time it's devoid of living beings.

Evans asked Robert "Umm,  brother , do you have some kinda feeling for the house "

"Just do your work" said Robert grumply.

" Duke seems to have a knack for banquets , " commented Evans inspecting leftover things and kicking them away.

" Hey be quiet , you will alert others" grumbled Robert.

" Ha! Alert who Ghosts"

"Shut up , Ghosts don't exist" they continued arguing.

They reached near the wine case , opposite to it saw a person sleeping like a log. Robert irked by Evans constant naggings gave a kick to the sleeping man .

That man felt a sharp pain in his belly , he tried getting up, but he still couldn't take a step. He heard some murmurings but can't make out what they are talking about. He felt like he was flying before slumping again.

Evans lifted him on his shoulder . They left. 

Charles was waiting for them on the gate wall. He saw them carrying a sleeping person. He got down and took the person to the interrogation room. He tied him on the table.

Evans had recognized this person. Evans told them about this person and Duke's meeting at palace gate.

" This person isn't simple , Charles take special care of him" advised Duke with emphasis on word 'special'. Charles understood and nodded with a devilish grin.....


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