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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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1 Cheater Husband

Song Xia was cooking when she heard a phone ringtone. She saw the caller ID [Secretary M] she frowned. 'This guy! How can he still be so stupid! He left his phone here and went to his office hurriedly!' She thought and picked up the phone. A soft but seductive sound of a girl was heard from the other line. ''Hello...''

Song Xia`s eyebrows knitted slightly. The girl kept silent for a while then she chuckled, ''Dear, when will you come to your office? I have long waited for you! I know that you are with that foolish woman just to take over the Song family`s company! After you get it, you'll kick that arrogant woman out of your villa and make me your wife! Just come fast! I love you, muah! Bye~!''

Song Xia felt her heart ache. She never loved Guan Shan but still she was wronged! Guan Shan had always came late from office and left early for office. Who knew that this secretary M was his mistress? He was cheating on her. But still she had a little bit of hope so she pushed all the negative thoughts aside. She hoped that... at least... he would not cheat on her. Song Xia called the maid to cook up the rest while she drove her car and went to Guan Shan`s office.

- Guan Corporation

Song Xia held Guan Shan`s phone tightly as she entered the company her husband worked in. Song Xia went to the office of her husband without even making an appointment. The receptionist looked annoyingly at her and continued her work. 'What an ugly woman! Still she's showing us attitude!' the receptionist thought.

- Outside Guan Shan`s office

Song Xia was about to open the door when she heard some voices. She leaned on the door to listen carefully.

''Dear, when will you give divorce to that ugly wife of yours?''Song Xia heard the same voice of the girl in the phone.

''Honey, let`s not talk about her! She should not ruin our date. I already said I only love you! That ugly woman is not even comparable to your shoe!'' Guan Shan exclaimed.

Song Xia started crying silently. She had never thought that her own husband would say such poisonous words. She couldn`t help but feel her heart ache. She started hearing the sounds of moaning from inside. She quickly looked through the hole of the door. She shouldn't have... she shouldn't have! She saw her husband kissing a girl passionately and wildly. She wanted to die now! She slids down the door and hugged her knees while her face was buried on her knees.

Song Xia was from a well-known and rich family. She was the only child in the Song family. She had ugly features like pimples, scars, dark-circles, rashes, wrinkles and so on. She had a rough hair because she didn't care about how she looked. For her, looks did not count but personality did. She was good at being arrogant and picky too. She never knew she was this ugly. She always wore casual and old clothes that made her look older and uglier.

Song Xian cried for a while before standing up and running away from the office. All she wants to do now is... is to leave the place where her cheater husband is!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》