My Real Empire
14 Ch 10.2 battlefield
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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14 Ch 10.2 battlefield

MRE Ch 10.2

Jake and Kevin busied themselves in making reports, a large stockpile of documents waited for them, they were exhausted. They thought ' fighting battles is easier than making reports after it' sigh!

Report of first battle, dead valley, Arcanian.( Summary )

Our side, 

2200 archers and 3100 cavalry.

Count Alvaton,

1100 knights

3200 soldiers


Our Side 87 died , 176 injured

Tried to stop the fleeing enemy.

Alvaton, 1312 dead, 604 injured

2280 surrendered rest missing

Alvaton and six other nobles were captured alive with their money and other assets. Estimated value 33000 gold coins. Probably trying to smuggle out of Arcania.

We gained control of the dead valley and prisoners.


After reports were prepared, they left to see the progress of battlefield cleaning . All the intact weapons and armor were cleaned and stored in armoury . Rest were heaped on one side to be processed later.

Dead bodies were piled on side to be burned ,but upon Alvaton's pleading they left 100 prisoners of war (pows)  to bury them.

Kevin took the rest of the pows ( prisoners of war) to dig trenches and pits so that Duke's forces did not spread during battle, especially fast moving cavalry or their small force would be surrounded by them.

Their work of securing the dead valley was done, only digging of pits and trenches remained.

Jake was delighted, the effect of the longbow was astonishing; they could kill heavy armored knights even before they reached near them. What else do you want on the battlefield? It was an invincible weapon.

Two days went by and digging was nearing its completion.

That morning a messenger arrived and informed them that the prince would arrive on the battlefield by afternoon.

Kevin and Jake were on alert and they sent 500 soldiers to scout the area and inform them of any potential disturbance.

Then they ordered prisoners to rebuild the large tent that Count had brought here and to clean the area.

Soldiers were excited when they heard that the prince was coming to the battlefield . Kevin and Jake made them stay in formation and did not let them bulge. Even if only one person did any mistake, the whole company or sometimes the whole cohort would be punished.

This principle of ' one for all, all for one' was taught in one month's training by punishing them heavily, To the extent that other soldiers of the group would help those making mistakes in their group . It made bond between soldiers stronger and made the group more disciplined.

Jason arrived at the valley with more than 6000 men. They recruited about 2000 hunters in the military in two phases . 1000 hunters of the second phase were still in training and will arrive soon. But those hunters who passed the first phase of training,  had been brought by him.

Jake thanked the prince for 1000 archers and quickly sent them to cohort commanders to be enlisted in regiment and assigned duty.

Charles when learnt that they had neutralized Count Alvaton's forces and captured him alive, he directly went to see the count.

"Hello Alvaton, how are you doing?" asked Charles gleefully.

" What do you want, I don't have information on Duke except he asked me to gather my forces and come here." Said Alvaton.

" His title of Duke is struck, he is nothing more than a fugitive. I know already about him , you worry for yourself " said Charles.

"Oh, What will be done to us?" Alvaton asked. He had left his hope, anyway what's about to come will come.

"Uhm, the prince will decide that." Charles left Alvaton alone . 

Two Days after the prince's arrival digging of trenches was completed .

Charles started soldiers' training and formation setup according to Jason's manual for the upcoming battle.

Jake and Kevin shared their experiences with other commanders during training sessions . Debate on different strategies would go on for hours before being practiced on the field and implemented.

Scouts of Conley started appearing . It meant that Conley's forces would arrive within a day or two and Kingdom's one third soldiers were still in the capital city. They sent several messengers to the capital city .

Charles decided that if the situation became dire they would retreat towards the capital.

Jason disagreed, puffing his chest out and with a burning desire in his eyes, he said " we will hold our ground here. If they tried moving forward, our arrows would hold them back".

He sent spies to measure Conley's strength. He commanded Robert and Evans to circle the whole Duke's army and damage their supplies. He sent 1000 cavalry men with them.

' Strike the enemy where it doesn't expects'

After he thought of guerrilla warfare to harass the enemy, Jason sent more than 200 archers with normal bows to Count's camp.

He did not want to alert enemies about longbows. It was a surprise gift for the Conley and his imported soldiers. Jason thought with a smile on his face.

Formation for battle was the same as the previous one, just that heavy armor guards will be in the forefront.

In the Afternoon they received a report that Conley has more than 22000 men. About 10000 were from Dakota regular army, 2000 from elite and rest were hired mercenaries and his loyal dogs. More men may be coming with supplies.

With mercenaries in the army there was a good chance to create chaos within military formation.

The Duke's convoy must have more money than the Royal Treasury.

Conley had with him count Maplewood and other small baronies, count Lanlow joined him one day ago. Conley's face brightened when he saw his massive army. He felt proud of himself, he knew that the Royal family and their supporters could gather only around 15 thousand men, they would not call forces from border areas.

Count Newshawk told him that he would meet him in the valley but he still hadn't arrived.

Conley was just waiting for him to arrive, then he would attack the royal military and uproot them...


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