My Real Empire
24 Ch 15.2 Arrangements
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My Real Empire
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24 Ch 15.2 Arrangements

MRE Ch 15.2

Next Morning,

Jason got out of the bed, today's task was set. He had to handle the captives, they can't be fed for free forever.

He walked to the palace grounds. Duke was already here, arranging the soldier's duty. Duke saw him , Duke said " What are doing here, go to hall I will go there shortly."

Jason said " I will go with you".

" Okay" .

  It was a sunny day, clear white sky, sun shining brightly.Jason just strolled in palace grounds watching guards reporting for duty.

After Duke finished, Both of them reached the hall, commanders were already present . They took their seat after salutations.

Duke informed the group " Today we are here to discuss the future of the captives." It was a normal meeting. Decisions would be taken by Jason, it could be said that they were present here to know what had been decided. They could give some inputs but it wasn't necessary that it would be included in the final order.

Jason already had an idea in mind " we are going to use them as workers, miners and for other functions the kingdom requires. "

" They will be initially contracted to the Kingdom for a period of five years. If their performance is good during the first year, we may consider giving them their freedom. They can live alone or bring their families to our kingdom" Jason paused here, he looked at everyone , no one objected.

Jason continued " They will be paid half salary for first year , remaining will be funded to them if they pass the criteria mentioned earlier or it will continue till five years in same way"

" Now, allocation of work will be done according to qualifications. Have someone collect it, make them take oath in front of the holy book of Terra."

The Holy Book of Terra was a book obtained from the ancient runes . Almost every kingdom or empire has one or two such books.

It is written in a language that is completely incomprehensible for people of Tallus. In its presence no one can lie. If they lied their blood will vanish.

Arcania has three such books. They were kept at different places, one with Charles , another in the throne room, last one in the Hall of Justice where special judicial proceedings take place.

It prevents you from speaking lies, but doesn't stop from half truths, till you believe it's true it will be judged true by the book. Whether you want to take such risk depends on you.

Duke went to military ground where captives were kept . He announced the choice they were given, he then asked " Those who agree with this go to palace ground and complete the procedure."

This was how the future of captives decided and it was the most lenient way that the war prisoners were dealt throughout the history of Tallus continent.

Captives had no qualms about the judgement, they were so eager that they started running towards the registration office in palace ground. They were afraid if they delay a second more this choice will be taken away.

Settlement of captives was done.

Nearly eight thousand choose workers and a little above two thousand choose mining. Mining has higher payment but also more risk and work.

Captives were thankful for such good treatment, they had wasted the whole night yesterday thinking about their future.

Jason was strolling in the garden, he looked at the workshop created by him to make bows, but now it was empty.

They had shifted it to open ground behind the palace.

He had to make arrangements for the Dominion of Conley and their supportive nobles.

He could now discard the Noble system easily and took control of everything.

For this he called a meeting tomorrow to sort this out. 

After settlement of captives , the next thing to be done is punishing the rebel nobles that are captured alive.

Jason notified Charles to bring them to Central square. It is situated in the centre of the city and is a raised platform where important meetings or special punishments are done.

Jason advised Charles " bind them to the pole in Central square, I will arrive after arrangements are made." 

Several curious people passing by Central square stopped to take a look at what was happening. They saw poles taller than their height were being erected here, about seventy in numbers.

One soldier was loudly shouting " people of Arcania , today the betrayers of our kingdom and people, will be brought here , all of those who want to be part of this are requested to come in the evening."

Not many people in Arcania were literate so writing a message and expecting them to come would be foolish. Messenger went to every Street and announced the message.

Even before evening , people started gathering. They saw small stones were kept on a stall, with prices set at 2 coppers for a piece. They were thinking who would be fool enough to buy it. They did not know that they were the fools who would buy them.

Many Military carriages arrived, one of them was containing stones and dumped it near the stall.

This idea was given by Jason, Charles was doubtful that people would buy stones for money. Jason had replied to this that the people needed a little persuasion and they would buy it…..


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