My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
9 Speechless And Awestruck By Her Beautiful Smirk
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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9 Speechless And Awestruck By Her Beautiful Smirk

Tang Yan glared at Ellen who was sitting with his arms crossed, ''See! Apologize fast!'' he ordered. Ellen scoffed, ''What did I do?! I was just telling her the truth! The truth is always bitter, okay!'' Tang Yan pinched his brows. This stubborn guy! He does know how to make a girl cry! Tang Yan felt like a father solving the conflict between his son and daughter. Song Xia's cry gained many people's attention. They kept glancing towards their table. Tang Yan felt uncomfortable with everyone's gazes upon them. He quickly tried to distract Song Xia, ''Xiao Xia! That night... You... How did you end up being hit by a big truck?!'' he asked with his face full of curiosity. Song Xia immediately raised her head after Tang Yan finished. End up being hit by a truck?! Truck...

Flashbacks started to come one by one in her mind. Right when she lifted her head, a light blinded her eyes. She remembered it was a big truck that hit her car that night. She was so deep in thought that she didn't even notice Ellen waving his hands in front of her, her mind was searching for a reply. Long Chen's message... A light that blinded her eyes... Scorching sound... lost her consciousness... Entered her dream world... Few minutes later, she opened her mouth to speak, ''I was on my way back to home... when my car got hit... I-I don't know what happened after that.'' She intentionally lied to them because she had no other choice. What will she even say?! That her cheater husband had planned out everything with her so-called ''Best Friend''?! Or that her ex-boyfriend whom she loved was going to marry her ''Best Friend''?! And that she was a fool right from the start?!

When they heard Song Xia, both Ellen and Tang Yan felt something was off. Ellen was about to ask Song Xia when an arm grabbed his hand. It was Tang Yan's arm. Tang Yan stared into Ellen's eyes and shook his head slightly. Ellen sighed a little before slapping his arm away. Tang Yan took his arm back and rolled his eyes. Who wants to touch you! I just did that for Xiao Xia! Song Xia waited for Tang Yan to say something patiently. Noticing her gaze, Tang Yan smiled warmly and said, ''Xiao Xia, the past is in the past! Let's forget about that night and live our present to the fullest!'' Ellen coldly scoffed, ''You really suck at flirtling! I told you that girls like guys just like me! Right, Xia?'' The corners of Song Xia's lips twitched as she rolled her eyes in annoyance, ''Maybe...''

Ellen smirked slightly as he glared at Tang Yan who raised his eyebrows in confusion. Ellen's smirk froze on his face when he heard Song Xia continue, ''Not. I guess those attitude of yours isn't anyone's cup of tea! No one likes you because of your annoying and arrogant attitude.'' Tang Yan and Song Xia high-five with each other while Ellen stared blankly. He coldly sneered with a smile, ''Every girl dreams to date me! After all, I'm so handsome that I think even you can't resist me!'' Song Xia narrowed her brows when she heard Ellen. Resist?! Handsome?! How could he boast around so much about his face?! Oh right! It's the only good thing that he has!

Song Xia spoke matter-of-factly, ''Actually, Ellen... they don't date you because they like you but for your money! Even if they like your ''handsome'' face, they will soon start to hate you because of your so-called ''attitude''!'' Tang Yan gave a thumbs-up to Song Xia after she finished talking. Song Xia coolly smirked. Looking at her beautiful smirk, Tang Yan and Ellen both became speechless and were awestruck. Why did they feel like she... she looked really.... really cute?!
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》