My Real Empire
15 Ch 11.1 before battle
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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15 Ch 11.1 before battle

MRE Ch 11.1

" Hey Robert say something! Trip is boooooring" Evans said .

" Shut the hell up. " angrily Robert barked.

" Why can't you say a few good things to me?" blabbered Evans.

" Are you my Girlfriend" retorted Robert.

" Huh, Just try a bit maybe ….." Evans acted coy.

Robert kicked Evans' horse , Evans fell backward and cried " Just don't ask me for help when you try to woo Fina."

" Who wants your help?" Robert got down to help Evans get up and said with a deadpan face "we will rest for a bit before heading."

whole cavalry unit stopped, soldiers gave wry smile ' who doesn't know your intention,'

They had been walking for over half a day to find Conley's supply group. They had come twenty kilometers since they crossed Conley's army. 

After resting and feeding horses they left.

Next day afternoon, they saw Conley's supplies. There were at least 1500 soldiers and 1000 workers with supplies wagons.


Duke Conley was worried about count Newshawk . He received news that Newshawk was on the way and would arrive in two days.

Conley was relieved to hear it. They had to camp 10 km away from the valley , near a forest area, they were surrounded by trees from all sides. Which makes them vulnerable to surprise attacks. 

But they could not do anything about it.Valley had gone into the hands of the Royal military. Conley could not help but curse Alvaton , he could not defend a small valley .

Night fell, soldiers retired in their tents, a cool breeze was blowing, they slept. Within an hour everyone had slept, night guards were standing in silence.

They did not know from where, but arrows started raining and continued for a few minutes. In the dark night they could not see anything, just by instinct they rushed at attackers , but found no one except wastes and some broken bows, arrows, and they returned.

In camp all the sleeping soldiers had woken up, some of them were slightly injured. They did not know who shouted first ' enemy attack' , but the whole camp got into chaos, thus they were hurt by the stampede more than arrows.

Conley and Killer were dissatisfied with the behaviour of their troops. They could only sigh, they had chosen to recruit mercenaries to make the numbers.

Mercenaries we're good at fighting, but only until you had the upper hand, the moment you were pushed , mercenaries would flee. They had no moral obligation like soldiers. 

Conley's soldiers did not sleep whole night, as morning neared their eyelids became heavy and started dropping. Many of them went into slumber.

Archers had woken, felt refreshed, there was still an hour left in sunrise. They left their hideout and rained arrows on Conley's camp. This time they went to Royal camp, their mission was completed.

Soldiers in Conley's camp were again jolted awake by arrows. They started cursing loudly at archers. 

In the morning Conley sent soldiers to scout area, they found archers hideout, except some half eaten buns, nothing was there. 

Conley decided to plant more guards from tonight, he used two brigades of four thousand soldiers to cover the whole area at night . But after that night no attacks happened. Still Conley was cautious and did not call off night patrol.


Robert and Evans were ready to raid Conley's supplies ; they decided to raid an hour before sunrise. This was the most vulnerable time to catch them off guard. They ate and went to sleep early in the evening leaving few guards on lookout.

Robert woke everyone in the morning , they got ready to attack within minutes. 

They climbed their horses, directed them towards wagons.

Night guards of the supply caravan were feeling sleepy and tired after guarding whole night . They were cursing those sleepy bastards who were snoring . Their term will be over in a while now.

Before that, they heard hooves sound coming toward them, they started shouting in panic " we are under attack" . Sleepy soldiers got up, but before they could do anything, Evans had lit the wooden carts, soldiers and workers were frightened, they started running hysterically.

Robert was depressed seeing that they didn't even gave a fight worth numbers. Only a few hundred guards opposed them , rest fled.

After burning supplies, they recovered 4680 gold coins and left for the valley.


Conley was happy that Newshawk arrived here with his 3000 mercenaries. Conley's tally increased to 25000.

Conley's lips were curled upward and eyes were beaming the whole day, but his mood soured when he heard in evening that his supplies had been destroyed. 

Remaining soldiers of the supply chain reached the camp three days after the incident. They had grouped together to be safe .

Conley was furious over them, without showing even a thread of Mercy , he got them all decapitated, saying that if they can't even protect a supply carvaan, what use of keeping such cowards. Rest of the soldiers were appalled by Conley's action.

Conley had rations for two weeks, but what after that . Panic started growing inside his camp. Soldiers were distressed, food was of utmost importance and their supplies were burned. They thought of running away but the scene of  Conley putting supply soldiers to death would deter them.

Only way to resolve this crisis was to attack the royal military and get their hand on its supplies from the capital city.

Conley had also sent soldiers to harass and loot supplies, but they got nothing, the enemy had anticipated it and were prepared.

Conley discussed the situation with Kipler, finally they decided to attack with full force, after two days. Soldiers started cleaning their weapons and got ready for further orders. Reorganization and formation drills started.


Robert returned on the 4th day after his departure.

"Your highness we completed the mission given by you" reported Robert

" Hmm I am confident in giving you tasks. You both are excellent" Jason praised them, and asked to report the summary.

Both of them were gratified by Jason's praise. Before Robert could reply Evans started" your highness we kicked their ass in morning, burned everything many of them pissed their pants and escaped, however we got 63 casualties and 43 injured. We got more than 4500 gold"

Jason looked at Evans and said " hmm, I have another job for you. Get those prisoners there and create perfectly round rollable boulders from the forest."

"As you wish for your highness" Evans left after saluting ,winking at Robert.

"Robert gathered wax, resin, animal fat, oil and anything flammable"

 Robert accepted the order, he bowed and left.

Robert went to kitchen " give me all animal fat you have, it's his highness' order"

Then he went to the store manager of the army and took all available resins and oils. They would receive supplies from the city, which was not that far, so the manager provided all he had leaving some for emergency use.

Robert produced all he collected on the ground in Jason's tent. Jason prepared a sticky mixture from these materials.

By evening Evans returned with boulders.

Jason told them to apply the sticky mixture on raw wood.he put similar but more solid mixture on some arrows.

" Now take these wood and make two barriers, one at 200 meters from our formation and another at 50 metres ." Jason ordered.

Robert was confused but he obeyed. He was a little bit certain that this had something to do with fire . 


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