My Real Empire
26 Ch 16.2 Crossbow
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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26 Ch 16.2 Crossbow

MRE Ch 16.2

Jason sat on ground , drew a sketch of crossbow, he had done it parts wise not a complete crossbow. It would be easier to explain the working of crossbow, then it could be put together.

Heckler stared at the sketch, for him it was no less than a divine order to unlock his imagination. He in his mind put the parts together and made several bow like designs , but some parts were still left, he couldn't fit them in his designs however he tried. 

Jason looked at Heckler's dreamy face, Heckler had furrowed brow and moved his his hands in air like he was assembling something, but was not successful.

Jason gave a chuckle, Heckler came back from his imagination. his hands clasped together, he bowed and said " I'm sorry your highness, I was trying to put these parts together but was unable to do it"

Jason smiled " Which part, blocked your way to completion"

" Your highness, the long wooden blocks, then this hook, these small pieces" pointing towards the trigger mechanism and holder, Heckler explained his troubles.

" Okay, I'm going to draw how it looks when completed" Jason said and drew a complete crossbow on ground.

Heckler was surprised to see the sketch. This was something unimaginable to him, he laughed at his imaginative designs, not even one was near Jason's design.

" So Sir Heckler are you making it."

" It will be my honor, to be a part of this grand design"

" I'm trusting you on this, don't leak it under any circumstances."

" Sir, why don't we set up a workshop in garden like before , it will be safe to develop there"

" No we can't go there every time we make something new"

" Then I will increase the security of workshop and won't let anyone in without his highness'  permission in research area." suggested Heckler

Jason nodded " okay, when prototypes will be ready."

" I will start working now on it , maybe by tomorrow we will have some prototypes" responded Heckler.

" Your highness, we make such a excellent bows, why don't we sell it to other kingdoms and empires. We could generate a great amount of revenue for kingdoms development." Heckler gave his idea a shot.

" If you give us permission , I have planned to recruit more workers and contact traders to start our business." Heckler looked at Jason with anticipation.

" If our bows design is copied by others" Jason queried.

" Your highness, this is possible but whatever they make will always be counterfeit , not able to match our standards and progress"

" Hmm, " after pondering Jason replied " No we are not ready for it now. I will let you know if we plan to sell" .

Jason left the workshop, Heckler was a responsible person, he had no worries about him. But thinking about selling bows and other military wares, it made him excited . On Earth selling weapons was lucrative business and those involved made huge profits.

But Jason first wanted to set up a kingdom backed trade union, to have complete control on sales and profit. 

Sun was about to set, sky had a reddish hue, Jason returned to palace. Today's day was over.

Jason went to his mother's room, spent sometime there, he left with a happy face with a natural smile.

He reached his room, got on bed tried sleeping. But this night , he would not be able to sleep.

Middle of the night , a loud 'ding' rang in his mind. He was wide awake, eyes bulged, from the shock that sound gave. He closed his eyes and concentrated on message

[ Ding! Prerequisite completed]

'okay' Jason mumbled.

[ You can now enter control panel]


[Just say it]

' control panel?' 

Light flashed and a blue window with many options and instructions opened. Most of them were covered by grey light.

[ Congratulations, you have entered the Control Panel in 69 days.

You have completed 10% of Mission #1 ]

[ You can check your progress here]

'My progress' he mumbled. He can't remember being given any mission.

' When have I been given mission'.

[ You have been given mission when you entered this world]

'But I don't remember it's

[ Analysing... 


As per analysis, You were unconscious at that time, without enough progress you would not be able to enter control panel to see mission and instructions]

' what kind of system are you , can't even inform about mission twice , what would have happened if I failed'

[ It is programed that way, no user can see first mission. It is left to users instincts]

[ Failing to complete it, you will be transferred to Empty Space for 30 years]

'Living 30 years without doing anything, meeting anyone just nothing'.jason mumbled completely dumbfound. What's the difference between it and being dead, its even worse.

Show my mission

[ Mission #1

Peace and Prosperity in Arcania

Progress: 10.2%

Remarks: Order had been restored.

Suggestion: Use Knowledge from earth

Mission #2

Reputation in Terra World

Progress: 0.1%

Suggestion: Reopen Trade 

Further missions locked

You will be rewarded when progress in missions reach multiples of 10%]

[ One reward available]


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