My Real Empire
18 Ch 12.2 Battle of dead valley
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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18 Ch 12.2 Battle of dead valley

MRE Ch 12.2

Jason gathered cavalry and archers. He gave archers remaining fire arrows and told them to be ready .

Charles was still not sure " Are you really confident about this "

Jason assured him " It will be a huge success . But we need to fight the elite soldiers and higher ranked knights, ordinary soldiers will not fight and possibly flee "

Charles asked " Why don't you wait for your grandpa and backup to arrive. They will be here soon."

Jason said " if we wait for them, Ordinary soldiers would have woken, though most of them will flee but some will obstruct our advance. But when they wake in panic they will flee." 

He further added " I have sent several messengers in the evening to notify grandpa and others to hurry."

Whole camp slept early, hours before morning Charles woke first and then he woke commanders. Then they woke everyone else , commotion stopped after every one was awake.

Charles was waiting for Jason to wake, but seeing no movement in his tent , he got there to wake him.

Charles saw him sleeping soundly, he got angry that he had to wake early for his plan and he himself is sleeping. But looking at his young face, he remembered that he is still a 15 year old child. How unfortunate for him to be on the battlefield at his age .

Jason in his dream was poked by someone he slammed his hand in that direction. His eyes opened and he saw Charles holding his hand.

Jason and Charles got out of the tent and the soldiers were ready in formation. Jason told them to follow him without making sound and in small groups.

It was a half Moon night, things were visible upto some distance. On their way they encountered two scout groups . They were dealt by archers.

Jason stopped everyone half kilometers from sentry posts. They started towards the enemy posts in small groups of five with a rank five knight . They reached near post crouching behind trees. Two soldiers were at this post , they were talking something. Faint sounds could be heard.

Robert was nervous , when sentries turned their back toward them. Robert lunged and covered their mouths, gripping them in his arms. They were mere rank three how could they contend with a rank five . If there were more of them then it would be possible, but now they can only struggle in his grip in desperation. 

Evans got there and took out his dagger and cleanly sliced their throats. Blood started rushing out , they struggled frantically . After a few minutes their body went limp.

Robert released them from grip . Wiped his hands on their clothes. Jason puked , this was his first time seeing someone die so closely. He felt nauseated , soon he collected himself.

Such things happened in other posts . They then gathered archers with fire arrows . Hundreds of luminous arrows started falling on tents, and soon most of the tent caught fire. Soldiers have not forgotten what happened yesterday , and they saw fire yet again. Soldiers who woke listening to commotion hurried out of tents . Chaos filled the camp. Soldiers were running away from camps in fright and nervousness.

Duke and Kipler tried to stop them. They deployed elite men to stop chaos but soldiers started fighting with them instead of the enemy. 

Chaos and infighting infuriated him. He killed some of his soldiers in fury. Conley was also seething in anger. Some of the soldiers assembled to assault the enemy. But when they charged towards the enemy they were punctured by armor piercing arrows. Dropping to the ground and moaning in pain. Many of Kipler's elite men fell to these arrows.

Kipler moved towards the enemy to capture their commander but was held back by archers. Whenever he tries to go near them hundreds of arrows would charge on him, forcing his retreat. He got pricked by some arrows. Pain further distorted his reasoning.

Jason ordered his troops to move ahead . They started moving towards the camp. While fallen enemies in the way were being smashed by maces and axes.

They successfully got hold of the camp. But by this time Kipler and his men had acquired Shield to protect themselves from a flurry of arrows.

Kipler , his elite men and duke gathered some soldiers. They now have about four thousand men, they were inferior in numbers but most of them were ranked knights.

Kipler was ready to use his bloodpower; he just wanted to wash away the shame he had suffered today. This has been his worst defeat in his life. 

Conley's and his subordinates condition was far more worse than that of Kipler's, they don't mind losing but today they lost their lifetime of savings. I

Whatever be the reason neither Kipler's nor Conley's side was ready to give up .... 


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