My Real Empire
19 Ch 13.1 End of battle
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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19 Ch 13.1 End of battle

MRE Ch 13.1

Conley and Kipler gathered as many soldiers as they could. Kipler still had 1145 of his elite men. Conley's subordinates and other nobles who had been trying to find escaped soldiers gathered around 3000.

Now their total forces tally about 11800. They had built their camp a few hundred meters away . They could easily watch their enemies movement  .

Kipler told them " we still have our elite forces, it's easy for us to gain upper hand on their commanders. Without commanders their side would fall in chaos during which we have to capture the prince. This way we could force them to surrender and have our things back".

Conley and other nobles were delighted, a ray of hope shone in their eyes. They were ready to do anything to get their things back.

Kipler had become the de facto leader of this camp . Conley knew his limitations and his only way to get back his belongings was Kipler .

Kipler got them in position. It was his final attempt to wash away the shame of two consecutive losses .

This time Kipler and his elite men will be in front with their shields to block arrows.


Jason was beaming with joy. At last he broke the number advantage that his enemy enjoyed.

He had planned to completely wipe them out. But his soldiers, especially archers, had been extremely tired. He had to stop his plans. He could see their movement clearly .

Jason furrowed his brow, on opposite camp soldiers were getting back in battle formation.

He glanced at his side,some soldiers had closed their eyes while lying on ground. It doesn't look like they can even walk a bit. He called Charles and gathered active troops. Some archers got up but Jason sent them back to rest. He didn't want them to die of exhaustion.

Now they are going to fight without the Archers. Other regiments were mostly on standby during the first and second clash. 

Now it is the perfect opportunity for them to show their might. They were excited and full of confidence.

Charles shouted " Conley got them to surrender, they will be dealt mercifully" the same message again . 

This time Conley was pondering over it. He didn't dismiss it like he had done previously. Kipler said something in his ears. Conley shuddered , his jaws clenched , he gave his reply " we won't give up."

Kipler led his men to battle. Others followed him. He rushed towards Jason , Charles stood in front of Jason. Both rank 8 knights started their fight. They got sidetracked from the main battle.

Charles was a little excited and a bit nervous also he was first time fighting someone at his level in a real battle. Charles was clear with his strategy , he had to keep Kipler away from the main battle.

After his first few blows he had started losing his ground. Kipler was pushing him towards the main battle.

Conley saw Kipler failed to get near Jason . He tightened his jaw and darted towards Jason. Jason still had his assistants cum bodyguard Robert and Evans. 

Robert tightened his grip on his sword and lunged towards Conley to stab him. Conley was about to parry as he felt a threat . He looked ahead, Evans was holding a helbard with one hand and flung a dagger towards Conley with his full might. Conley took a few steps back but was still hit by a dagger. They fought Conley for sometime without anyone having a upper han

He tightened his grip on his sword, he used blood power to boost his energy. He became fast and agile. He swung his sword at Evans, Evans got badly hurt. He couldn't get up.

Robert burned his bloodpower and thrust his sword towards Conley with full might. Conley parried it. After exchanging a few blows Conley jabbed at his chest but while dodging his hand got struck.

Conley sneered " huh, you a mere rank 5 want to defeat me" as he caught Robert. He clasped his hand on his throat.

Royal regiments gave a good fight to the soldiers but when elite men started intervening , they lost their edge. Many cavalry horses got badly injured . Kevin commanded them to fight on foot. Horses will get wounded in close range . He was busy fighting with Count Newshawk. 

Count Lanlow and Maplewoods were being held back by Jake's arrows.

The Royal military was in a battered state; they had lost more than a thousand soldiers . While they managed to kill about two hundred elite men.

Charles and Kipler were struck in stalemate. Charles was a little anxious their battle had stretched a lot. If he doesn't deal a good blow to Kipler. His side will lose.

Jason was glaring at Conley with murderous intent. Conley had Robert in his hand , he was tightening his grip to strangle Robert. Who was struggling maniacally. Tears rolled down Evans cheeks, his body trembled , he was blaming himself for not being able to stand for his friend....


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