My Real Empire
12 Ch 09.2 Dead Valley
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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12 Ch 09.2 Dead Valley

MRE Ch 09.2

Kingdom had more than 30000 men in military service . Of them only about half could be mobilized and the rest protect different exit points and forts of the kingdom.

 Those in border areas had also received the reorganization and new training manual. 

In the palace , Military ground is filled with chattering crowds guessing changes being brought to them. Jake and his archer regiment were also present .

Jason came there and gave commanders the beastskin handouts. He had made Robert and Evans make this while he drew on ground.

" My dear comrades today is the day we will be taking our first step towards our goal to transform our kingdom." said Jason and sat down in center.

Robert came up and announced " The salary of soldiers will be increased according to training exercises devised by Milord. Those who pass all exercises will get 50 percent increase and those who do exceptional their salary will be doubled" 

Robert stepped down to let the first dose of information be digested by them. When murmurings within the crowd stopped Evans came up.

" This is not all, the second change brought by his highness is for those who give their life on the battlefield for the kingdom." as he said men became emotional as they had friends who never returned and their families could not get enough for living.

" His highness proposed to give full salary for one year and thereafter half salary to immediate family members only. Families of those brave men who had sacrificed themselves in previous battles for the kingdom, will also get half salary. What do you think? " Evan announced the contents of beastskin in his hand.

Without any warning a deafening applause and cheering came 

" Long live His highness"

" Long live the braves"

Was being chanted by soldiers, many of them felt touched by the prince's care and thoughtfulness.

Duke and Charles knew from the reaction of people that Jason had won hearts of kingdoms soldiers. They are happy to be part of this. ' masses once excited they will do anything for that person'

Arcanian was the first kingdom to announce such heartfelt policies. Military officials were impressed by Jason's gift for their subordinates.

Arcanian gave salaries as per norm in Tallus continent one silver per month but from now it will be between 1.5 to 2 silvers, based on their qualifications. This will motivate them to do better.

After the meeting, training of 15 thousands men who were here started . They were trained on cohorts and company levels mixed with other regiments. 

All soldiers were impressed by archers and their deadly bows; they did not want to be on the receiving end. These arrows penetrate metal armor as if they are leather. With time and practice archers became more perfect with longbows.

Weeks passed quickly soldiers are training diligently to pass the tests with flying colors. Their cooperation with other regiments became nearly  seamless; they knew each other's limitations and strong points .

Every soldier got many new friends during training who would be their comrade in arms for the rest of their life.

While soldiers were enjoying benefits and working hard on training,. Duke and Charles are getting more anxious as more time passes. They were worried about Conley's movement in eastern part of the kingdom and his Dominion near eastern forests .

They got a report that Conley has gathered more than 20000 men and other nobles can bring about 10000 men. Furthermore Conley had elite soldiers from Dakota.

Charles and Duke had planned to attack Duke this month if he doesn't attack the city. More they waited, the more support Conley would receive from other kingdoms.

Conley had a large convoy and they couldn't go through Newshawk to Dakota due to bad roads. They had to take the highway which passes through the capital then to Northmount to reach Dakota.

 Conley had planned to gather everyone at Dead Valley .Dead valley is a barren land where major battles of the kingdom took place,  all of them having great influence on the Kingdom's development .

Jason suggested sending archers with cavalry to the dead valley. Charles agreed with Jason's suggestion.

Jake had received his official deployment notice. He had to take over Dead Valley and wait for Conley's forces. Kevin , commander of cavalry would support them there and assist in movement of Archers.

Archers got on the horses brought by cavalry. 2200 archers with 3000 cavalry left for the dead valley. Citizens came to city gates to see off their protectors going to battlezone.

Robert and Evans were with Jason as he was now creating more designs of swords , daggers, pikes he got them built and showed it to the commander of forces. They were very excited about the new weapons that the prince designed.

Many of them had adopted these into their forces in different proportions according to their need and uses.

They were about to go to battle, the archer regiment and cavalry had left early to prepare grounds for foot soldiers and knights.

They had been divided into two groups of five thousand to march towards the valley. First group will leave tomorrow under commander Spencer's leadership.

Jason would go there with the first group along with Charles, his elite guard company, Robert and Evans.

Second group would leave after remaining hunters complete their longbow training in the city and collect enough supplies to last 3 months.


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