My Real Empire
28 Ch 17.2 Bandits
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My Real Empire
Author :ExpertNoobRS
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28 Ch 17.2 Bandits

MRE Ch 17.2

Jake and Kevin were busy settling the captives, the number of captives kept increasing. They had estimated more than ten thousand soldiers had fled from battle.

This combing operation was taking more time than they were allowed. They had initially captured some hundred men, after interrogating them and giving assurance that if they surrendered peacefully they would not be put to death.

Thus those men actively gathered more fled soldiers, gradually without any serious fight they found six thousand men. But for the last four thousand , neither they had any information nor the captives knew anything about them.

Jake had arranged for them to be sent to the capital. Kevin provided one cohort of cavalry to escort them.

Robert and Evans went towards Greenfield county to scout the area with two cavalry cohorts. It was the ideal area where fugitives could hide easily.

Today was 23rd June 432

Jake and Kevin were done with their Normal routine training with their troops. They had sent captives to the capital. They were wondering about the situation of Robert and Evans.

A messenger arrived , he delivered the beastskin. Jake opened it, his brows arched, he showed it's contents to Kevin. 

Kevin's lips curled up he said " Ah!  Jake, Finally we are going to see some action. This trip was too dull and boring. Now we got a chance to flex muscles"

Jake with furrowed brows said " It's not good, did not you saw, Evans mentioned there are more than six thousand men"

Kevin was not perturbed, he said " Oh my brother, we have been through three battles yet you take these thugs, bandits and mercenaries so seriously. Relax, have some self confidence"

Jake was not assured but he could not do anything else. Both of them gathered the remaining 3200 soldiers and marched. Robert and Evans were 23 kilometers away, they would reach there tonight , if they started now.

Jake was on guard the whole way, he would not miss any small details. They decided to rest near a lake. Some soldiers knew fishing, they fished and tonight's dinner was fixed.

Beyond this lake was Greenfield county, it was as its name completely green, every inch of soil was covered by trees, plants and grass.

Jake noticed that two groups  were heading towards them, he sounded the horn, and the soldiers picked their weapons. Archers strung their bows and loaded arrows.

The group stopped a few hundred meters away. One horseman came out, and prodded his horse towards Jake's group. Jake raised his banner.

When the banner became visible , Robert's expression loosened, apprehension in eyes receded. He raised his banner, to check other groups' reactions.

Jake saw Roberts' banner, he mounted his horse and galloped to see who was that person. 

Both of them came into each other's viewing range. They saluted . Jake lowered his banner, soldiers on his side became relaxed, cavalry soldiers got down from horses, archers unstrung their bows. Robert flung his banner forward before lowering it. His soldiers moved ,relaxed, Evans paced his horse and reached Robert.

Evans spoke glaring at Robert " see , you don't believe me, I have said it before they are our reinforcement.". He tried to persuade Robert, but Robert did not cast away his uneasiness and followed the protocol.

Jake was pleased that Robert followed the protocol, he praised him. But also gave an earful to Evans for dissuading Robert .

Three of them entered the commander's tent. Kevin was leaning on his chair, he asked " why do you fall back. Were you chased"

" No we decided because of safety reasons. It was their area and we had a great number disadvantage." Robert gave his reasons. 

Jake and Kevin nodded , Kevin openly praised " It's a good decision, safety of our soldiers should be top priority. You will be a great General in future. Very good."

" Okay, now we should make plans for the bandit groups" Jake suggested.

" We had done scouting of their area, it's at the foothold of the mountain , on the other side. It will be easier to go by circling this lake,not the way we came from." replied Evans.

" Okay, tomorrow we will circle the lake and attack from the other side." Kevin confirmed the battle plan.


In the Dakota's southern region military camp.

A table full of delicacies was arranged in the commander's tent. A middle aged man with a scar from his cheek to nose, and a young man wearing a purple coat trimmed with white fur were talking.

The handsome young man asked " General Timothy, why there isn't any news from your aide Kipler, he is a talented man. I assigned him to you for this mission. But why no updates have come recently"

Timothy replied " your highness, they must have been caught in some trouble. They will reply soon."

Crown prince said " You should be aware that how much effort I have put in the southern region and gaining Northmount will be a major achievement for me."

" My brothers were against it, but still I supported you, my crowning is set in stone. But I need this achievement to please my old father"

" I will send some spies to gather information from Arcania and Kipler" replied Duke , his forehead was full of sweat.

This handsome young man was the crown prince of Dakota kingdom. He had killed 5 of his 11 half brothers. 

Remaining 6 princes left the capital and formed a United front against him. They were waiting for an opportunity to attack him.

His father was not interested in these conflicts, he promised him, if he could get more resources for the kingdom, he would give his crown to him.


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