My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
10 Falling For His Own Creation...
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My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!
Author :KimSaehyun
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10 Falling For His Own Creation...

After taking a sip of her coffee, Song Xia's mind became fresh. She finally got to drink her favorite black coffee after such a long time... Ellen lazily spoke, ''Can't you drink fast?! We've to discuss something very important!'' Song Xia rolled her eyes in annoyance. This man... how dare he ruin my mood?! Tang Yan sighed, that's why he doesn't have a girlfriend!

After being disturbed by a certain someone, Song Xia unhappily left the cafe with Ellen and Tang Yan. While walking, she found everyone staring at her. Is there something on my face? Why do I feel like they're staring at me?! Well, this is awkward... Song Xia shrugged and asked to Tang Yan in a low voice, ''Is there something wrong with my face?'' She purposefully asked in a low voice so that no one could hear her except Tang Yan and Ellen. Facing the beautiful face, Tang Yan was full of astonishment. Wait! Something's not right... No! I created her face! I shouldn't be... falling for it... NO! Tang Yan, NO! He shook his head slightly to forget about those thoughts and spoke in a proud tone, ''No, there's nothing wrong with your face. You`re simply gorgeous.'' After all, I was the one who made it!

Ellen scoffed, ''Gorgeous? What gorgeous! This is too fake! I liked the Xia before than the present one!'' At least, she didn't attract many guys... Tang Yan immediately protested, ''Don't you dare underestimate the surgery of Tang Yan! It's always successful! Many celebrities try to get the chance to get a surgery from me! But I'm kind enough to turn them down! I could've done their surgeries but I didn't because... because... well...'' Tang Yan tried to find a suitable reason that could make Ellen feel guilty and regret for underestimating him but well, nothing came in his mind. Ellen laughed out loud, ''Because what?! You were afraid that you won't be able to meet their demands?!'' Song Xia pinched her brows, Why? Why did I end up with them?! So childish...

She cried, ''Can you guys stop?! We're in the middle of a road and you... you two are fighting like cats and dogs! I'm so tired of this... I want to go back to China... I want to return to my family... I want to live normally!'' After Song Xia finished, there was a dead silence and the people who surrounded them, turned around and started leaving. Tang Yan and Ellen glanced at each other and sneered in their hearts. This little brat! What does he think of himself?! He's just a rich businessman while I'm the most famous and professional surgeon, Tang Yan!

This punk! Who is he even without me backing him up?! I'm the most handsome and rich CEO while he's just a small surgeon... They lazily walked towards their home. On the other hand, Song Xia was busy in her thoughts. That night... Was it a coincidence? That I found out about Zhang Qiao's schemes, my 'husband`s' mistress, Long Chen and Zhang Qiao's wedding... When I think about this, I feel that something's amiss... That night, Long Chen sent a message which made me enraged, I left the bar at almost midnight... Would there be someone who will drive at such an hour?! Moreover, even if they would've, they would've seen my car... This, is it an attempted murder?! Song Xia stopped in her tracks and looked horrified. Who would try to... try to kill her?!

When Song Xia suddenly halted, Tang Yan and Ellen frowned. Why would she stop so suddenly?! Is she trying to scare us?! Tang Yan and Ellen both looked at each other at the same time Having met each other's gazes, they both looked away.
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    《My Sweet Bitter Revenge; You all will regret!》