My Real Empire
16 Ch 11.2 Before Battle
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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16 Ch 11.2 Before Battle

MRE Ch 11.2

Robert was on the edge of valley building barriers through out the night . He didn't let any prisoner rest, whoever tried was beaten harshly. Before sun could rise his work was done a three foot tall barrier built by stacking boulders was ready.

Military drill of formation and movement had been completed. They are now ready for fight.


Conley was getting impatient and anxious " Sir Kipler , what do you think , should we retreat". His gut feeling was telling him something is not right.

Everything is going wrong since Jason got back from creek. His every plan has backfired on him.

Kipler grumbled " what do you think that they will spare you. Don't forget about assassination that you attempted on Jason" he need to secure Northmount at any cost. Crown prince of Dakota has personally called him to give this mission and explained the consequences of failure...

" But it was done by your man, and also the King's accident it was planned by your kingdom" growled Conley.

" Ha ha ha! Do you forgot who requested help and leaked King's location, we got together for our own selfish interest. You want money , we want resources. It's just that simple" replied Kipler.

Duke asked grimly " are you sure to take down Royal military"

" Where in the world are you living, even the mercenaries we brought are better than their soldiers" Kipler stated with a proud look.

Duke gave a wry smile and said " Yeah, I heard they have dug nice trenches for royal military"

Kipler's smile stiffened " it's the fault of that Alvaton. And you tell me how can a two mercenary brigade fight more than double enemies." Kipler had deduced that Alvaton was surrounded, tried to fight back but seeing no result surrendered.

Duke saw reason to what Kipler said, that Alvaton mustn't have used scouts properly, thus got captured unprepared.

But both of them are far away from actual reason of defeat however they are right that count was ignorant of his surrounding, or at least he could have escaped. 

Tomorrow was the important day, their army will clash with Royal military. 

It is the first time that internal conflict of this magnitude is going to happen in Arcania. 

All soldiers on their side have been informed , night watch has been tightened.

Kipler got his elite men and regular soldiers to get their weapon and armor ready.

Anyone could feel the tense atmosphere in the camp, new solders got closer to their supiriors " Sir what kind of environment is this, it feels so uncomfortable"

" He he ! Comfort in war."  He laughed and added " the people you see today in camp, many of them may not see the sunset tomorrow" older solder explained and narrated his previous war stories.

All of them drunk full and slipped away in the dreams of their home.


In contrast to the gloomy environment in Conley's camp. Royal camp was brighter , Jason organised singing, dramas and other activities to stop them from worrying unnecessary for war.

Charles praised Jason for his wits using simple means to alleviate tension. 

They are about to sleep they received message from spies that enemy camp preparing for battle it may start tomorrow morning.

Charles called all his commanders and started mulling over strategies to delay it as there men are still on their way.

Jason was worry free " fret not sir Charles just stand in formation , I will handle the rest"

" Okay if you are sure then I leave the rest to you." Said Charles. Jason has started behaving like leader. He has became responsible and can think , what others can't.


This morning dead valley is giving a feel worth it's name . 

Conley and Kipler are standing in middle of formation giving commands . First row is of Dakota's regular army with pikes on hand wearing a plate armor and sword tied to belt.

After them are elite men , fully and heavily armored with just a heavy sword in hand. After them were thousands of mercenaries brought from Dakota. On each side there are 3000 newly trained cavalry men ready to flank. There are about 20000 men ready for battle. 

They started marching towards the battle field . In barren land under the stomping of soldiers dust started to rise. They stopped 100 meters away from the first barrier. 

From the opposite side the formation is the same except for archers being in front .

Jason and Jake (archers commander) were in front. Soldiers watching their Prince himself leading them in battle from front were filled with confidence.

Charles had asked Jason to be in the rear but Jason declined " A true leader leads from the front". Well, except for him being a low ranking knight everything he does gives a feeling of a wise general who had been through countless wars.

This morning he got a message that the remaining soldiers will come latest by tomorrow morning.

Jason brought his special arrows created two days ago with Robert .


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