My Real Empire
11 Ch 09.1 Dead Valley
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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11 Ch 09.1 Dead Valley

MRE Ch 09.1

Duke called all military officials for a military trial of longbow, the morning of the next day. Charles came running to Duke to verify the trial report. 

Duke said jovially " the bow my grandson made is truly powerful. I have personally tried." Charles was a little surprised by Duke emphasizing on 'my grandson' .

Duke went to his Chambers to rest and prepare for the next day.


Sun rose in the east as usual.

Inside the palace everyone was in a hurry. All top officials of the Royal military were called for a presentation.

Like everyone, Jason was also in a hurry to leave the room. But the reason was different. Mother Kathy wants him to be at his best, so she came early with Mary and woke him. She had made him a living mannequin on which she would put different combinations of clothes and ask for maids opinion, this had been going on for hours.

In the palace ground , everything was ready . Officials and participants have arrived.

 Jason somehow escaped from his room (but mother Kathy wasn't satisfied). Jason entered, everyone saluted him, he saluted back and got to his position. He wanted to be the presenter , Duke denied him citing yesterday's failure.

 Duke Wilkinson started " Today we are going to witness a weapon that will give rise to a new class of more deadlier warriors. " This caused some murmurings in the crowd.

Duke signaled , several wooden dummies with different kinds of armor were placed on the field. Robert and Evans came forward with longbow

Duke further added " this is the advanced bow created by my grandson, we named it Arcanian longbow."

Robert and Evans were asked to start a demonstration. They released arrows on armored dummies. People in stands were shocked, as the bows showed their might. It is a powerful surekill weapon. It pierces armors like they are sponge.

Duke continued his presentation " At 200 meters no iron plate armour could protect the prey, at 100 meters even heavy armors are pierced."

"We are making a new regiment for archers with 2000 soldiers initially, then as more people join, it will be increased."

All the archers present have ecstatic expressions. Their role in battle is going to change.

Jake, the current brigade leader, was made vice regiment commander, he would be incharge of commanders duty till New commander arrives.

Jason had done this because he wanted to create a new chain of command starting from him to lower rungs . He had debated this with Duke and Charles and they at last lost to his reasons. Jason started reorganization from the archers regiment.

Jake took his men and got 30 new bows for practice. More than 5000 are to be made this month. More than a hundred Boyer's are working to reach their target.

Jake was emotional and thankful to the prince for the bow. He divided his men in groups of thirties who will practice for one hourglass time, each on alternate days, as more bows arrive the size of groups would increase. 

Many new recruits who were hunters previously, joined their regiment in the evening and a batch of a hundred bows came with some spares for maintenance.

He had been given peculiar instructions to reform his regiment and divide it's people. First step is to form cohorts with at maximum 500 men within the regiment and assign them to 100 men company.

They previously used to form companies of soldiers randomly for specific missions. But now there would prefer formed companies.

He had worked the whole day on it to assign soldiers to their company and cohorts. After a day full of work he left his office and saw other generals enjoying setting sun in palace ground.

He asked them if they had rearranged soldiers as per Royal orders.

They looked at him and said " wasn't it easy. We just have to assign cohort leaders then let them do sortings"

Jake felt like he had been stomped by heavy rock. He felt sorry for himself, he worked so hard, yet it had been that easy. He did not divulged his work and left.


Charles and Duke were reviewing changes made by Jason in the military.

" He had done pretty well. Organising our men was a hectic task but was done easily by him. What do you think Charles " asked Duke glancing at reports.

"Hmm ! He said he wanted upper leaders to give more responsibility to lower stratas so that they feel a part of the system and be responsible. This fella has completely changed after his accident on wolf Creek. " said Charles.

" Whatever, he is changed for good, unlike his father who was inflexible. Let's hope he continues to come up with these kinds of things" replied Duke. He had been delighted by Jason's change but would not admit it.

Now they are looking at the training schedule and methods devised by Jason.

" If it is to be applied, our forces would have better cooperation between them." Said Charles.

" Hmm from tomorrow onwards these will be training schedules and procedure for our forces." Duke supported Jason in this.

Jason after much thought and recalling, he came up with special troops training programs from Earth . People here were much stronger, Normal troop training won't suffice.

All the military commanders got notices to meet with their men in the military ground in the palace.

Every commander obeyed and started building temporary barracks in the palace.

Prince is adamant on changing the way things are. They could not change his decisions.

This major movement of troops shook the ordinary populace some who were better informed gossiped about the prince being bringer of change and will resolve problems of Arcania. 

Citizens were hopeful and supportive of the prince's endeavor to change. They wanted to change their lifestyle and be more prosperous. Jason gave them hope ....


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