My Real Empire
27 Ch 17.1 bandits
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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27 Ch 17.1 bandits

MRE Ch 17.1

'Reward? What kind of reward' Jason thought for awhile. Then decided to check it 

'Open reward'

[ You have two options to choose from

#1 Memory Capsule quantity: 1

Helps you recollect everything you have done previously.

#2 Grade one power capsule


Helps you advance 3 ranks 

More rewards will be available as you progress.]

Umm, if I choose memory capsule , I could get more help in development of this place. But if I use power capsule, it would make me advance ranks and I won't be febble as currently I am.

He he, choice is obvious

'Give me #1' Jason gave command

[ You would be provided capsule when you wake .

 statistics of what reward is chosen

#1: 78%

#2: 22%]

' hey I have questions to ask…...' he continued rambling but like previous time -------No reply came----

Atleast he could access Control panel now, to see his active missions and track his progress.

'What would be if I complete all missions. Will I be dead or sent somewhere else, God knows how this damn system works.'

He slept, dreaming about cakes and pasteries, drool dropped from his mouth. In morning he got out of bed, wiped the drool stuck on his cheeks.

 He started searching for something, he opened closet , threw all robes, turned table, chairs, everything in room was in disorder. He didn't get what he was searching for, he scanned the whole room again, his gaze stopped on the bed which was the only thing neatly arranged in the whole room.

' how can I forget to check bed. I am becoming dumb like previous Jason'

He got near the bed, removed bedsheets, finally under the pillow he found it, his search ended.

The pill was in a golden case, it glittered like pearl. It was awesome, he quickly gulped it without reading instructions parchment.

After that he opened the parchment there was written in English " Eat before sleeping with warm water or milk or It causes severe headache " and a smiley. As if writer of parchment knew that people will eat the capsule before reading instructions.

When you don't want something to happen, it happens. Slight mistake cost him one whole day, today he was going to check crossbow prototypes.

Pain came, he gave a sharp cry, fell in bed.


Jason opened his eyes , he found that he was not in his palace room, ' Did I again got transmigrated' he thought. He raised his hand , saw fimiliar hand, 'oh I am still in Terra' he sighed, relieved.

After a while, Adney arrived with his assistant, a young man with blue eyes and a fit body.

Adney saw Jason awake, sitting on bed, he asked " your highness, how are you feeling. We first saw the mess your room was in, we thought it was an assassination attempt".

Jason raised his chin , looked at Adney " Sorry for trouble sir Adney, I am fine now".

" It's nothing, it's my duty to take care "

" How long have I been sleeping for"

" 2 days to be exact, your highness"

Adney and his assistant left.

Mother Kathy and Mary entered. Mother Kathy said " sir Adney told us it was due to exhaustion, you had gone in shock"

" From today onwards, you will not leave palace" she added

" Mom , I am well now"

" No means no, understood. If not I will accompany you whole day"

If mother followed him the whole day, he could not even lift his hand, just eat and sleep, thought of this made him tremble.

" Okay Mom, but only for today"

" One month"

" Three days"

" A week, it's my minimum, if you tried to break out of the palace . You will be in house arrest for a year." Mother Kathy warned him, pointing her finger at his nose. ( today is mother's day)

What else Jason could do, he agreed, tears filled his eyes. Mary giggled and took mother Kathy away before Jason could throw any tantrum.

Jason started contemplating the capsule he had taken . He could recall his nursery teacher's name. He could recall anything from his past. Books he read in highschool, engineering everything. 


Robert and Evans had been wandering in Forests and villages near the dead valley with cavalry. They had scoured the area clean. Within 50km they had not left a stone unturned. 

They got some success but it was not what they wanted. They put increased effort into finding those runaways, they want perfection.

A scout came running, he informed " Sir, we have seen some large movement beyond the mountains."

Robert ordered to increase scouts sent to the mountains.

Next day he received the most important piece of news. " Sir, the rest of the fugitives have joined the bandit groups, they have created a force of more than five thousand men, they are raiding villages of Greenfield county" reported one of the scouts.

Evans gave him two gold coins. Evans said to Robert " I am sending a messenger to inform, sir Kevin and Jake. They will arrive tomorrow with their men. Then we can attack"

Robert agreed with him. He did not want to take more risk than necessary. Robert said " they must have known about us, this is their area. We will move back and then attack with full force when both commanders join us".


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