My Real Empire
10 Ch 08.2 Great longbow
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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10 Ch 08.2 Great longbow

MRE Ch 08.2

Jason asked them to bring some experienced smiths to make arrow Head. When smiths arrived he showed them the design he made on ground and the arrow on which they are to be fitted.

Amongst them, an experienced middle aged man took the arrow and said "your highness , we have made many arrowheads but all of them were left in the workshop to rust. Making more will just be waste, no one buys them"

Jason assured him " Worry not , I guarantee that it will be utilized and your work won't go to waste."

" Your highness, we can make prototypes by evening if we put it on priority," he told Jason.

" Okay, put it on priority and make more armor piercing type than others" Jason said .

The man left for smithery with excitement all over his face , he got to make arrowheads for Prince.

Jason again went to the workshop he set up in the royal garden. 

They have made about 30 bows, they have dipped the bow and string in resin for extra strength like Jason had advised. They were the best bowyers in the kingdom , brought to the capital city by the military to supply hunting bows.

Jason this time went to Charles , it was easier for him to make Charles do things for him than his grandpa . Duke Wilkinson had given him a good beating had he known Jason's thought.

Charles stood and saluted Jason " What can I do for you, your highness"

" Why can't I come just for sightseeing?" asked Jason grinning. Charles gave him a knowing look ' as if I don't know that you take me as your soft target'.

Getting no response from Charles he was embarrassed , but still said  " Sir Charles I have made a new bow so I want some men from archer brigades". He had made the bow, he had to take this forward .

" Okay , I take the men at city reserves , how many do you need? I will notify them to transfer them to the palace" said Charles, taking a glass of water.

" Well I want the whole brigade…" just as he was about to finish Charles choked on water and started coughing.

Jason explained " I want to make a brigade of archers with the bow I made." Thinking ' even in my Kingdom I have to depend on others to get troops. All credits to previous Jason Clap! Clap!'

Charles thought for a while and came to a solution " I will provide you 100 men they will be here tomorrow. You can do anything with them for a complete brigade, go ask Duke, only with his approval such a large movement of troops be made."

Hearing mention of Duke , Jason agreed for 100 men" okay but I want the best of the best." And left without even looking back at Charles' grinning face.

Charles sent a messenger to the archer brigade with order to mobilize 100 archers to test newly designed bows at Royal palace tomorrow.

Having completed his first objective he got to his next target Robert. He took Robert and his elite company to the garden. Jason took one of the bows and passed it to Robert . 

Robert felt this bow is quite different he asked " your highness, what kind of bow is this , this is longer than us ".

" The thing you have in your hand is the first of its kind, to be produced in the Tallus continent. Strongest bow of all times Arcanian longbow" finishing his intro he looked at them 'no one clapped what the hell is going on , prince is the brand ambassador, at least throw some curtsies'.

A group of smiths arrived carrying a large sack. They had made more than 400 arrow heads . Jason placed a plate at 100 meters and  returned.

He took a armor piercing arrowhead and put it on the arrow , snatched bow from Robert and said with a smug look " witness the greatness of me with your eyes, the great prince and his bow"

He aimed at armour and shot the arrow, closed his eyes, turned back and bowed to the crowd.

But the much anticipated applause never came. He opened his eyes and saw everyone glancing in different directions, no one looked at him . He became angry and was about to shout at them. He saw his grandpa was there, pointing towards the target with a weird smile.

Jason thought 'it seems , the arrow couldn't Pierce it.' His all presentation was wasted, he was embarrassed but when he looked at Target there was no arrow near it, he was dumbfound his jaws wide open. Everyone started laughing, 

"Umm, I just missed the target by an inch. It's due to the wrong calibration of the bow, I'm not used to it. Or a great prince like me miss this puny target at 100 meters. huh." Jason shamelessly justified himself. While the arrow was ten meters away from the target.

" Hmm! Let me try" said Duke.

Duke took the bow from Jason , an arrow was brought to him by the Smith . Duke aimed and shot the arrow 'swish'. Path of the arrow is blurred with a 'dng' sound , it pierced through the armor completely and fell on the other side.

Everyone was astonished, they could imagine the changes in warfare that this event will bring. A thunderous applause for the bow and Duke . Audience ignored the inventor who was drawing circles on the ground in some corner.

Duke is greatly surprised by the bow's performance. He saw Jason on the ground and kicked him to get up. Some people couldn't help and chuckled. Jason glared at them ' Am I joke to you'. 

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