My Real Empire
20 Ch 13.2 End of battle
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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20 Ch 13.2 End of battle

MRE Ch 13.2

Battle was not going well for Jason. Their forces were being pushed back. 

If this goes on his side would be defeated before the day ends.

Robert was struggling to get free , he was being tormented by Conley deliberately. If Conley wanted he could kill him in a flash. But was purposely delaying it, he wanted Jason to surrender.

" Conley, leave him , we can discuss the conditions. But first let him leave" Jason said grimly, his hand tightened into fists.

" Ha ha ha…." Conley laughed madly, " leave him, how can I negotiate if I leave him. Do you take me as a fool?" Conley wanted Jason to come to him for negotiation . He loosen the grip around Robert's neck.

" How about I come over to you, I am only a rank 2…" before Jason could complete Robert interjected coughing "No your highness…puk." Conley slammed him on the ground, Robert threw a mouth full of blood. Conley pressed Roberts' head with his foot. Robert groaned in pain .

" Conley , you bastard" roared Jason.

" Huh , Now he won't disturb our discussion" Conley stopped abruptly, he sensed danger. He leaped backwards, a Pike pierced the ground where he was standing.

Jason turned and saw his grandpa had arrived and with some soldiers having arrived, his hands loosened expression turned back to normal.

" Gramps you reached on time, …." Jason was cut off before he could complete.

" You brat, how dare you put yourself in danger? go there and wait for me to decide your punishment." Duke said to Jason. Jason thought ' today no one is letting me complete my se…' he was pulled by Duke's guards .

" You have grown guts! Conley. How dare you threaten my grandson . Now we should settle our scores once and for all." Duke scowled at Conley.

Conley's face turned pale, he started looking for an escape path. He turned and started running . He had already expended much of his bloodpower . Duke has just arrived and is full of vigor.

Duke smirked and roared " you think you can escape Conley. I have waited for this moment since my son died."

Conley heard everything but had no time to retort, he had to escape.

Duke took a bow from Archer and released an arrow with bloodpower. Arrow pierced Conley's left thigh. Conley didn't stop running. Second arrow pinned his tight foot to ground, he fell flat on his face.

Conley glared at  Duke . Duke released a third arrow , it struck his left foot. Then he pinned Conley's hands with daggers. Conley grimaced in pain, his eyes were blood red and swelled up,but he bit his lips to stop groans from coming out of his mouth.

" Ha ha …." Duke laughed hysterically with tears on his face " Conley why don't you plead to me. My son got killed because of your schemes."he stomped on Conley's face a few times " why are you not pleading".

On arrival of backup the Royal Military started gaining grounds in battle. Conley's forces were being suppressed to the state that they cannot fight back.

Kevin thrusted his sword with full might and dealt the final blow to Count Newshank. He twisted his sword and pulled back.  Count Newshank's internals splattered on the ground. Both of them collapsed to the ground.

Kevin's soldiers got him back to camp for healing.

Jake was having hard time dealing with two counts, he could restrain them with arrows but he had to maintain distance. Count Helmsford approached patted Jake's shoulder and told him " you go get some rest. Leave them to us." 

Count Helmsford and Greenfield quickly got the count of Maplewood and Lanlow down and bound them. 

They proceeded towards Charles. Charles glanced towards them , his face brightened. 

Kipler was aware of his surroundings. He had been trapped between Charles and two Counts. His face contorted, he decided to fight till death. He burned his remaining bloodpower. 

He threw his sword towards count Helmsford , who tried to parry taking a step back, but the bloodpower infused by Kipler in the sword got his sword pushed back and his arm was cleanly cut , blood gushed out from vessels.

Count Helmsford tore his surcoat , bound his arm and ran towards healers.

Charles also infused remaining bloodpower , his blade glowed red moisture in air started vapoursing, he sliced on transfixed Kipler's neck, his head made two rounds in air then fell to ground before his slumped on ground.

Charles rushed towards the infirmary.

Battle was over , and the rest of the soldiers surrendered seeing the dead bodies of their commanders. 

Jason was in infirmary , watching over injured and wounded men in battle. He wanted to do something to appease his grandpa. He wanted to see what's happening in battle. But he dared not to disobey his Gramps.

He got news from injured men coming from battle. This was another reason he was here.


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