My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
2 ““He betrayed me...““
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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2 ““He betrayed me...““

-Guan Residence

Song Xia pulled her suitcase from her room and was ready to go when someone immediately stopped her way. ''Mother-in-law, please leave my way, I don`t want to stay here for any longer!'' Song Xia coldly spoke to Lu Xioami who stood in front of her. Lu Xioami worriedly said, ''My dear Xia! Why are you suddenly leaving? Is there a reason? Did you have a fight with Shan? That foolish punk! I will pull his ears and make him kneel down to you and apologize to you! Please don't leave our house for such a-''

Before Lu Xiaomi could say 'reason', Song Xia had already made her way to the door. She pushed the door open and left the Guan Residence forever. Lu Xioami came back to her senses but when she turned around, Song Xia had already left.

-Song Villa

Song Xia held her suitcase and entered the villa. She had not came here for a whole year. After marriage, Song Xia was angry at her parents for forcing her to marry Guan Shan. She used to love her ex-boyfriend, Long Chen. But Long Chen's family were against Song Family. Now that, she decided to give divorce to Guan Shan, she'll talk to her parents about their marriage. Even if enemies shouldn't be forgiven, she had a little bit of hope that her parents would agree.

Song Xia was lost in her thoughts that she didn't even notice her mother standing right before her. Song Xia came back to her senses when Li Wuxi held her on her embrace. ''How's my daughter been doing?'' Li Wuxi said as she smiled at her daughter warmly.

Li Wuxi was about to say something when she saw Song Xia's suitcase. Her expression darkened slightly as she said, ''Dear, why did you bring a suitcase? Are you going to live here for a few days? That's great! You've really changed a lot!'' Song Xia couldn't help but chuckle a little as she said, ''I missed you mom.'' Li Wuxi invited her to sit on the couch. ''How is your husband doing?''

Song Xia's expression darkened as she heard her say 'your husband'. Song Xia bit her lower lip as she couldn't bring up the cheater husband and his deeds. Song Xia gathered all her courage and said, ''Mom, he... he cheated on me. He betrayed me. He had a mistress in his company working as his secretary. He... he never saw me as his wife. He only wanted the Song family's inheritance and wanted to take over father's company. I gave up my life and love for him, but he never...''

Li Wuxi held Song Xia on her embrace and patted her back as she said, ''My baby Xia, you've suffered a lot! Don't worry, I'll talk to your father and send a lawyer to Guan Residence. We'll make sure that you get someone who you deserve! Not someone like that bastard!''

Song Xia pulled away from her mother's embrace and said, ''Thank you so much, mom. You're the best!'' Li Wuxi smiled and said, ''Xia, stay here for a while! I'll put your suitcase in your old room.'' Song Xia nodded slightly. Li Wuxi again spoke, ''Xia, here. Your favorite black coffee. I was going to have one but since you came, you can have it.'' Song Xia nodded her head again.

After Li Wuxi left, Song Xia took a sip of her black coffee. Her eyes were wandering on the table. She froze when she saw an invitation card...

'Long Chen Weds Zhang Qiao' Immediately the cup on her hands fell on the floor and shattered into pieces...
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》