My Real Empire
23 Ch 15.1 Arrangements
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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23 Ch 15.1 Arrangements

MRE Ch 15.1

Victory feast ended and now was the time to move, they had been away from their families for a month now. They were eager to reach home and narrate war stories to their children .

Bigger the convoy , greater the time required. It took a week to reach the capital, speed of moving was slow due to injured soldiers, captives and large amounts of wealth. Thus they could only travel ten to fifteen kilometers in a day.

News of victory had reached the city , and might have spread throughout the kingdom. Those who had brought bodies of martyrs have already informed them.

Citizens were at city gates to welcome their victorious army.

When Jason's carriage entered the gates. He was greeted and hailed by them. They all bowed before the carriage, Shouting started " All hail to the prince". Amid cheering and greetings convoy entered the town. 


Jason entered the palace gate. Mary caught him, " young master, Milady is waiting for you," she said. Before he could realize anything , he had been dragged towards the Royal residence. No one said or tried to stop Mary. Jason mumbled ' your prince is being kidnapped in broad daylight , at least just pretend to stop her'.

Mother Kathy was wearing a light blue gown, sitting on her chair next to the bed. She was humming some tune, she paused , saw him entering. 

" Thank you, Mary, for dragging this impulsive son of mine," said mother Kathy.

" It's my pleasure" Mary bowed and went to a side jovially, as if she was about to watch a good show.

" I have heard that you charged with 10000 men into an enemy camp with more than twice your number. Should I praise you for bravery or beat you for foolishness." asked mother Kathy furiously .

Palpitations started, sweat formed on his forehead  , his hands were a little shaky. Jason squealed with tear filled eyes " mom ….." he stuttered.

Mary chuckled " our young ,and bold , prince could, not even talk, clearly" .

Jason did not mind her words, his attention was on her mother.

" What mom, did you forgot to speak. Today you must be punished or what will you do in future, " grumbled mother Kathy. Her eyes were red. Everyone forgets after seeing her harmless and kind face that she is a rank 6 knight. Only a few in the kingdom would dare to fight her.

If he receives a good slap from his mother he would surely go to meet his deceased father,  ' father I am coming'.

He could fight or trick anyone in the world but would be witless against his own mother and grandpa.

Jason was being reimparied for his actions. Duke arrived, he gloated when he saw his grandson getting his dues 'he he , let's see where are you going to run today'.

He supported his daughter, " this is my daughter, where were you when this kid ran rampant everywhere creating chaos, but it's not too late to punish him. Do it " Duke persuaded his daughter.

Jason became further embarrassed. 'What rampant and creating chaos. Do you take me for a T-Rex, I am just a rank 2 not even rank 7 like you to run rampant ' Jason rebuked his grandpa in his mind.

His pitiful act wasn't getting him anywhere. 

He used his last weapon, extremely shamelessly. He a person who lived two lives , a walking encyclopedia of future technologies, started crying, tears rolled his cheeks, started falling down.

Mother Kathy's expression loosened, eyes turned normal, she thought she had been too tough on her dear son. She got to Jason and hugged him, wiped his tears with her sleeves, " Don't cry my son, mother was wrong to be angry at you. Mother was too harsh" she said ,her eyes welled.

" Milady, what about, teaching , young master , a lesson" 

" Daughter, were you not about to punish him for insolence" 

Mary and Duke said at the same time.

" Both of you shut up" she rebuked them , wiped remaining tears on Jason's face .

Duke and Mary were slack jawed , their mouths open enough to fit an apple .

Duke sighed ' my daughter is impossible to change', he shifted his gaze to Jason who looked at him and gave a sneaky smirk. Duke was irked. 

Both of them left, Jason was tired after shameless acting, he slept in his mother's embrace .

He woke up, felt fresh, he moved his head , his  mother was not in the room. He left the room. Mothers are the best gift a child can get. He reached the conclusion from his two lives.

The guard on the door saluted him " your highness, His grace Duke had asked , what to do with captives."

Jason saluted back " you were waiting for me to get up" , guard nodded.

" Okay, inform grandpa that we will deal with them tomorrow morning," Jason informed them and got back to his room.

Nothing much has changed in a month.


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