My Real Empire
21 Ch 14.1 leaving Battlefield
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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21 Ch 14.1 leaving Battlefield

MRE Ch 14.1

Final Battle was over. Dead bodies and severed limbs were scattered all over the field. Green grasses have turned a little reddish . 

Duke returned to the camp and found Jason is in infirmary helping the wounded. Duke got there and saw him giving weird instructions to healers. Most of the Healers used up all usable power. Thus they could only rely on simple methods of bandaging. 

Jason was instructing them on closing bandages , sewing wounds and applying herbal antiseptics and anti-inflammatory lotions.

Duke's eyebrows raised as he asked " Hey Brat , what are you doing, do you need to teach them ?"

Before Jason could reply, Adney started " Sir Duke, his highness has been a great help for us. Without him we couldn't have treated such a large number of patients". There are only a few in the kingdom who could talk to Duke as equals . Duke is respectful towards Adney for his efforts in healing.

Duke a little surprised uttered a questioning " huh?" Looking at Adney. Adney is the Chief healer for military personnels. He is in his 40s , wrinkles on his face are not visible clearly. He has awakened healing powers 20 years ago and is now a grade 4 healer. 

" Sir, we healers can heal only a limited number of people, but with his Majesty's aid and herbal lotions anyone can help a large number of people. Thus giving us time and energy to heal severely injured men. Reducing overall casualties." Adney summarized Jason's effort and the positive effect it had.

Jason showed a proud smile like he was saying to Duke ' see how great I am'. 

Duke would have given him a smack if not for people around.

Now the task remained was to clear Battlefield and make reports.

Duke gave orders `` burn enemy corpses and collect weapons. Send the bodies of our soldiers to their families with a 3 months salary and identity slip to get benefits that prince had announced." Duke paused, then he continued " if there are any able men to recruit them. And remember to provide these to immediate family members only."

This was the first time in the continent such arrangements were made.

Regiment commanders divided the task to cohort commanders and so on, finally  reaching soldiers who carried it out.

When the battle report came out, all commanders gathered in Jason's tent.

Summary of the battle.

Our side 2465 dead , 1788 injured

Enemy, 4578 dead, 2453 injured

All enemy commanders died

A rank 8 was killed

We recovered about 1.2 million gold worth of possessions, possibly belonging to Dukes and counts, out of which 700,000 are gold coins.

All the commander's jaws dropped seeing such a figure, they couldn't move their eyes from the parchment.

Duke was first to break the silence " No wonder, those bastards were in a hurry to leave the Kingdom."

" I wonder how long they have been plundering our kingdom's resources,"  Jake said as he leaned back on his seat.

" Huh, admit it or not, they have done a great deal for the kingdom. Now we have a bigger chance to recover."  Count Greenfield chuckled.

" Hmm, What count said makes sense " laughed Charles. He during his fight had reached near the threshold for rank 9. He could break through anytime.

Atmosphere lightened, they started making plans to utilize the money.

Jason had expected to get a large amount of resources from war. But it was greater than his estimation. He was in complete disbelief how Conley and others earned it. 

" First most important task now is to find the escaped mercenaries and seal the borders." Jason interrupted their planning, he waited for everyone's attention , he continued " We also have the problem of so many war prisoners. We have currently more than 10,000 prisoners. What are we going to do with them." He shifted his gaze from commanders to Duke when said the latter part.

Duke understood what his grandson was upto, he asked him with displeasure" What do you recommend , Milord". Duke wanted to skip the last part.

Jason replied in an extremely polite tone " Oh, my dear grandpa, you don't have to address me like that…" he wanted to continue but stopped when he saw Duke leaned forward and raised his hand above the table.

Jason further added but now in a matter of factly way " Ahem, We will now convert their status from prisoners to workers contracted to the Kingdom. They will be paid according to work. They will get freedom after 5 years, meanwhile they can call their families and settle here, as most of the kingdom's populace have moved away."

Jason knew the kingdom needs tireless workers, what's better than to get prisoners to do the work. They just need someone good enough to deal with them. 

Carrot and stick strategy works everywhere. He would give them payment and other benefits but needs someone who they will fear. Ha ha ha ( Jason laughs maniacally in his mind.😑)....


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