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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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8 ““I`M UGLY!““

Hotel Ying, in China

There were three people sitting on one table, a handsome man who was wearing a black tuxedo, an old man and a beautiful lady wearing a red Chanel dress. Zhang Qianmi smiled as she looked at the menu. She looked at the old man who was around 60 years old.''Mr.Li, what would you like to eat?'' she asked in a sweet tone. Li Yuiming smiled as he replied, ''Let's have Kung Pao Chicken.'' Then, he turned to the younger man who was busy in his phone, ''Xiao Ming, what do you want to eat?'' he asked him. Li Ming raised his head from his phone and said in a lazy voice, ''Grandpa, I'm not hungry. I have a date this afternoon, so... I'm leaving!'' Li Ming stood up and was ready to leave the hotel when a grumpy voice interrupted, ''Xiao Ming!''

Li Ming pouted as he sat on the chair again. ''What, grandpa?! I'm trying to find you a grand-daughter-In-Law! And you...'' Before he could even finish his sentence, he was cut off by Li Yuiming's grumpy voice. ''Why need to find?! She's already here! My grand-daughter-In-Law, Xiao Qianmi!'' After hearing Li Yuiming, Li Ming immediately furrowed his brows and said, ''Grandpa! How could you decide my life's biggest choice! She... How can I marry her when I don't even know her?!!'' His tone was that of a person who was wronged and wanted justice.

''I've already decided that you'll marry Xiao Qianmi! As for her being a stranger... you two know each other since you were little!'' Li Yuiming exclaimed. Li Ming frowned when he heard his grandpa's words, ''Since little?! Are you talking about your birthday party 13 years ago?! We literally met that night!'' At the corner, Tang Qianmi smirked evilly when Li Yuiming called her ''Grand daughter-In-Law'', but she kept a blushed face on surface right away. Sis Qiao, your sister is also amazing! See for yourself, you snatched Brother Chen from Song Xia, but for me, this foolish old man is opening my path to success! Sooner or later, the Li Family's young mistress would be me!

She then looked at Li Yuiming with a bitter smile on her face, ''It's okay, Mr.Li... Brother Ming doesn't like me like I do. I'll leave him alone... I didn't mean to come here at all, but it'll be a disrespect to you if I rejected you like that. So, I came... I didn't mean to create a misunderstanding..'' She ended with a pained and guity expression. Li Yuiming tried to coax the girl, ''Xiao Qianmi, don't feel guilty! It's this brat's fault!'' Li Ming's expression darkened. Okay! It's my fault! Everything's my fault! EVERYTHING IS MY FAULT! Li Ming helplessly glanced at his phone. Mu Feixing is going to kill me if I don't come... Who cares! She just has a pretty face, otherwise I wouldn't even take a look at her once!

Marie's Cafe, Australia

Song Xia facepalmed as she sobbed, ''You're telling me that I was ugly! How could you *sob sob* take away my beautiful face from me...'' Ellen was frustrated as he said in an annoyed tone, ''We're just telling you the truth! You were ugly!'' Hearing Ellen, Song Xia's head banged on the table as she kept sobbing, ''I'm ugly... I'm ugly... I'M UGLY!!!'' Song Xia cried out loud like a kid whose parents didn't give her a candy that she liked. Tang Yan coaxed her as he patted her back, ''It's okay... It's okay...''
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》