My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
7 ““Where“s my face?!““
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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7 ““Where“s my face?!““

''Xiao Xia, you're awake!'' the tall man hugged Song Xia. He then turned to Ellen and said, ''Why didn't you tell me that she's awake?'' Ellen innocently shrugged, ''Well, it hasn't been long since she's awake...'' The tall man stared at Song Xia, ''Hi, I'm Tang Yan. Nice to meet you!''

Song Xia shook hands with Tang Yan and Ellen exclaimed, ''He's my best friend I mentioned you before...'' Song Xia thought about it before saying, ''Chris?'' Tang Yan nodded. ''And he's also your...'' before Ellen could finish, his phone rang. ''Sorry, give me a minute..'' then, he left.

Song Xia sat on the bed and asked, ''Tang Yan, what do you do?'' Tang Yan smiled and said, ''I do surgeries mainly plastic surgery...'' Song Xia nodded her head. ''Oh right! You must be hungry! I'm going to bring you some food! Rest for a while!'' Tang Yan said and left the room.

Song Xia was left alone in this big pink room. She laid on the bed and closed her eyes but only a flashback of that night came to her.

She quickly pressed her legs on the brakes which stopped the car with a scorching sound. The car's windshield broke into pieces. Song Xia's head hit the steering wheel very hardly. She lost her consciousness and entered into her dream world...

Song Xia opened her eyes, her head hurt. All she could think of was that night. She massaged her head with her two hands. ''Maybe I should take a shower...'' Song Xia walked towards a big white wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and found some clothes. She then, went into the bathroom. When she stepped in the bathroom, she saw a mirror. 'Ugly, Arrogant, Rude, Picky...' These words kept lingering on her ears so she didn't even lift her head to look at herself in the mirror...

- Half an hour later

Song Xia entered the pink room and saw a bowl of congee on the bedside desk. She sat down in the chair and picked up the bowl. When she picked it up, she saw a note. She put the bowl down and read it.

''I'm sorry! Need to work! Take care and don't leave the house! If you want anything, you can ask the butler! Ellen and I are going to our company, bye! -Chris''

She smiled and picked up the bowl again.

After a while, Song Xia finished eating and went to the kitchen. She almost got lost but at last, she found the kitchen. This house was so huge that her legs hurt from walking. She took out a water bottle from refrigerator and drank it. She was leaving when she saw her face on a mirror. She found it weird and was about to go look at herself in the mirror. But she ignored it and went back to the room.

Song Xia sat on the bed, she couldn't help but feel weird. ''Something's really not right...'' she mumbled as she got up from the bed. She walked towards a full-length mirror near the window. She looked down and kept walking.

Until, she was in front of the mirror. The moment she lifted her head up, Her eyes widened and her heart skipped a few beats. Who was looking back in the mirror?! She looked at the mirror in disbelief. Song Xia frowned and touched her face from every angle. ''Where's my face?!''
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》