My Real Empire
9 Ch 08.1 Longbow
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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9 Ch 08.1 Longbow

MRE Ch 08.1

In the morning Duke came looking for Charles. He reached the guard's pavilion where he got to know that Charles went to interrogation Chambers as soon as he arrived.

Duke hurried towards the Chambers, he met Jason who was also going there with Robert and Evans. They greeted Duke and followed him.

They heard cries of agony from quite a distance thus they fastened their steps. The sight inside the room was enough to make people puke on the spot. A man in his undies was hanged upside down by his toes ,black burn marks , cuts on all moving parts lastly something like a nail pierced his joints. Blood was sliding from cuts towards his head, some even went on his facial orifices then on ground.The man was constantly crying, wailing , pleading for mercy from pain and anguish, his throat became sore.

Charles looked towards his visitors and moved away from the hung man . His tunic was slightly soaked in blood. He said removing his gloves" this person gave up pretty easily , I don't have to use advanced methods on him." that man shivered when Charles' words entered his ears.

Jason pitied the hung man, he ordered Robert to release him. Robert took him down and laid him on the table. That man was still whimpering , sobbing continuously. He tried to move his toes, a sharp pain came, but still he felt relieved that his torture was over.

When Charles got to him he shuddered and tried to move away but he couldn't even move his hand, he stopped his movement, lied there and closed his eyes. He feared Charles even more than a demon.

Charles asked him about protests, he said while stammering " I...i  was j. . Just Duke's o…. Order." and told him all that happened.

Charles questioned him about Duke's plan, he told everything he knew about. But he knew nothing more than troops numbers and meeting points. Duke was not a fool . How can he reveal all his plans to his subordinates? They only get to know their part and nothing else.

Charles and Duke Wilkinson were aware of their opponents strength and could work out on how to deal with them. They left the tortured man lying on the table. Charles said " you all go ahead , I will come after I change this mess" pointing at blood stains on his tunic.

Duke nodded and led Jason and others to hall. To make plans for the upcoming battle. They now know general information about Conley's forces now it was time to plan and deploy Royal forces. 

Jason inquired " what kind of force distribution do we have".

Duke heard Jason, he smiled at him, Duke was delighted that his dumb grandson was taking interest in Military. He replied " Our force distribution is the same as other kingdoms. 2 parts cavalry, 6 parts Pike/ swords men, 1 parts knights and 1 parts archers, but archers are not deployed on battlefield."

Jason again queried "Why don't we use Archers in open battles ." Jason was confused. Archers are such a valuable asset, before the invention of modern guns, they were feared as hell. 

A good archer can take down 10 knights, he had read about English bowmen and french knights. How the archers suppressed knights, king of England was so impressed that he made it mandatory for his subjects to learn archery.

Duke replied "they are vulnerable in open fields, although they are good for hunting, their arrows can't penetrate plate armor."

Duke's reply made Jason bewildered, there can't be so much change between two worlds. He called an archer. When the archer arrived he saw a hunting bow on him Jason understood the problem.

Jason looked towards Duke" Grandpa where these bows and arrows are made." 

Duke was a little worried now ' what mischief he plans now.' But upon Jason's consistent requests, he led Jason to the workshop where bows and arrows were made.

Reaching there, he found they have an extensive collection of different kinds of bows. But when he looked at arrows he asked bowyer " Sir why they don't have metal heads."

" Milord, the one with metal heads are costlier and their range is also low. Not much useful in hunting normal animals " bowyer replied politely with a bow. He saw Duke came with him, that means the youngster must be extraordinary. Not many people had seen Jason, especially people in the military, so they didn't recognize him.

Jason surveyed the wooden plates kept to make bows and arrows then he decided on yew wood. He asked Craftsman to take a yew wood log and follow him. Duke was skeptical of Jason from starting . But decided to let him do whatever he wants till he didn't harm anyone.

In the royal garden, at one corner a small workshop was set up. Few people were pacing here and there carrying their recently carved bows to show the person sitting on ground and drawing some bow like images on ground using straw. 

While drawing on beastskin was feasible , Jason felt uncomfortable when he tried to draw on it. Paper was costlier than gold so his grandpa denied his request.

 He was trying to come with the design of a modern longbow, but steel is not present here so he chose a wooden bow and a arrow with a metal head to match it. This was the first part of his plan. 'He had to make an undefeatable army. Then conquer the world hahaha..'

After more than a hundred trials and a whole day of work. Bowyers were finally able to meet the expectation of their prince. 

Now was the time to begin the second part of the plan. 

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