My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
6 ““Bro! Please leave me alone!““
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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6 ““Bro! Please leave me alone!““

Song Xia drove her car in a full speed; even though she was drunk, Long Chen's message made her sober and conscious. She took her phone out and called Long Chen. The other line did not answer the call at all. Song Xia anxiously sent him a message. Just when she finished messaging him and lifted her head up, a light immediately blinded her eyes. She quickly pressed her legs on the brakes which stopped the car with a scorching sound. But.. it was too late... the car's windshield's glass broke into pieces. Song Xia's head hit the steering wheel very hardly. Song Xia lost her consciousness and entered into her dream world...

- 1 Year Later... Sydney, Australia

Song Xia slowly opened her eyes to find herself in a pink room. She tried to sat up but she was too weak. 'Why am I in this room? Ugh..' The nurse who entered the room was dumbfounded to see Song Xia awake. She pushed her emotions aside and quickly helped Song Xia sit up.

''Why am I here? Where am I? What happened to me? Please answer me...'' The nurse was welcomed by Song Xia's flood of questions. Just then, someone entered the room. He was both shocked and happy. He quickly put the flowers aside and hugged Song Xia.

The sudden hug made Song Xia startled. She didn't know what was happening at all. The man pulled away from hug and smiled as he said, ''You're finally awake!'' Song Xia stared at his strange yet familiar face. She scratched her neck and said, ''Who are you?''

The man's expression slightly darkened but he smiled, ''I'm Ellen, we meet again!''

''Ellen... ELLEN?!'' Song Xia immediately stood up, shocked. ''Hi~!'' The nurse awkwardly left the room. Song Xia looked at Ellen and cried, ''Bro! Please leave me alone! What have I ever done to you?!''

''Scarlet, don't forget we are best of friends!'' Song Xia frowned a little hearing him call her Scarlet. She was here some years ago for a vacation. She lived as Scarlet in Australia for a month. She had saved Ellen from drowning in the swimming pool. Who knew he would never let her go away so easily...

''Bro, please let me go home!!'' Song Xia almost knelt in front of him. Ellen looked at her helplessly, ''Scarlet, I didn't know you got into such a huge accident!'' Song Xia mumbled, ''Huge accident?...'' A flashback came to her mind of that night, when she got into a accident when she was drunk and driving. Her eyes turned cold when she remembered she got a message from Long Chen that night...

Ellen noticed it and quickly said, ''I brought you your favorite Metallic Sun- Orchid! Here you go!'' Song Xia stared at her favorite flower and smiled, ''You still remember my favorite... Ellen, What day is today? Today must be Long Chen's wedding..'' She asked Ellen. Ellen put his head low, Song Xia furrowed her brows.

''It has already been a year and half since Long Chen's wedding and your accident... You had deep injuries so we had to fly to Australia for surgery. You were in a coma for more than a year...'' When Ellen finished, Song Xia frowned in disbelief. ''Are you joking right now, Ellen?''

''Do I look like I'm joking?'' Ellen looked at Song Xia in her eyes. This can't happen... A year since their wedding... But Ellen is looking serious right now... I-I was in a coma? Song Xia looked shocked and was lost in her own world when the door swung open revealing a tall man, he smiled brightly and walked towards Song Xia.
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》