My Real Empire
22 Ch 14.2 Victory speech
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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22 Ch 14.2 Victory speech

MRE Ch 14.2

Everything on the battlefield was settled, they started packing , the time required to return would increase with such a large convoy . 

Robert and Evans had gone to nearby villages to capture escaped soldiers. They had taken with them 1500 archers and 3000 cavalry. Jake and Kevin were with them.

A feast was organised, soldiers gathered in the middle of camp. The environment became cheerful, at least it was not so dull . 

Many of the soldiers have lost their comrades and friends who had been with them since the beginning of their military careers.

But they still were happy , their sacrifices had not gone waste. They won against such a large force gathered by Conley with help from Dakota kingdom.

If they had not won consequences would be dire for their families and friends. Most probably they would be sold as slaves or servants. Women would have even more horrible fate , just thinking of that shook them to their core.

Jason did not want to give a speech. He was forced by his grandpa and Charles, they wanted him to build a strong relation with common soldiers and motivate them.

Jason looked towards soldiers who were waiting for their prince who personally came to lead them in battle. Without his trap which changed the tide and bows which made their army almost invincible .

Jason started towards the stage. Stage was built by joining some flat tables. Whole camp started to boil by the sounds of cheering. Jason was dumbfounded , that was his bloody first time on stage , his smile faded and sweat appeared on his forehead.

He recalled that on TV screens actors or politicians would wave their hands towards the crowd. He imitated them, waved his hand, but the effect was opposite, the cheering got even louder. They were not from Earth that they would recognize, what that gesture meant.

Watching the crowd's reaction and Jason's sweating forehead, Duke sighed ' ha, this dumd kid is impossible'. 

Duke came forward , he waved his hand down unlike Jason who had raised his hand while waving. Soldiers stopped cheering, they shifted their head back to Jason, complete silence .

Jason mumbled ' this is my worst day. '

He had forgotten what he was to talk about. He collected himself, after being still for few minutes. 

Jason asked " how are you doing".

Soldiers gave excited cries. Jason learnt from his previous mistake. He raised his right hand then waved down toward the left.

They got quiet. 

He said " everyone please bring your wine with you." He turned and asked for a goblet.

Adney took a goblet filled with wine and walked towards the stage, he passed it to Jason . Jason caught the goblet, he turned and waved it at soldiers. They waved their mugs at him, some wine splashed on others, but no one minded it.

Jason started " We have been together for a month now. We faced immense adversaries, forces twice larger than us together. We could call ourselves brother now, I think" a loud ' yes' reverberated the camp . 

Jason added "This would not be possible without the sacrifice of our brave men, who left us, but made the path of victory for us using their blood."

He paused shifted his gaze from left to right, he saw many of them had tears in eyes. He continued " lets honour the immortal spirit of these soldiers. "

" In the name of the immortal spirits of soldiers" he raised his goblet towards them , then brought back to take a sip. Soldiers followed the prince when they recited a deafening roar came out. They took a gulp , the whole camp fell silent. Tears rolled down the faces of soldiers who lost a friend .

After a few minutes, Jason moved his goblet , silence was broken. " Their names would never be forgotten till Arcania thrives."

A loud cheer accompanied it.

" Let's take a sip for better recovery of our injured brothers. Without their heroic action , we would not have overcome the crisis."

" For the recovery of our brothers" Jason waved and took a sip. 

Everyone followed.

" Now it's time to honour ourselves  for coming out of such a difficult situation. And we have to work for the better future of our kingdom to repay the debts of our ancestors and give a thriving kingdom to our children."

Jason raised the goblet " For a better future" took a gulp , finished the goblet.

Everyone cheered, Jason got down. This was the first time that such an uncommon victory speech was made. But everyone liked it more than the boring speeches going for hours. By the way, Jason was prepared to give a long speech. But he forgot and thus he had to do this.

Reached the table set for commanders . He stood next to his chair.

Everyone reached their places, they waited for the prince and commanders to sit.

" Eat and drink sumptuously" Jason took his seat. Victory feast began.


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