My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
5 “Please Don“t Accept This Call At All“
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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5 “Please Don“t Accept This Call At All“

Song Xia stood up and called someone. ''Come in.''

After a few minutes, the door opened and a man in black suit came in. Guan Shan's eyes widened. 'Isn't h-he Li Han, the family lawyer of Song Family?!' he thought in fear.

Li Han looked at Guan Shan for a while before giving him some papers. Guan Shan looked at the divorce papers in horror and he started looking through it. He was shocked that Song Xia was about to snatch away the property of Guan Company that she gave him when he married her. ''Because you had breached the marriage contract between you and Ms. Song, the Song Family would like to take away the property of Guan Company. From today, the Guan Company will be named under Ms. Song's name.'' Li Han said expressionlessly.

Song Xia also added, ''The shares of Song Family's Inheritance is going to be canceled immediately. Sign the divorce papers and live your life with your Secretary M!'' After she said what she wanted to, Song Xia along with Li Dan headed to the door. Guan Shan gritted his teeth and shouted, ''SONG XIA! I WON'T SPARE YOU! YOU UGLY B*TCH!'' Song Xia's smile disappeared as she heard Guan Shan's last sentence... She froze on her spot for a while before leaving the Guan Residence.

- In The Car

Song Xia was lost in her own thoughts when her phone rang. Song Xia immediately snapped out of her thought and answered the call right away. ''Hello?''

''XIAO XIA!!! WHERE WERE YOU?!'' the other line was shouting nonstop.

Song Xia put the phone away from her ear and frowned, ''Who are you?'' ''XIAO XIA! DID YOU FORGET ME ALREADY?!'' Song Xia's eyes fell on the caller ID... 'Please Don't Accept This Call At All'

She scratched her neck as she remembered who it was. Damn it! She shouldn't have picked it up at all!

She immediately ended the call and rested her eyes for a while until her phone rang again...

She looked over at her phone and frowned, ''Why is he calling me all of a sudden?!'' The man kept calling her no matter what. At last, Song Xia had no choice but to answer the call...

''What is it?!'' ''XIAO XIA!! WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK UP?! EVEN IF YOU DID ONCE, YOU HUNG UP RIGHT AWAY!!!'' the other line kept shouting at her. ''Ellen, calm down! Now tell me why do you keep calling me?!'' ''Xia, I'm coming to China tomorrow! Come pick me up! I'm waiting for you, BYE!''Before Song Xia could say anything, Ellen hung up.

Why is he coming to China? Did I do something wrong? Wait, he even demanded me to pick him up... Let's just pretend not to know anything! After all, who would want to pick him up! Yes, pretend! Pretend to forget or that you haven't answered the call at all!!

- High Class Bar

Song Xia lifelessly drank the alcohol on her glass and finished one more bottle. She spoke, ''One more.'' The bartender was worried but still gave her a bottle of alcohol. She poured the alcohol in her glass and drank it in one gulp. Song Xia was going to pour another glass of alcohol when her phone rang. It was 'Long Chen.' She let out a cold chuckle and poured the alcohol in her glass again. She was about to drink it when a notification sound was heard. She read the message and balled her fists. She paid the bill and left the bar.
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》